Friday 1 November 2013


Notwithstanding the fact that we have discussed changing electricity/gas suppliers and found that the majority opinion was that it was a waste of time (given that the companies appear to act as an illegal cartel, this is not surprising), George Osborne put his foot in his mouth when being interviewed by John Humphries.

Humphries asked him if he, like the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, had changed his energy supplier.

He replied: "I live in Downing Street"

The implication was, I guess, that these things don't concern him because he lives in a grace and favour home. He might also have said, 'I'm stinking rich, a few extra thousand a year on heating doesn't bother the likes of me. I'll not be freezing to death'.

On reflection though, I bet he wishes he could have that 2 minutes over again!

He's not the only one who suffered from "Foot in Mouth" though. 

In a debate between the two Blairs at Dundee University, on the single British currency, Mr McDougall insisted that UK ministers were not stupid (an amazing statement on its own given virtually ALL of their policies). His words were that, they (UK ministers) would not act against Scotland until Scotland was confirmed in the union. They apparently aren't stupid enough to fall into that trap. I hope he was excluding IDS and Hunt from that particular accolade!

So from the mouth of the head of the Better Together campaign we hear an implied threat that UK ministers WILL act against Scotland if we vote no and thus confirm ourselves in the union. He obviously doesn't consider the removal of air bases as acting against the country. You have been warned.

Poor old McDougall. He really needs to get more rest.

And talking of debates between yes and no, I was pleased to see this comment from Joe Tallo on "Scotland's Big Debate on Facebook. He was talking about the Abertay University debate between Stewart Hosie MP and Baron Robertson of Gaelic Doesn't Exist on the Island of Islay. He asked people to share it, listen and learn... one man with facts, the other with gibberish.

Well said!

And on a final note...


  1. What is the betting that this not get onto the main-stream media? I'm just surprised that Niko is in an alliance with these people, Actually, no I'm not!!

    1. I've not seen it anywhere in the mainstream media, John.

      I think Niko is thinking. I know he's said he despairs of Labour and is no longer a member.

      Give him time; he may ever change his mind.

  2. Niko,

    Being a busy chappie, I've been looking at your comments on previous articles and wonder do you ever look at them afterwards and think "Oh feck!!!"

    1. I bet he does sometimes... but then, so do I!