Saturday 5 April 2014


He he he... I got away with it
Tory MP Maria Miller claimed nearly a hundred thousand pounds in expenses for a second home she hardly used and then moved her parents into it, to live for free at the tax payers’ expense. Miller a supporter of the Bedroom Tax also claimed for food and furniture, council tax, telephone and TV licence for the property.
Scot free, because I'm an important person
She was told off but cleared of the most serious charges and ordered to pay back just over five thousand pounds even though she was criticised for her "attitude" to the inquiry, which pretty much means she lied and obstructed the commissioner. There are allegations that the press was warned to back off by both her own staff and Downing Street, by being reminded that it was miller who was overseeing press regulation.

But David Cameron said  that Miller was doing an excellent job and that people should just leave it at that. 

It is a pity that we all cannot be tried by a parliamentary inquiry for our wrong doings because the prisons would be empty, as we all said sorry for stealing and lying. 

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards recommended that she he made to pay back £45,000 of stolen money, but MPs on the Commons Standards Committee overruled the recommendations and let her off with £5,800 payback and a 30 second apology. 

Miller has since sold the property on which she made such a killing for a £1.2 million profit. So she'll not be worrying too much about her old age.
But don't get the idea that you could get away with it.
You're just oinks
People thought that the expenses scandal was a thing of history but more and more it seems that they have simply found craftier ways of stealing. They didn't go into politics to be thwarted by the likes of you and me.


  1. Thieves in parliament once again. They buy properties with tax-payers funding mortgages and 'expenses' - so taxpayers should receive any profit on disposal. Full stop. Methinks it's time for swift action. Build more prisons to house them all.

    1. The properties should never have belonged to them. QWe should have set a maximum amount for them to have to rent a property where they can sleep on the 4 nights a week, 7 months of they year they are in London. If they wanted to buy something, or rent something bigger then they could pay for it themselves.

      This bitch has made herself a fat profit out of our taxes.

      If we can't expect the same sort of justice for her theft as for some ordinary person then I don;t think it unreasonable to hound her out of her job.

  2. What a despicable disgusting character but no more despicable and disgusting than the self-interested individuals who set up systems advantageous to themselves.

    1. Aye the system that was set up after more than half of them were found to be on the fiddle....

      It's unbelievable. They just will not obey the law of the land as it is for human beings.

  3. Getting tried by a Parliamentary Inquiry is nothing more than a get out of jail free card, this only highlights the need for independence from the corrupt and debauched Westminster system, where you can steal thousands from the public purse,and receive nothing more than a token fine.

    This stealing from the taxpayer, has been going on for decades, and will continue to go on, in the rest of the UK long after Scots have gained independence. in Westminster its now part of the attitude of politicians to steal as much as they can, a sort of badge of honour, to be laughed about in one of the many taxpayer subsidised bars in Westminster.

    1. True, they are probably all congratulating themselves on another battle against the taxpayer won.

      The parliamentary standards commissioner should resign. This woman refused to co-operate, sent rude and threatening letters and allowed her staff to threaten journalists who questioned her side of the story.

      There is no point in having a standards commissioner if she is to be overruled by the inmates.

      We may as well give them the key to the bank of England and tell them to help themselves.

  4. Dennis McShane received a six month jail sentence for fiddling a 12.9K while Maria hands back 5K and is given the full support of the PM?

    This when the man in charge of the investigation is threatened by Downing Street and Miller's version of Malcolm Tucker.

    A cross Party group of MP's reduces her punishment for an 'alleged' 90K fraud

    Something stinks to high heaven.

    Why the difference in how the transgressions were dealt with?

    1. I've found that as a rule, having the backing of the PM is the kiss of death. Mitchell had that, and a few weeks later was gone (albeit unjustly, because of the corrupt police).

      Fox also had the full confidence of the PM until he didn't.

      Of course getting away with it is not restricted to the Tories.

      Smith, when she was Home Secretary was living in her sister's house and buying patio heaters and porn subscription to the tune of £100,000 worth of theft. She too got away with a weasel worded "apology".

      There were a few people thrown to the lions to keep the masses quiet. A few Labour and Lord Haddingfield got prison.

      Haddingfield is proof positive that Michael Howard was lying when he said that prison works... Because it didn't take him long after he got out to get back on the fiddle again.

      Something stinks????

      It all stinks.

  5. tris

    See brownlie is very high up on his wery high horse.
    ' despicable disgusting ' Oooeer ! do himself an injury
    he will !

    They just cant stop themselves its like a overwhelming
    compulsion to steal from us..they dont even see it as wrong
    still Dave said

    ' He told delegates at the Conservative Spring Forum in London: "These four nations. Three colours on the flag. One incomparable United Kingdom.

    "We love this country and all it stands for - so let's win this referendum for all our futures.

    "Our next big fight: the one to keep our United Kingdom united.

    "Let us set out our positive vision for the future of the UK. '

    Yep ! Dave loves the UK so one can ask just how does
    this Love??? Manifest itself .

    1. Bless him... Dave's been keeping out of the referendum that is for Scots in his usual interfering way.

      He doesn't seem to realise that we get English news up here, or he'd have shut up. He probably converted a good few people who heard his slimy posh voice lying about Scotland today.

      I'd rather not know about how anything to do with Cameron manifests itself. All I know is I wouldn't be in the same room as him without a good supply of garlic and a cross or two.

  6. I spent enough time woking with your "Labour" heroes to know exactly what they are like, Niko.. I could give you examples but it would bore everyone else. I believe I already on here talked about the despicable and disgusting Reid who is now a Lord! Enough said!

    1. Bless him, Mr Lord Reid...the mouthy one that never stayed in any job more than a few months.

      And there are plenty more of them, John.

  7. Replies
    1. I hope we didn't peak too early...

      We must keep the ,momentum going till we are at 80%

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    1. Fancy... I'd never have thought it. I though George had worked it all out, rather than just made it up to scare us....

      He's an arse.