Thursday 14 November 2013


Thanks a lot to whoever brought asked this lot to look after our sick
'They said it would be a game-changer. And in many ways the government has been proved right about Iain Duncan Smith's Universal Jobmatch scheme, his vehicle for turning skivers into strivers. With all those bogus vacancies and technical eccentricities, no one has seen anything quite like it.

Predictably, the awards follow, and thus the initiative this week picked up a little something from the National Online Recruitment awards, the biggest in the recruitment industry. "The wooden Nora for the worst job board and biggest disappointment goes to Universal Jobmatch from the Dept for Work & Pensions," the announcement says. A "mongrel of a recruitment website" that "commits almost every online recruitment crime, and then some," the citation said.

Recognition from those who know and a prize: a carved block of cedar wood. IDS will be so pleased. A shame he couldn't have been there in person.'

Hugh Muir, Guardian
I saw my heroine Mrs Thatcher do it with the milk from our children's mouths

Dundee will have access to the jewels in the V&A crown in the event of independence — despite UK Government warnings of resource sharing problems if Scotland leaves the UK.

An analysis paper on science and research, launched by ministers on Monday, said negotiation would have to take place over Scottish access to assets situated in England, Wales and Northern Ireland if there is a Yes vote next year.

The document names the Victoria and Albert in London as one of the assets in question.

It said: “In the event of a vote for independence, the terms of access to existing UK-operated research institutions by researchers in a newly independent Scottish state could not be guaranteed, and it is unlikely they would be on the same basis as researchers in the continuing UK.

“In some cases future access to infrastructures would be likely to depend on collaborative relationships with academic partners in the continuing UK.”

But a V&A at Dundee spokesman said those relationships had already been established and the Waterfront project would not be hit by independence.

He added: “There would be no impact on the nature of the relationship with our V&A.

“It would go purely from being part of V&A in London strategy to a V&A international strategy. We already work in partnership with institutions throughout the world.”

Oooops....more lies. And how thick are they? Museums all over the world share material. Just because Westminster is bitter, it doesn't mean that more cerebral organisations need to follow in their path. 

Can you trust Westminster on anything at all?
Oh goodie. Move over, Tubby, there are some starving people
here who'd like some of that high class grub, not to mention the drink
My grandmother used to say that before the age of 30 you got
the face you were born with; after 30 you got the face you deserved.
Well, bless him. He deserves it. He's special.
Well, Wullie, I don't think he's JIST a big erse. He's a few other things too.
Well, don't blame me. You voted for them...Oh no, wait, you didn't.
The country next door voted for them! Tch.
And you deserve it, Anas. None more.


  1. and according to twitter the first eviction over bedroom tax arrears has happening in Glasgow.

    The sensitive souls at Better Together must be rather annoyed that all their scare stories are losing their effect. It is too late for them now. People are now laughing at them.

  2. replace happening with happened

  3. Glasgow, Marcia?

    That's Labour. I thought they promised it wouldn't happen. Anas and his piece of paper.

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll see if we can find a story in the MSM.

    1. This is Lamont's constituency.

      Where is she?

      What happened to that bit of paper Anas was brandishing in Nicola's face?

      Not surprise people are leaving this neoLiberal party for something a bit more ordinary person centred.

      I hope some one goes to prison for locking the woman out of her house without her medication.

    2. Local SNP councillor @JimTorranceSNP is on scene of attempted #bedroomtax eviction & is working to help his constituent get back in her home

  4. ShanM of it is the snp supporters are in the very seventh heaven
    at the imagined prospect of placing the blame for a Tory policy on
    the Labour opposition.
    why with a bit of luck the snp pray a poor innocent victim mayhap
    have a heart attack and drop dead to the delight of the snp supporters.

    The very thought is making the snp supporters deliriously happy oh the
    joy for theM to see a Scot suffering and the snp attempting to blacken the Labour party. I mean the last thing the snp and their supporters want to see is an end to the bedroom tax how bad would that be for the snp.


    1. NIKO

      Nobody is gloating except you and Dean.

      Fact Labour brought a debate to the house of commons on the bedroom tax abolition yet 10 Scottish MPs couldn't be bothered with it so went home early. So why waste a whole afternoon on a debate with that sort of attitude in the first place?

      Labour are incapable of a debate of any sort as they just bully people aided and abetted with a complicit media.

      2 days late but better than nothing.

      Labour bedroom tax 'hypocrisy'

    2. Well so they say Niko...

      But do we believe them?

    3. Lord Freud, the Welfare Reform Minister, said having 2.1 million households on the social housing waiting list due to a shortage of suitable properties was unfair and the system had to be changed to help those families who were "crammed into accommodation that was too small".

      What is this unelected nob doing in charge of something he so clearly knows nothing about.

      If people could afford to move into smaller homes you dick brain, they would. Not only would it save them the tax, but it would also mean that they wouldn't' have to pay your big business friends vast amounts for heating.

      No way, unselected aristocrats should be in charge of anything. I'm with the French on this.

      Madame Guillotine faites vos devoirs!

    4. Niko. It was a Labour policy, brought in in 2004 or 5 by Tony.

      All the Tories did was extend it to the public sector.

      The idea came from you guys.

  5. ch

    so the snp supporters are now taking pics of people at better together meetings placing them on line to intimidate and frighten them and there familys.

    14 well given the level of fear and intimidation they have to endure not a bad result only hope they are all safe and well.

    1. Read the story niko and stop telling blatant lies for once and break the habit of a lifetime.

    2. It was the local paper that took the pics....

      And reported it.

    3. Strange Niko. It seems a lot of them were Tories... You know, the ones you call scum...

      I'm sure however that they will be safe and well.

      Bruiser Carmichael is making a bit of a fuss about intimidation, just because someone called him fat on twitter.

      I mean they couldn't really call him skinny now could they>?

  6. Niko,

    UNLIKE THE LABOUR PARTY WHO WILL [but just not yet ] RELEGATE THE TAX TO THE DUST BIN OF HISTORY [just as soon as doing so won't interfere with, or sour, our gentlemen's club agreements with our fellow TORIES].

    Until then, why can't they just wait..... eh?



    1. Well if you are Anas Sarwar and you get over £20,000 a year as a housing subsidy, I suppose you're not overly bothered about what happens to the ordinary people.

      After all the lower orders can wait a bit longer.

  7. Replies
    1. Good one.

      For those going, please note that the time is changed to 17.00 hrs... 5pm

  8. I for one am sick of these little thugs who keep putting the cone up on the statue. It ruins the city, its reputation.

    Arrest anyone responsible for it. Its as bad as graffiti. We must come down mercilessly hard on it. This kind of mutilation of our reputation as a serious, dignified, modern, sophisticated city cannot be tolerated.

    1. Dean let's put Anas up there instead for all to see with a top secret document for him to wave at all his admirers.

    2. Perhaps it would be best to remove the statue altogether.

      Wellington was a Tory Prime Minister, not much wanted in Scotland, certainly not in socialist Glasgow, a city with which he had no connection.

      Let's remember what Wellington was about, shall we?

      He was an elitist anti-Semitic Tory. He was even against the tiny increase in franchise offered by the 1832 reform Acts and tried to block them. He was an aristocrat, born of an Irish Earl. His Tory party's constant rejections of the Whig reforms passed in the commons and rejected by the lords, caused constitutional crises and left King William having to overrule parliament and appoint a Whig government.

      On seeing the increased number of supposedly “lower orders” in parliament, after the election, the snob said: “I have never seen so many terrible hats!” (Sounds like one of my aunts!)

      He was educated at Eton.

      He had no time for ordinary people, and described the British soldier as the "scum of the earth".

      He did win the Battle of Waterloo, for which he was made a Duke (he was only an "Hon", being a 4th son of an Earl).

      That is even more ridiculous given that he didn't actually win the Battle per se. It pleased British propaganda to imply that, but in fact, reading the order of the battle it appears that, had the Prussians not arrived and attacked the French from the other side of the battle field Napoleon’s army would have won. Of course it could never be admitted that we had required the help of mere Prussians to win the battle.

      I wonder why the statue was ever erected.

      He was a very very unpleasant man.

  9. The SNP have been caught trying on Gestapo tactics in their desperate bid to silence any opposition to their agenda:

    1. You missed an important distinction. Shona Robison, who commented merely pointed out that it might be a bit off for a Professor (Chris Wately) to attend a BT meeting when he's supposed to be over seeing a study on the referendum. (Although its not clear in what capacity he attended - as an avid supporter or for research purposes - some seriously boring research if it was...)


      As far as I can tell from the telegraph article, I don't think thumbscrews were deployed, or anyone was herded into cattle trains by people wearing comically long black trench coats, pince nez eye glasses while clicking their heals. Or indeed, any Jewish people were rolled up and taken away to forced labour camps or worse... I also don't think Shona Robison invaded Poland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Balkans, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece - bits of Africa and the middle east and formed an alliance with Fascist Italy and a cheeky little concordat with Imperial Japan (Land of the rising sun.)

      No, I've checked and Shona Robison (so far) hasn't done any of that.

      (One could say, your comment was a desperate bid to implicate the SNP and/or Shona Robison in some concocted mischief against those poor souls representing better together. I mean its not like any one wishing to question assertions made by supporters of the union - say - on Facebook or on other online forums (LabourHame for example) haven't had comments removed/edited/ignored... I mean that never happens at all does it... Dr Elliot Bulmer certainly agrees, because Blair McDougall rent-a-gub in-chief had no problem with him expressing a view on independence in a news paper some time ago...)

      I'm just saying... ;-)

    2. Nothing to add to that absolutely perfect response.

      I know the minister personally. She's definitely not a Herr Flick and it is a dreadful slur .

      I'd respectfully suggest an apology.

  10. Margaret Thatcher (deceased)November 15, 2013 12:28 pm


    Have a lie down. Never believe everything you read in newspapers. A simple question was asked as to how the Head of a Political Unit can remain neutral when he is one of the leading lights of the Better Together campaign.

    Mock indignation from all sensitive Unionists

    1. I really don't think it's an unreasonable question.

      We have the right to know if his research is genuine or politically motivated.

  11. This is McCarthy style attempts to discredit respectable academics ahead of the plebescite. 1950s US style tactics, disgusting antics from separatists:

    1. Dean:

      I'm surprised at you.

    2. Margaret Thatcher (deceased)November 15, 2013 4:32 pm

      Your attempt to do the same to those who don't agree with your views shows the poor campaign the No side have waged. The internal polls of the No campaign are showing you that the No side have nothing more that smears and sentimental lies. No wonder I am birling in my grave.

    3. Birl on Mags...

    4. Dean, tuck your faux outrage back into your pants man, your hypocrisy is showing.


  12. Isn’t it amusing that Dean the “New” socialist of the Labour party gets his information from the Barclay Brothers of Brecqhou’s Daily Torygraph ah how old habits die hard eh? I wonder if his political hero is still Harold MacMillan? These days his shrill and shrewish diatribes make him sounds so much more like Michael Howard in his “liberal” opinions of The Duke of Wellington’s traffic cone than he does Kier Hardie. Clearly joining the ranks of the “socialists” has not allowed Dean to grow his funny bone other than in terms of his erstwhile political hero. Let’s get rid of the statue and keep the traffic cone I say! They didn’t have the nerve to put a statue of that other useless Tory Prime Minister Winston Churchill up in our cities and according to himself he won a world war!

  13. Better Together must be selling good stuff!

  14. I'm glad I stopped smoking it when I reached 50. :-)