Wednesday 23 April 2014




  1. I guess I fall into the Economist category then Tris. :-)

    Just as well I've got 60 flags coming to prove it! LOL

    1. Me too...

      I got a flag... my car is covered in stickers and I'm wearing Yes T shirts.

      60 flags is a lot though.... erm where are you going to put them?

  2. Well after giving a few to friends and family the rest are going to be given to the local YES South Annandale group.

    Our Jeep is subtlety covered in YES stickers, Wings stickers and posters advertising the benefits of Independence. As you well know I do subtle SO well. LOL

    Like you I currently have my YES T shirt on but will be swapping it for my Wings "advert" T shirt before heading to Carlisle tonight to support the First Minister at his speech tonight at Carlisle Cathedral. :-)

    1. Have a good evening Arbroath. I once had a holiday in Carlisle with staying with a mate who worked there. Nice place.

    2. Well that's me back from an excellent evening at Carlisle Cathedral. As usual the First Minister did what he does best and the good vibes we had at the start just got stronger and stronger as the evening wore on.

      Of course we couldn't leave without having a quick word with the man between interviews, oh and obtaining the obligatory signature! :-)

  3. Me i am a nat airy fairy story's don't cut it
    even if as Alex says we will shite Gold in a Independent Scotland.

    1. Och Niko. You're going to live in independent Cyprus.

      You must be one of the lucvky few whose pensions weren't ruined by old Gordo.

      Mind you, I always had you down for about 35-40. I didn't know you were near retirement age.

  4. I see Iain McMillan, the head of CBI Scotland had previously opposed devolution, and it turns out the majority of businesses he heads, at the CBI, have headquarters in London, also it turns out that Business for Scotland has roughly 1800 members far more than CBI Scotland, infact CBI Scotland don't represent small to medium sized Scottish businesses at all.

    I think its pretty safe to say CBI Scotland, are biased in favour of the union, I can see more and more Scottish businesses signing up with Business for Scotland, to the demise of CBI Scotland.

    Other news David Cameron gave a St Georges Day speech, and to our English neighbours have wonderful day, but David Cameron aimed his speech at Scots and how wonderful life is whilst we're together, that we're greater together, more powerful together, better of together, after another half dozen or so together's, I began to feel sick and a bit dizzy, as the word together, buzzed around inside my head.

    Like a tune you can't get rid off after hearing it, casually I started looking for the word in my local newspaper, whilst listening for it on the radio, I now think I may be suffering from, Togetheritis.

    1. Now I know what is causing my problems, I thought it was hay fever, it is Togetheritis. Only started last year, so it must be.

    2. Oh ! London based must be a traitor then and the others with him

      Umm do you think the Scots can ever...stand together????
      Given the deep visceral loathing and hatred the Nat/snp
      have for those who support the Union.

      Do you reckon the day after a yes win we will all embrace each other in our kinship. After all the bile
      you lot have thrown at us for the last eighty years.

      What you are gonna get after a snp referendum
      win lose or draw is a society riven from top to bottom
      with long term enmitys which will last for the rest of the lives of those people who fought in this referendum.

      In this referendum there will be no winners only losers

    3. Niko... it's a two way thing. I've been called a Nazi (which is pretty inaccurate as I'm left wing and have never gassed a Jew, a gay or a disabled person in my life). I've been insulted numerous times when I was wearing a yes t-shirt. One shop assistant in Lidl told me I was a traitor to England (yep, he said to England).

      No. Which ever way it goes there is going to be bad feeling. People will blame everything on, whoever won.

      If it's Yes, and Alex Salmond doesn't make life perfect in two weeks then the No said will be screaming that he lied, and if it's No and David Cameron hasn't made life better for us then he will be castigated.

      Alistair Darling will go to the House of Lords or get a K whatever, even if he's been a complete diddy.

      Talking of diddies, has anyone heard anything of Bruiser Carmichael recently.

      But you know, you can't just not look for independence because it may bring to light the splits between people in the country. They existed; all we have done is talk about them.

    4. Together is good, as long as it's not together ruled by...

      I think that Scotland, England Wales and Ireland, Man, Jersey, Guernsey and Sark should all get on well together, the same as we do with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Iceland... We just don't want their population choosing our government.

    5. And no, Niko, the guy heads a company which is based in London and which does millions of dollars of work for the UK MoD at Faslane. He is bound to be a unionist. There's not likely to be much work for him in Scotland if there is no nuclear weaponry.

      Nothing wrong with that. If I were a company, I wouldn't be expressing an opinion, because at the present you stand to lose a lot of customers whichever way you say you are going to vote.

      But the issue is that he didn't ballot his members to see whether they were for or against, before declaring, and saying that he would spend £100,000 of their money on the No campaign.

      That was stupid given that out of the 90 members they have about 15 are statutory bodies which are obliged by law to stay out of politics.

      STV has an obligation to be neutral as do universities, Scottish Enterprise, H and I development etc. They have to work with whichever government...SNP or Labour/Liberal.

      The CBI didn't take these people's position into consideration when it made its decision. They had no choice but to leave.

      It's interesting that Mr McIntosh Kemp's organisation has 1800 members when the CBI are down to fewer than 80.

      As for David Cameron... I think he should probably stop making speeches. If he isn't pretending that he's a latter day Jesus, he's telling us we must all be C of E, or threatening to have his local bishop arrested for writing to him about the poor and the hungry.

      Yes. Mr Cameron has a knack for upsetting everyone.

      I've heard that Jelly Fish don't like him either, after that poor Spanish one had to be treated for shock after coming into contact with him.

      Interesting to see that Mr IDS has also said that we should allo be Christians. Like Jesus must be proud him for of all the people he's made homeless, or even killed with his odious policies.

      There's certainly a place in heaven for IDS...

    6. Em, MacIntyre-Kemp.