Sunday 3 November 2013


Told you so!
Couldn't happen to a nicer condom, I mean erm prime minister
And so it goes on

Ooops...probably shouldn't be driving with this condom on my head.
It wasn't exactly what he said.
He clearly said that they wouldn't act against Scotland
 until Scotland had rejected independence,
but the pic was too good to reject
He must have a hell of a  house
Don't get excited. He didn't choke laughing... Still...
So what do you say Mrs Nay, I mean May
And they already renationalised their grid in Hamburg
They must think we are real suckers, while we think that they are....
erm grasping MPs
Tut tut. One rule for the ruled and one rule for the rulers
Not that interested in what celebrities say,
 but Annie's always been political
How many times do we have to tell them?

Probably would have been better to deep fry them
Aye Justin, talking of miracles
But not if you are the head of the Bank of England,
or running the Tory party or the new head of RBS...

No stitch ups there then
We miss nothing!!
Told you...
Thousands and thousands of people
 will die because of greed


  1. Heheheh - laughed at the Obama pic and wondering if Davey boy was banging the ginger witch of Fleet Street.

    Sorry if this is a repeat link but I think it is worth a read.

    Keep them coming Tris - btw did I spot Munguin on a pole passing the Albannach in some kind of march in September?

    1. Well, you never know. He seems a bit unlikely as a Romeo/Casanova type, what with sex appeal not being high on his list of attributes (well not actually being on it at all), but then think Currie and Major... (but don't do it unless you are near the bathroom).

      The link is fabulous. Thanks. It is so well worth a read.

      Munguin tells me he was there for meetings with important people ... you know MPs and ministers. I wouldn't have believed him were it not for the photographs. He tells me that you are not allowed to take pictures when you have an audience with HM, which is why he has no record of his visit to Holyrood House.

      Did he wave a paw at you as he passed in procession?

  2. I'd love to see Johann Lamont lose her seat. The people of Pollok deserve better.

    Oh following a trip to WOS, Tris you've gone down in my estimation. Mice and rats - eeekkkk. Penguins yes, rodents no. Must be a man thing :-(

    1. Iain Gray came soooo close the last time. Second count!.

      Lamont has been spectacularly hopeless. If she cared about Labour she would resign and let them try to find someone who could do the job.


      Not really.

      All animals PP. I rescue moths and spiders, wasps and bees from ponds and blow on them till their wigs or legs are dry and they can scarper away.

      I can't even kill slugs in the garden.

      I love all animals and mice and rats are no different; it's just a perception that people have of them.

      Maybe it is a man thing. I dunno.

      But sorry I've gone down in your estimation! :(

    2. Tris

      You're an "all things bright and beautiful" type loving all god's creatures type. Me not so much. I kill slugs in the garden but since it's a beer trap I hope they die happy. And don't even start me on bluebottles.

    3. Ha ha... PP It's because I don't have many human friends!!

  3. Didn't realise bees wore they've gone down in my estimation - Oh well!

    Saor Alba!

    Eck fae Charleston

    1. Smarty pants fae Charleston mair like!! :)

      .... I'm from the Stobbie. Some of oor bees have wigs... but only the bald ones!

  4. tris

    A what time did the snp become a socialist party??
    please enlighten asap.
    Would Alex admit to being one umm doubt that
    anyways he is far to rich now as are the Sturgeons.

    Still spose you mean snp socialism as in take from
    all the Scots people and share it amongst the snp
    leadership....they is doing all right so far

    1. Fair enough, I'll answer that.

      I don't think the Sturgeons are poor. But you don't have to be poor to be a socialist.

      Tony Benn was never poor. In the days when Labour was Labour, you had people like Wilson who wasn't poor, Gaitskill wasn't poor, Roy Jenkins wasn't poor, the Milibands weren't poor, even the communist one! Actually I don't think Clem Atlee was poor. Because they did well paid jobs.

      After Callaghan, however, their policies were about helping the rich to help themselves.

      Maybe you'd like to return the favour by showing me how the SNP leadership take fromt the poor and give it to themselves? Maybe some examples with links>?

    2. The SNP is a broad church, the membership covering a wide part of the political spectrum in Scotland.
      Even at that, the average, which is reflected in the manifesto and policies of the Party, is far to the left of what passes for a Labour party in Scotland, and more accurately reflects the values of the Scottish people.

      Saor Alba!

      Eck fae Charleston

    3. Yes, I think that is right Eck.

      I know SNP members who were Tories ... honest I do.

      And many who were Labour

      I don't know any that were Liberals, but then I don't actually know any Liberals at all.

      The continued success of the SNP seems to indicate that either their policies or the way they implement them, or both, remain popular in Scotland.

  5. The SNP are certainly not a socialist party when their leader wants independence so he can cut corporation tax for the richest, and engage in a race to the bottom in a global tax war on who can treat super-corps the best...

    They certainly aren't socialist when they cancel the Glasgow airport rail link and kick the metaphorical teeth in on our largest city. Destroying thousands of job opportunities in the process, in a city with pockets of major poverty concentrations...

    The SNP are populists, not socialists, they aren't the same thing.

    1. I'll make this simple for you Dean the UK has one of the worst tax collecting schemes going and it is very lucky if it collects 50% of corporation tax at 23%, now if one wants to collect that same amount by making sure that a 100% is collected the corporation tax could be reduced to 11.5%. So reducing the tax to 20% but collecting it all is a net gain of 8.5%.

      Garl was a vanity project just like the Edinburgh trams giving taxpayers money to their friends in the corporate world of no wider economic benefit whatsoever.

      Glasgow MP suggests 'break clause' in warship contract

      Labour is the enemy of the working man as power is more important than principals.

    2. I can't answer that any better than CH did Dean.

      One of the things about reducing corporation tax is that it encouraged business to invest in the country and to expand. That creates jobs.

      I seem to recall that Brown did that at some stage. I seem to recall that Ireland did it to help encourage investment and ireland is now doing better than the UK.

      Garl was exactly what CH said. It would have turned out exactly the way that the Edinburgh tram project turned out.

      That of course was forced through by a coalition of Labour, Liberal and Tories as a matter of spite after the SNP won minority government in 2007 and has wasted countless amounts of money.

      It has of course created jobs, but frankly for that amount of money we could have created a lot more jobs...digging up roads and moving drains to fill them all in again.

      In the end the trams will do what the buses did just as well. In the meantime we have had 5 years of chaos in the centre of Edinburgh... Yeah, nice.

      I am not saying though that the SNP is socialist, but it is (as the diagram shows), to the left of Labour.

      Do you have any comments about the ex head of Strathclyde, a Labour stalwart since his youth and now 87, coming out for independence. so that we can get the government we vote for instead of the right wing ideological governments based on the City of London.?

      And what do you think of the part of the HS2 report that they tried to hide, saying that although Birmingham and Leeds will benefit from the new line, Scotland's east coast will be damaged?

      Jobs lost...

    3. As for that man, Davidson... he cares about his £120 a year.

      He is saying that if the will of the people of Scotland is YES (and it goes against what he wants) they the shipyards should be closed down.

      Great socialist him.