Wednesday 9 April 2014


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You haven't done pestilence, drought, floods, famine or volcanic eruptions yet.

Probably best to get them out pretty soon, or no one will be listening... and that would be a pity because these are as worthy of a good belly laugh (and we all need a good belly laugh) as this one is. 

Seriously, step back, look at, and listen to, yourselves. Barbed wire borders, exclusion for the EU, roving charges, Gas and electricity subsidies from England, the end of the western world... 

You're getting sillier and sillier. 
Oh look, this is what an intelligent person thinks.

We're thinking that maybe we'll have to have you committed.


  1. Minister sought to dissuade MSP from role in EU inquiry inquiry

    A UK minister has warned his opposite number at Holyrood that any representation to Brussels on controversial plans to support a power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset would be viewed as a "hostile act".

    This is how Dictatorship governments work in the UK. Where is DEMOCRACY?

    1. Well, that's rather inviting the public to do it on behalf of the government.

  2. Said Minister, a Mr Fallon, must be enjoying his moment in the sun which he wasn't actually looking for. I expect he wanted the Scottish Minister to behave like a good down trodden creature he is expected to be in the sight of greatness. These Tories, what can you say about them, well obviously nothing nice.

    1. Trouble is ... it's such a load of rubbish.

      It's another one of those "disproved the minute it's been said" scare stories.

      When are these dinosaurs going to work out that we have social media and the garbage that would have worked 20 years ago.

      Is there anyone in that government who lives in this world?

  3. The London ran Daily Record has conducted a poll through Survation and they claim, that YES has flatlined, they would wouldn't they. Anyway the die-hard unionist newspaper says it will conduct a survey/poll every single month between now and September the 18th.

    The English masters who run the Daily Record, claim YES now stands at 44%, and no now stands at 56%. I find it rather disconcerting that the Daily Record will run a poll every month, as it will surely be heavily weighted towards the no camp.

    Other news the British Swimming Championships are underway in Scotland today, the first time EVER its been held outside England, I wonder why they picked Scotland as the host this year? Hmm! as if it wasn't obvious to one and all.

    1. Well fancy that...

      Who would have thought it.

      Bring on the polls that show us losing... it boosts their confidence and makes us work harder.