Sunday 17 November 2013


Johann, Ruth...girls, can I join your club...?
(some daft UKIP MEP wi the taste o an ingin)
...Erm, if we're not busy doing something else...
Yes, honestly, this happened. Manchester I think!
So why is yer mate Balls saying that he won't allow it to happen
(like he's going to have any say)
Cameron and Clegg right at the front. Cannon Fodder.

Bang on, Ted. He's a Liberal Democrat.
They only say what they are told to say by their betters.
Munguin says can he borrow your hoodie?
You'd better write it down. She'll never remember.
It's dark in that bunker. Is that Sarwar I see hiding in the shadows?
This kinda  thing will be the currency. We can tie it to sterling or not.
Your problem guys
You could have Humza, or you could have Wee Wullie Hague...
I know where my money is.
So much misery for so little return
(and that's before you take the cots of evictions into account)
But then, it's only the poor who are miserable, so that's OK, right?
Labour chancellor Dennis Healey
Labour Trade Union Leader
Well that's what London says, and they are never wrong...
...are they?


  1. I hope this site becomes more popular over the next few months.

    This is just shooting fish in a barrel. And I commend you for it.

    Da Unionist case is non-existent, it is a deceased parrot even.

    1. Thanks Douglas.

      There are some great pics and cartoons around.

      I think as many people as possible should see just how much we laugh at these pompous prats. It won't stop them of course; they are far too comfortable, and most of them are far too stupid to be hurt by a bit of fun poking.

      Yes. Their lies are coming home to roost as more and more people cannot deny the truth. Even if they don't want independence for Scotland, people like Healey can't go along with the utter rubbish they talk.

      Blethers Together...

  2. No more evasion and prevarication – Britain's elite must be held to account

    But in all this, there is a much bigger theme, which is seen in another sputtering inquiry into the behaviour of Blair-era politicians and officials – the Gibson inquiry into allegations that British intelligence agencies were complicit in the torture of terror suspects after 9/11 and that officials in the then foreign secretary Jack Straw's office were aware. The inquiry's investigations ended nearly two years ago and the report has been sat on by Number 10 for the past 14 months. After the NGOs and torture victims boycotted Sir Peter Gibson's inquiry, because it lacked credibility, it probably won't have the damning impact it should have when it is finally published this week.

    Known totalitarian states are more honest than this abysmal UK so called'democracy' vote Yes in 2014 if nothing else to bring honesty and integrity into all citizens of these isles and beyond.

    1. That must have been their ethical foreign policy...

      Oh well, it was a nice thought, until they actually opened the office on Monday morning and started their dark and evil work.

      You don;t get to somewhere near hanging around the top table without being a load of dirty duplicitous disreputable scum.

  3. Her Master's Voice - hahahah

    1. "What was that you said, Ed's assistant?

      "I call upon the First... what,... I didn't get the next word ...Mister?

      "Oh Minister... yeah, got it. Who is he then, and where am I supposed to say this?"

  4. It takes a brave man ( or a presenter like Graham Norton ) to wear a purple jacket in public. You wouldn't see Elmer or Anas wearing a purple jacket.
    Anyone seen Elmer or Anas recently ?

    1. I think you could just say you won't see Elmer or Anas at all, even without a pink jacket (it's definitely pink, like Ms Lamonts! and Ms David (son)).

      I wonder if Wee Willie Whatsit will get one...?

      Anas was last seen sneaking into Lamont's bunker and Elmer is probably in a Subway somewhere... or maybe just a subway. Who knows?

      Who cares?

    2. ok pinky / purple ;) Either way...very brave.

      Someone on WoS spotted Anas over in Pakistan giving 'business advice' to Pakistani students while a Glaswegian was thrown onto the streets for non payment of bedroom tax. ( and the vote against the tax was taking place in the House of Crooks )

    3. Ahhhh... that's where he was.

      OK. If it is ok for an MP to pop off to Pakistan while he's supposed to be at work, then it is ok for us to pop off and do some skiing in Switzerland when we are supposed to be in work.

      I imagine he was being paid for it. So maybe while ordinary people are being paid to work in Tesco they could nip over to Vietnam and give lectures for enough money to pay their bedroom tax.

    4. He doesn't have many friends by the comments so far let's hope the pressure builds when he creeps back to Scotland.

    5. I would have thought that he should have let his constituency know that he would be galavanting. it's not very respectful to have people queuing up to see him on Friday while he's sunning himself in Pakistan.

  5. I like the idea of £1.5 trillion oil and gas reserves, except I think this figure is rather LOW! After independence and we have got rid of those WMD carrying submarines then we can begin exploration off the WEST coast in the areas the MOD in London prohibited us from exploring in the 1980's!

    1. Hi Arbroath,

      Nice to see you.

      Yes. It would be nice to be able to get on with Scotland's life instead of having to accommodate Grate Britain's wmds...

  6. Yep in the Nat la la land all is well and the YES Independence
    campaign is roaring ahead of the lacklustre No/ operation fear.

    Best leave them with their self fulfilling delusions bit like or a lot
    like a cult waiting the new dawn. unfortunately as with all psychosis
    reality is kept at bay with there shared false beliefs.

    still come the day after they lose the referendum (as all the real world evidence points to ) what will they do............

    Hmm !! best have a lot of trauma counsellors available the nats
    shock will be profound and long lasting thats for sure.

    1. I'll count on you Niko for help to combat my depression.

      Taz me and Spookie will be round your place for comfort and counselling.


    2. How is canvassing arm in arm with the Tory activists going Niko?

      Another Labour stalwart joins campaign for a Yes vote

      Mosson, 73, said: "We have in Scotland a huge wealth of skill, expertise and goods and we have the potential to compete and succeed on the international stage. But it is clear that the Westminster system is holding us back and not allowing us to fully realise that fantastic potential as a forward-looking, progressive nation.

    3. Yup.... that's it Mr Mosson... in a nutshell

      Niko, whatcha think?

  7. ch

    “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    First we crush the snp and their attempt to foment sedition
    when thats done Socialism will rise phoenix like from the nats ashes.
    and we will dance a jig on Alex Salmonds political grave.

    Id sooner drink a cup of hemlock from a tory ch
    than tak a right gude-willie waught, wid youse.
    Of all the Nats i hate your the one i hate the most

    mainly cos yer a knob heid big time

    1. You'll maybe give me my headstone back then please.

    2. Jeez, that's not very friendly.

  8. Replies
    1. Nothing left to hide CH.

      They know how many sugars you take in your tea...

      Oh how they are hating Mr Snowden.

  9. I for one am sick of both sides of this indyref reducing the vote to a question of oil.

    It ought to be about so much more than just that. For it being a once in a generation (maybe even lifetime) chance to change things or not change things, the whole media debate has lacked the semblance of flare.

    1. Oil, as we have said on many occasions is only a pat of what we have to offer.Leaving poil out of the equation we still have a booming export market in fish, despite the bad deal that we have had from Westminster, thank to Mrs Tahtcher, Farming, whisky, food, tourism, energy, education and manufactured goods.

      Oil is the icing on the cake that will let us live like Norwegians instead of Dutchmen.

      But, as CH says, no one can deny what an important commodity oil is. We have 40-50 years at least and for something that Alistair darling said was about to dry up, billions are being invested in it even now. The West coast which, but for London's damned warmongering would have given an oil boom to the Glasgow area, will also offer up more opportunities, and as technology advances there may be more opportunities in deeper water.

      I don;t think teh argument is really all about oil.

      I don't blame the YES said for pointing out though, that for all the doom and gloom about us being lumbered with a massive debt from the UK, we do have the opportunities to pay this off and to build a fund, while we are blessed with the oil.

      And i can certainly see that, with Norway being pushed in the faces of the population, the No lot want to say...oil won't last for ever; the price can go down (as if); it's a curse...

      The media is starting to wake up to an argument, I think. You'd have been forgiven today for thinking that the Herald was on the YES side... but in fact all it did was put some balance into its reporting.

      And now we are seeing in one week, two grandees of Glasgow and Strathclyde Labour parties admitting that the only way Scotland will be prosperous is by getting rid of the right wing politics of greed and the City of London, and the UK...and saying that they will vote yes.

      Maybe once people stop fighting a silly partisan war, not really saying what their believe but following a party line drawn up buy not very bright and totally out of touch people, we will see a proper debate.

  10. I for one am sick of both sides of this indyref reducing the vote to a question of oil.

    Oil fuels the world economy and every calorie of food you eat takes 7 - 10 calories of oil to get it to your plate so oil is a vital commodity in todays world.

    As to lack of flare might just be that all of our media is foreign owned and controlled reducing it to a one sided onslaught to democracy.

    Debate is online but all of the unionists have nothing to back their arguments up is history which has more to be ashamed of rather than a beacon of enlightenment or are you going to surprise us! The balls in your court to up the anti but all you have is..........

    1. Well the white paper will be out there this coming week...

      Then we shall see what the no campaign have to say to it.

      They need to try to get it together to argue against what the government is proposing.

      People will be looking to see if they have something sensible to propose. left to Lamont and Sarwar, I don;t imagine that's very likely. They really need to find someone who isn't bent double with resentment. She looks as if she HATES everything about Scotland, and Sarwar is a dead duck now after taking a holiday to see his dad when a vote was taking place on something he demanded that Nicola deal with (illegally) in the Scottish parliament.

      Really... that was such a foolish amateur thing to do.

      And of course Ruth is a silly lassie and Willie whatsit is just a whining moaning Alexx Salmond hater with nothing constructive to say.

      So lets see if the fact encourage some real debate.

      But s Stuart points out.

      Remember, it's no use asking Alex Salmond what income tax will be, or VAT or corporation tax. First because he can't possibly tell you. That will be determined at the time by world circumstances, and by the government of the day... which might or might not include in its number, Alex Salmond.

      And if you think that's wrong... or lax, would Cameron like to tell us what any of these things will be in England in 2016? i bet he can't, because that too will be determined by the economics of 2016, and by a government of the UK which may or may not contain David Cameron.

  11. Please excuse the cheek Tris but newsnet dont allow enough room for a full post I read the story "Why Scotland needs a strong independent online news media"
    and posted an email I sent to Thomas Rymer in response to his original email to me to tell me why the ODIHR would not get involved in biased Scottish media reporting (which is their remit to ensure fair and balanced reporting in the lead up to an election/referendum) but I count get the ema\il address into the post, so please folks dont hold back I still think mass emails to the OSCE will cause them if not publically but at least behind the scenes to lean on the BBC to let them know theyre being watched,

    "From: john king (email withheld)
    Sent: 30 April 2013 07:08:14
    To: (
    In response to your recent communication to me,
    might I say thank you for your prompt response and I am grateful you should take the time to do so ,
    however I do feel the content of your response opened up a schism in the connection between the OSCE and the electorates they are there to protect,
    as in the case of Scotland the body who stand to gain by no involvement of the ODIHR is the only body you say is entitled to ask for your input which would be the UK government,

    As Scotland has a devolved parliament and the Scottish people (as opposed to Westminster ) are sovereign in Scotland I would imagine a case for your involvement of the basis that you have been invited by the sovereign masters of Scotland is justification enough for the protection your body offers,
    or is it the case that protection is held solely for the support of the governments who's duplicitous actions are preventing (or attempting to) the right of the people of Scotland to fair and balanced reporting by using a corporation who demand our money on pain of imprisonment to support them but refuse point blank to honor their own editorial commitment ( present a balanced approach to reporting,
    might I suggest you cast your eye over this article
    which is indicative of the belief most Scots have of the BBC

    in summary I would strongly urge your office to take a stand in regards to the forthcoming referendum in Scotland or stand aside and watch a travesty take place
    john king

  12. No cheek there Jhn.

    Glad to have that email.

    I'd agree that over in whatever case, the BBC should be there to report facts and treat each side evenly and with equal respect, or derision.

    I agree too that the BBC needs to remember that we are its customers and that even if we are obliged to pay for its product whether we chose to use it or not, it must surely by law have an obligation to report fairly and evenly.

    That is does is a disgrace, and were there some way I could avoiding having the facility to turn of the BBC signal and all the patronising poison that comes down the line from the likes of Magnusson and Bird, I would do so.

    However, to do that I would deprive myself of the ability to listen to and watch other channels.


    Guys, you should know that if you want to air something on here, other than what I have written about, you can feel free to do so.

    I'm not precious about off topic stuff....