Wednesday 6 November 2013


In the last year, 106 ships have been built in Norwegian shipyards.

Why did we lose all these jobs on the Clyde today?

Accomplisher Grovfjord Mek. Verksted26 July
Aina Sletta Verft13 April
Akvamøy Promek –
Anna-Therese Selfa Arctic Rødskjær 10 January
Arriver Grovfjord Mek. Verksted 15 November
Assister Grovfjord Mek. Verksted 21 March
Attender Grovfjord Mek. Verksted 3 October
Aurora Viknaslipen 31 July
Båfjord Kåre Holthe & Sønner 2 March
Barents Ocean Pipe System Engineering 12 September
Bayard 3 Båtservice Mandal 16 February
Bayard 4 Båtservice Mandal 17 March
Bayard 5 Båtservice Mandal 16 November
Blue Fighter Ulstein Verft 19 January
Blue Prosper Ulstein Verft 6 September
Bolgtind Folla Maritime 9 May
C-Viking Simek 12 July
Dønnland Aas Mek. Verksted 14 September
Edøyfjord Fiskerstrand BLRT 20 January
Eidsfjord Grovfjord Mek. Verksted 26 November
Elise Promek 27 March
Eros Larsnes Mek. Verksted 17 November
Ervik Tilvekst Promek –
Evita Myklebust Verft 29 June
Eyr Breimstein Brødrene Aa 16 March
Eyr Myken Brødrene Aa 3 May
Eyr Ytterholm Brødrene Aa 10 February
Far Scotsman STX OSV Langsteen 2 July
Far Solitaire STX OSV Langsteen 4 October
Frøya Selfa Arctic Rødskjær –
Frøya Oma Baatbyggeri May 2012
Frøyfjord Sletta Verft –
Fugløyfjord Vaagland Båtbyggeri 20 October
Fuji Grovfjord Mek. Verksted 25 August
Gåsøy Jemar Norpower –
Gesa Måløy Verft 9 November
Grand Canyon Bergen Group Fosen 17 October
Guratind Moen Slip 26 January
Havbryn Skogsøy Båt –
Havila Charisma Havyard Ship Technology 12 December
Havnvern Promek  –
Heia Promek  –
Hornøya Hemnes Mekaniske Verksted 1 June
Ingrid Grovfjord Mek. Verksted  –
Island Captain STX OSV Brevik 16 February
Island Contender STX OSV Brevik 27 September
Island Crusader STX OSV Brevik 31 May
Karlsøy Grovfjord Mek. Verksted 20 February
KNM Gnist Umoe Mandal 29 March
Krilo Carbo Brødrene Aa 7 July
Kya Promek  –
Lerøy Triton Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted 23 March
Liafjord Eidesvik Skipsbyggeri 28 September
Lomstind Båt og Motorservice 28 January
Lovundværing Tomma Aluminium 25 February
Luten Moen Marin 30 October
Maria Grovfjord Mek. Verksted  –
Mina Sletta Verft 28 June
Mira Selfa Arctic Trondheim  –
Molinergutt Skogsøy Båt 17 December
MW 44 Sletta Verft 10 February
MW 45 Sletta Verft 25 June
Myken Promek  –
Neptune II Båteservice Mandal 16 May
Nina Sletta Verft 13 April
Njord Oma Baatbyggeri May 2012
Obelix Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted 12 June
Ocean Pride Havyard Ship Technology 2 February
Olympic Commander Kleven Verft 24 January
Olympic EnergySTX OSV Aukra 24 March
Olympic Orion Kleven Verft 20 June
Olympic Taurus Kleven Verft 20 November
Onglesund Ørnli 4 January
Polarcus Adira Ulstein Verft 21 June
Polarcus Amani Ulstein Verft 29 March
Prestfjord Myklebust Verft January 2012
Radar Båt og Motorservice 12 December
Rem Supporter STX OSV Langsten 3 February
Ringhorne Bergen Group Risnes 9 May
Saltbåen Selfa Arctic Trondheim 24 January
Sigmund Grovfjord Mek. Verksted  –
Sjoborg Havyard Ship Technology 22 March
Skandi Aukra STX OSV Aukra 11 July
Skandi Bergen STX OSV Søviknes 22 May
Skandi Kvitsøy STX OSV Aukra 21 March
Skandi Marøy STX OSV Brattvaag 7 November
Skandi Nova STX OSV Aukra 4 October
Stril Polar STX OSV Søviknes 9 February
Sulavåg Selfa Arctic Rødskjær  –
Torøy Jemar Norpower 29 March
Torsborg Havyard Ship Technology 27 June
Troland Promek  –
Troms Sirius STX OSV Søviknes 29 May
Utvær Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted 6 July
Vassdal Folla Maritime 22 February
Vestland Cetus Fjellstrand 18 December
Vestland Mira Havyard Ship Technology 14 October
Vestland Mistral Hellesøy Verft 27 June
Vesuv Grovfjord Mek. Verksted  –
Vikahav Viknaslipen 31 July
Viking Fighter STX OSV Brattvaag 25 July
Viking Prince Kleven Verft 30 March
Viking Princess Kleven Verft 13 September
Vingtor Oma Baatbyggeri 30 April
Vårstev Hemnes Mekaniske Verksted 1 June
Øylaks Aas Mek. Verksted 25 February
And thats not all...

Gerald Vernon-Jackson Portsmouth Council said "Portsmouth is the last place in England that has the ability to build advanced warships for the Royal Navy and I'm very concerned that with a potential independence vote in Scotland, if Portsmouth shipbuilding is shut down, what would remain of the UK would have no ability to build advanced warships.

"It would just mean either that that would have to change and the Royal Navy would have to buy ships from France or Germany - or we'd have to spend a huge amount of public money re-employing people, re-skilling people here in Portsmouth".

So, they could buy ships from France or Germany (not Scotland, not Norway, not Denmark ..they only think BIG).

Given that they can't afford to buy ships anyway, and that one they are building at the moment is going to be mothballed while they share with France, I wonder what anyone is worried about.

Britain: The empire is gone; your days of ruling the waves are behind you. China, India, Brazil, Russia and possibly South Africa may be the future. You are part of the past. 

Get over it!

Instead of wondering how many people you will be able to kill in warm countries with lots of sand,  concentrate on how many of your own people use food banks and are in receipt of aid from the Red Cross or the Salvation army. 

Get outside London for a few days and look at the poverty and misery you've caused by pretending to still be a part of running the world.

And give up ideas of photo opportunities in the Rose garden of the White House. It's embarrassing to creep.

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