Friday 22 November 2013


Click on picture for larger (readable) image. This is almost unbelievable, until you remember it's Westminster and she's a Tory MP.


  1. What does one expect from Conservative MPs? Hypocrisy is what they do best. In fact, they make such an art out of double standards the rest of us pale into amateurism by comparison.

    1. Dean,
      I have left you a question over on the 'Don't be an old busybody thread'. I would be very interested in your answer. I am not chasing you or anything, it's just that I thought you might miss it (as I often do) seeings as Tris is bombing on with the posts.


    2. I did miss it, I'll head over and check it out.

    3. Bombing on with the posts, huh!!!


      better than slacking.

      I once got told off by John Brownlie for leaving up a post for too long without putting something new up.

      To be fair it was a post about an Inverness councillor who was on the fiddle or something, and to put it mildly, he was no oil painting.

      So whenever John opened the page there was his less than pretty, coupon staring at him.

      Bit unfair.

    4. Not complaining Tris, certainly not complaining.


    5. LOL Cheers matey...

  2. This is despicable though. How can her second house be within 6 miles of her first house. The second house is supposed to be there for her use when she is at Westminster.

    To have a second house farther away is just theft, even if she lived in it.

    But she doesn't.

    Who does she think she is, royalty?

    Thieving bitch.

    1. This whole thing is getting surreal! An alternative morality is being publicly created (if we allow it)!


    2. Yes. The thing is we see to accept it without much demur.

      MPs are thieves, we say.

      She gets away with it.

      So... they all do, we say.

      We seem to be a nation that believes that our betters... those who rule us... are entitled to be thieves.

      It comes, of course from a history of being ruled by the aristocracy, and the whole class system.

      How else could we accept that our money pays for the lifestyles of the likes of Princess Chubby and her Sister Goofy?

      Imagine a nation that thinks that people like nadine Dorres and this bitch are our betters...

      Lt's get out of it.

  3. Yeah well yer conservatives believe in the value of family and helping them get on in life..............

    1. Hmmm... I suppose it's very commendable. Good old fashioned family values...

      One might even say Back to Edwina, no no no, I meant BASICS.

      Tch, me an my big fingers...whatever will I type next!?

  4. Umm who gives a shite about Dr who not me.........Daleks scary do leave it out
    now if they were to bring back take the high road in an Independent Scotland
    well that could be a vote winner

    1. I love daleks... you see I'm just the opposite of you.

      If, as Carmeronson...says, we aren't gonna get daleks, I can see it as a vote changer for me.

      But if I vote no, I want a promise from the Beeb that we will have Dr Who with the daleks every night. None of these other monsters. They are all crap.

    2. Done it again. It should be Davidson, not Cameronson...Easy mistake!

  5. Niko, no offence intended, but can you please use punctuation? Because I struggle regularly to wade through your comments.

    1. Niko doesn't do punctuation, Dean. You know that.

      Punctuation is for nat wimps... and Tories.

      Real Labour men spit on it!


    2. Deano

      well that was offensive so there............Guy at work once said after getting one of me emails ' does anyone know how to decipher Nikos hieroglyphics ' cheek


      The English language is always used as a power relation
      im surprised at deano accepting the Colonization of his Mind
      without a murmur or perhaps not.

    3. Yeah... that's the English language Niko, but what about your hieroglyphics ?

      Having studied language, Niko. I can say that if you are fluent in Hungarian and Finnish, you could probaby read one of your emails with no bother...


  6. Incidentally, Rev Stu has an article on Dr Who across at Wings, where he lays out the facts.

    According to Anas, the BBC pick up £300 million pounds from Scotland in licence fees.

    According to the BBC the cost of running Scottish services is £87 million

    That would leave us £213 million to buy in Doctor Who.

    Davidson really needs to do some grown up thinking. She is the leader of a branch of a political party for heavens sake, not Brown Owl telling scary stories to the under 8 guides!

  7. Tris, I can respect the views of Dean and Niko. They obviously know the facts and have made their decisions based on thier interpretation of those facts. I just hope that their conscience will allow them to sleep at night if their influence changes one vote from yes to no, allowing the condem bastards to force their will on the people of Scotland, and thus causing poverty and despair to despoil the will of the Scottish people. That's democracy!

    Eck fae Charleston

    1. Yep, thats democracy Eck.

      It's hard to argue with a 'one or the other' vote.

      Although we should be watching for postal votes ...

      (from whatever side!)

      And there are people who believe that a YES vote will lead to ruin and starving freezing children, going to school in rags and searching for food in bins...

      No one has told them that already happens in the UK.

  8. Update Tris to that (quite silly and pedantic response from the BBC when I asked for a correction on Saturday Morning Kitchen

    bbc's response to me original complaint

    Thanks for contacting us regarding BBC One’s ‘Saturday Kitchen Live’ broadcast on 2 November.

    We understand you believe James Martin incorrectly said Yorkshire was the third best ‘country’ to visit in the world and you were unhappy with this.

    Having reviewed the programme, James didn’t state that Yorkshire was the third “country” in the world, but rather stated that Yorkshire was “top 3 in the world”.

    Lonely Planed did indeed name Yorkshire as the third best region to visit in 2014:

    Nevertheless, we’d like to assure you that we’ve registered your concerns on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that's made available to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, the ‘Saturday Kitchen Live’ production team and senior managers.

    my response ten minutes ago

    In response to your (quite ridiculous ) defence of James Martins erroneous statement in the programme 02/11/13 where he clearly did state and I quote "number three in the world Antarctica , Brazil and Yorkshire"
    the fact that he got Brazil and Antartica the wrong way round is irrelevant but it is palpably obvious he did indeed claim the third ranking in the Lonely Planet survey for Yorkshire, and before you correct me yet again I am well aware Yorkshire did indeed come third in the best REGIONS in the world, but he (in my view) deliberately conflated it with the survey Scotland came third in, and a retraction and correction is in order thank you,
    if you are having difficult with your records I would be more than happy to furnish you with the recording of the programme which I still have.

    lets see if they are man enough to just admit an error or will they persist in obfuscation and lies

    1. The Beeb is a law unto themselves Just like these guys but the wheels are coming of there many wagons.

    2. Brilliant John.

      You can refer them to their own programme "Have I got News for You"

      Kirsty Young was the host that week and the subject came up.

      I really hate the BBC and it is the tax I most object to paying.

      Apart from the very occasional BBC TV programme and a ever lessening amount of radio, I get nothing back for my £145.

    3. Good lord CH.

      As it is clearly public money that they are eating and drinking, people all over Scotland have a right to know.

      Jeopardising jobs?

      I think them spending hundreds of thousands on treating themselves might jeopardise jobs. You can't pay people's wages and drink the money at the same time.

      Freedom of Information should sort that out.

      Proud of that Ms Lamont?

  9. NOONE does pedantry like me (according to the wife) I will not let this go,
    If they dont do a full retraction I WILL take it up with the board of governors then MP's

    1. LOL LOL LOL. I love it.

      Well, I suppose Mrs Dman is the one to know!

      I love pedants...

      Don't let it go mate.

      And keep us informed.

    2. Tris,
      sorry but did my last post, with a youtube link in it, trip some anti spam machine or break some house rule, as it seems to have disappeared?

      Not a problem, but it would be nice to know the reason why, so I don't do, whatever it is that I did, again.


    3. Lord no... There aren't any house rules...except that you bow to Munguin when you come in of course.

      No, seriously I dunno what happened...

      Blogger is...erm...weird sometimes.

      Sorry. I know it's a pain.

      I'll go search for it.

  10. Replies
    1. LOL... I included that in the next post CH...

      Good luck to the noble Baron...

  11. John dman and Tris,
    If pedantry and your human rights, is your thing, try this. It's brilliant!

    braco son of Braco born of the family BRACO

    1. There... I found it.

      Lord knows why it was in the spam folder...

      Sorry again!

    2. Hells teeth, he should be a politician.

    3. Cheers Tris.

      He is good isn't he. It's so rare these days to see someone dealing with authority, showing absolutely NO fear or subservience, yet remaining polite and good humoured, that now, we actually find it funny!

      We need a bit more of his attitude when dealing with those immigration officers stopping and searching 'intelligence targeted' random commuters of a darker hue, at various London underground stations of late!

      Or maybe deploy him to respond to GCHQ's surveillance outrages?

      In the absence of any clear written republic protocols, I have been both kowtowing and genuflecting in the presence of Munguin. Hope it has been working but if not I must warn you that I will be blaming lack of guidance, in the face of his wrath.

      Very remiss of you there, Tris.


    4. I would think so. He's an imperious wee beasty, and he doesn't take any insubordination.

      He keeps telling me he's well acquainted with ministers of the crown.


  12. tris

    give this to Deano for me if its so important to him

    (), the colon (:), the semi-colon (;), the comma (,), the period (.), the question mark (?), the quotation mark (''), the apostrophe ('), the hyphen (-), the em dash (--), the exclamation point (!), the ellipsis (...), brackets ([...], {...}) and the slash (/).

    1. Part of the gut, after surgery, a butterfly, winter, yes or no, I say yes, won't go there, running late, reading niko's posts, nothing to see here, type of fungi, desperate to go.

      Time to go.

    2. Ok... I'll pass it on to him Niko...

      Dean...Niko says this is for you from him...

      Pass your message back through me, if you're not speaking to him..

      CH is a bit of a wit is he not!!!

    3. LOL Exterminate, Exterminate, Obliterate.

      We will be obeyed.

      We are the daleks...

      Maybe, the BBC will continue to broadcast to unionist houses. You know, us Nats will get something painted on the door and the Dr Who signal will not be received in our houses.

      Cunning what we Ruthie and Big Al can do, working together..

    4. I believe that the bidding has gone up that 90 countries watched it tonight, sad people I gave it up in the late 70's as life is to short.

      I just thought that Niko needed cheering up as he wants to vote no but he knows how his life and those around him will suffer if he does, time will tell.