Monday 21 April 2014


It's starting to move...
I think they are in deep trouble, press or no press.
No brainer
It's not always the way they portray it
Of course it will...there's money to be made in a rich nation. 
Aye Gordon Brown is coming to lecture us on pensions...
The man has no sense of irony
That's a lot of money every day for something that does us no good and
 is a permanent hazard only miles from the centre of Glasgow
But some people do alright out of it...don't they, m'lords?
Very well!
You didn't seriously think it was because they liked us, did you?
The Unforgiveables
Big jobs, fame, loads of money, titles...
George Robertson has more letters after his name than he has in it.
Then there's him to worry about.
He could actually get some sort of power. 
But George Osborne knows better... and so does Danny Whatsit
But Wee Willie knows better, and so does Mr Barroso
(well at least when it comes to Scotland.
When he talks about Cameron's plans for reform of the EU,
it's a different story).

You wouldn't mind if they weren't so crap at it
South, North and erm... whatsitland...
Becasue we are not important, and it they all blow up, so what?
And we don't give a stuff about their stupid fishermen either...

Today this human,
Tomorrow the world.


  1. It wil be interesting how the Brown Saviour of the World is promoted by the media tomorrow.

    Only Muppets vote Naw

    Some of us are Free thinkers.

    1. LOL

      Yes, can't wait to see how he explains pensions...

      The man to taxed them till they broke to fund the beginning of his end to boom...

      Before he got his silly hands on them Britain had one of the best company pensions systems in the EU, which explains why it also has one of the worst state pension schemes.

      He broke the good one without doing anything to the bad one.

      The UK can't afford its unfunded pensions, but in any case the UK government has already said that people who have paid into the UK system will receive their pensions in as much as they would when they were in the UK.

      I'm not very bright about economics, but Stewart Hosie did explain to me just how much more likely we are to get decent pensions in Scotland, which is far more able to pay for them.

    2. Could it be he will be relegated? Some football team manager getting the push seems newsworthy to BBC and the media.

    3. I noticed this morning that the headlines were that the Manchester United Manager had been sacked.

      Imagine that if it had been the Dundee United Manager...

      OK, I know it's a global brand and BIG business, but all the same....

  2. "The difference between Britain and Scotland is: "Britain still wants to rule the world."

    1. Andorra
      Central African Republic
      Congo, Republic of
      Ivory Coast
      Marshall Islands
      Sao Tome and Principe
      Vatican City

      Just a friendly warning to the rulers of these state... Don't upset Mr Obama or the wrath of Philip Hammond will descent upon you....

      Quite a record, Danny. Poor old Iceland was invaded for refusing to join in a war which it had nothing to do with.

      I hang my head.

  3. UK’s state pension ‘one of worst in developed world’

    Britain's state pension is among the worst in the developed world with only Mexico offering workers less in the OECD, the leading economic think-tank warned today.

    1. It was said that Britain had one of the finest set ups for company pensions (even if it didn't reach people at the bottom) and that was why the state could take a back seat on pensions.

      However, Dr Brown's raid meant the death of the final salary pension scheme and he did nothing to stop companies closing them down.

      A few years before, his friend, Mrs Thatcher, kicked the feet from under the state pension.

      I trust journalists writing about Brown's speech will remember these facts in their stories...

      What am I talking about... I don';t trust that for a second. After all Brown is the new great hope that UKOK are pinning themselves to.

      All that personality, charisma and so down with the kids... as well as that record of competence in can see why they chose him

  4. The English would like a say in the break up of the Union, we are sick to death of you whinging malcontents, please vote YES ,and rid us of 40 plus labour MPs and other attendant bellyachers, we will then be forever free from the threat of socialism !

    1. We'll do our best.

      The you can have Nigel Farage and glorious isolationism all to yourselves.

      I do hope you are very rich, Anon. I doubt the Conservatives/Ukip/BNP/EDL care much about pour people.

  5. Replies
    1. Ah...

      I was right not to trust that the journalist (no wait a minute, it's the Daily Express) that the erm... people who concoct the stories, wouldn't remember just what an incompetent haver Brown is.

  6. Are they trying to throw this referendum?

    Gordon Brown is hardly a credible figure! And I'm a labour member!

    I can't, as a politics & economics postgrad, take anyone seriously if they claim to have abolished the free market cycles of boom and bust.

    It's akin to claiming market failure doesn't exist. Nobody who is in any way credible can claim these things.

    But Gordie Broon can ... he should be in the damn annual 'the broons', not being held up as some mythically 'great' champion of economic wisdom.

    That gold he sold off at the bottom of the market price would really have come in handy for the sterling zone if/when Scotland votes for independence wouldn't it?

    1. Totally agree.

      As chancellor he oversaw a boom and total freedom of the banks to do what they wanted, precipitating the worst bust for 80 years and more.

      As prime minister he was a hapless, useless figure of fun, nationally and internationally, who could only get the ear of the president by following him into the kitchen.

      As a supposedly elder statesman and, in his own words, 'ex politician', he travels the world at massive expense to us and to his charity, whilst claiming the salary and expenses of an MP, whilst failing to do the job, and the pension and expenses of an ex PM.

      He's a figure of fun, best known for his towering rages and phone throwing.

      And he's supposedly the best they have got...

  7. apart from the hand picked groupies at Gordon Browns lie-fest today, is there anyone one else on the planet who actually believes him when it comes to pensions. Unless you have the attention span of a goldfish, (no slight to goldfish intended) you'll remember Brown raided UK pensions for a whopping £5 Billion quid, in 1997.

    Now 17 years on he's at it again, spinning his lies, the man has form.

    1. No of course no one with a positive IQ number believes him.

      Didn't he take £5 billion a year... of money that people had paid towards their pensions... and now they have crap pensions...

      Man's a fruit cake.

  8. All good. But 'The Unforgiveables'. That is one powerful message, particularly for Glasgow. Share with RIC, JRF and Labour for Independence. Please.

    1. Fordie.. Thanks very much. I've tweeted it and put it on FB...

      I hope that they see it.

      Feel free to share it though with whoever you want...