Thursday 7 November 2013


Repugnant creep though Mitchell is, the police who stitched him
up are even more so. If they can get away with stitching up a
 cabinet member, no matter how vile,
what can they do to the ordinary Englishman?
Oh yeah, one of the reasons we didn't protest when
all the rest of Europe was protesting...
Theresa has been up a telegraph pole
Why not? The Chinese have access to the nuclear plants
 in England. They might as well build the warships
Phew... got away with it...AGAIN

Today he was revealed as the snivelling useless little creep he most certainly is, and that his department has spent so far £450 million which now most certainly will be written off, his department has been described by today's report as a shambles and chaotic and there are further accusations that Smith is up to his old tricks of trying to bully fellow ministers and staff into blaming the civil servants working on the project.

Smith the spineless yellow bellied bully pulled the same stunt with his personal Secretary while being investigated for fraud in which she said in her sworn statement that ''Iain Duncan Smith and his friends put unbearable pressure on me to see things their way''.
 Smith is a stain on this country and one of the vilest, most deceitful and just plain stupid parasites ever to hold a ministerial position. It is nothing but a national shame that others will now take the fall for this serial idiot’s total incompetence and utter uselessness at his job. This man is nothing more than a fool with a rich wife and a suit who's father in law set him up to be an MP for his own ends.

David Cameron said today ''Iain Duncan Smith has my full support'' Says it all really.
But now I have to face the civil servants I blamed....eeek
I've wanted to do this to yer smary face for years,
 because you're so much cleverer than I am and I hate you for it


  1. Tris

    As you know I try not to be personally abusive about politicians, it is not about them but usually their politics and their actions, but IDS is a dickhead. Here is a man who lied about University, expenses etc with an axe to grind. Bad enough that he is a fool but he is a fool who wants to prove to the Tory elite he is a hard man at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable, the Tories have their man for their dirty work. I was reading yesterday how Dundee is the most benefit sanctioned place in the UK with people who have children being cut off from subsistance for 13 weeks and often at the mistake of the job centre. What kind of country are we living in, how can anyone even think that voting to remain in it is the right thing to do. How can Labour/Liberals believe this Union is a workable union that is for the betterment of Scotland. IDS, Gove, Hunt, Cameron - aided by Miliband, Clegg, Curran, Lamont, Rennie, Clegg will not stop until they have eroded every gain that poor people have made in the last hundred years. They are scum, I mean what Politician would ever want a Government to put in place a clause in a contract that if the electorate dare vote yes for democracy then any order placed in their shipyard can be removed putting a thousand people on the dole. How could IDS and Davidison ever have gotten elected is just beyond me, have we lost our minds or do we just not care about anything anymore.


    1. I used to work at JC+ in Dundee...fortunately on recruitment rather than dealing with unemployed people, but I don't know how the4 staff can do this.

      Sanctions for being a minute late; sanctioned for moving from one town to another looking for work... adn IDS wastes millions and millions on his stupid half arsed schemes.

      I read an horrific story about him taking time off work for many months, on full pay (paid by the taxpayer, when his wife was ill with cancer) so he could be with her.

      Now some poor man sitting with HIS wife as she was dying of cancer, was sanctioned because he missed an appointment with the JC. And lost 3 months money.

      You will also remember that at another time he had his wife "working " for him. Except of course that she wasn't. She was picking up the salary. He then leaned heavily on his office staff to lie when it was being investigated.

      His degree turned out to be a course he started by couldn't finish; the university turned out to be some tech; and the management college was the staff college where he went on a few one day courses, about how to claim expenses I should think.

      He's a disgrace.

      May he get everything he deserves.

  2. Agree with Bruce, completely.

    I have no idea why or how people could vote to maintain this disgusting situation.

  3. and the coup de grace

    Condom Factory Burns Down in Birmingham

    The largest condom factory in England burned down.

    David Cameron was awakened at 4 a.m. by the telephone.

    "Sorry to bother you at this hour Sir, but there is an emergency!
    I've just received word that the Durex factory in Birmingham
    has burned to the ground. It is estimated, the entire
    English supply of condoms will be used up by the end of the week."...

    Cameron: - "Oh damn! The economy will never
    be able to cope with all those unwanted babies.
    We'll be ruined. We'll have to ship some condoms in from France ..."

    Telephone voice says, "Bad idea... The French will have a field day with this one.
    We'll be a laughing stock... What about Scotland?"

    David Cameron: - "Okay, I'll call Alex Salmond and tell him we need
    Five million condoms, ten inches long and three inches thick.
    That way, they'll continue to respect us as Englishmen."

    Three days later, a delighted David Cameron ran out to open
    the first of the 10,000 boxes that had just arrived.
    He found it full of condoms, 10 inches long and 3 inches thick,
    exactly as requested...
    all coloured with tartan thistles with small writing on each one:

    Size: - SMALL

  4. bruc

    ' scum ' good word one of me faves
    IDS doesnt need fact based evidence just
    a belief umm in that he is a bit like Alex aint he??

    Er they didnt get elected they cobbled up a eton run oligarchy
    fixed a five year term and then proceeded to impose their
    unwanted ideology throughout the 'Union'.

    Still the shipyard threat/insult as opposed to bribe to me
    and others is a jolly good reason not to vote for
    being better together .
    Im afraid my response would be to say stuff your orders/blackmail
    and help replace them with sustainable no ' Union ' strings
    attached type jobs.
    they really are taking the pish.

    1. I wonder, Niko, what would have been the outcome had the union not been at risk?

      Of course the truth is that the best ships are built on the Clyde. They just don't have the same experience in Portsmouth with respect to them.

      I hope that creep defence minister comes up here again to tell us we would be able to raise an army and we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves. He'll be lucky to get home in one piece.

      He'll have to parade himself in Glasgow with the Queen next year for their celebration of the start of the war. That should be good. Best bring his UK army with him. He might need them.

      Certainly if I saw anyone making free with their foot and his head, I develop a desperate need for a cup of coffee.