Thursday 17 April 2014


In Albert Street, Dundee, today, I was walking past Dundee Tech Repair, where Munguin gets his many computers repaired, when I noticed that they had started selling printed t-shirts...

I've had a few Independence T-shirts printed over the years, and of course we had the Munguin one done for the Edinburgh march, but this place was doing the shirts for £8 each, or £4 if you bring your own t-shirt. That's a lot less than I've been paying elsewhere.

So I popped in and had a word with the proprietor, whose name is Chris, and it turns out he's a "Yes" man, so I got him to print me up a couple of t-shirts to be going on with.

I mention all this because I think there is no better advertisement for yes... and no better way to get a conversation on independence going with a complete stranger... than to have the word YES starting at you from your t-shirt.

Now I know the official Yes campaign sell t-shirts and sweat shirts, but they are a bit pricey, and while I know that the money goes to a good cause, I reckon that for those of us on limited budgets this is a good way of getting a few t-shirts printed cheaply. I'm intending to wear Yes t-shirts every day over the summer.

Chris is happy to look at any design, so if you're in Dundee (or even if you're not) and you want to get some of your old t-shirts Yessed, and maybe have a couple of new ones, give Chris a call or drop him a mail at:

The photograph, taken on the phone, doesn't do them credit. They are pretty neat. And Chris is a good bloke when it comes to looking at computers too. So if you need repairs done you might want to give him a call. It's good to support a YES business. You know that they are not going to flee the country with your guarantee the minute we become independent.

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