Monday 18 November 2013


You know how ruthless this kind of Tory can be.
 Remember he doesn't see us as being quite human..
at least not in the same way as him and his friends.
Funny, I'd like that too. But it won't happen if London is running the show
for the benefit of the City and the Banksters
And he's hardly on our side, is he?
And the Tory "think" tank that said today that we would all be broke, clearly assumed that we would be adopting exactly the same policies as England,  nuclear weapons, running the world, 4th largest army, 2nd largest assembly of old codgers, empire to control, ambassadors in Rolls in every capital in the  world. And no exports, no manufacturing.
Probably because few of them have been to Scotland or indeed north of  Cambridge.


  1. I was at that meeting. Aiden, the chap with the long blonde hair and the yellow jacket, asked a question claiming to be uncommitted and just looking for information to help his make up his mind.....


    1. I started to write a reply to this, but it got too long, so I'll make it today's post BH.

      You can answer it if you wish....or not as the case may be.

    2. Labour opens mouth out comes lies shuts mouth and goes back to making tea for the Torys, next.

    3. I hope it is better at making tea than it is at running the country.

      India or China... One lump or two?

    4. Braveheart

      Aidan here. I didn't say that at all. I said I had been to two YES and events and going along to that evening would make it two B.T events. I said I had been looking as deeply as I could into what is really going on behind all the stories and spin and that I was trying to understand where both sides were coming from.

      I said very clearly (I thought) that the argument for YES was clear and the case for Independence appeared to me to be unassailable. I said I still couldn't understand the case for the Union that B.T were making and that that was why I had come along. I said I hoped the panel didn't mind someone who was on the side of YES coming along to ask them a question. Before I asked my question, no-one seemed to mind this. Afterward, they didn't look so happy about it.

      I definitely did NOT say I was uncommitted or undecided or a Don't Know. I said I was trying to understand both sides and their arguments. Maybe this is what confused you. My starting point is non-polarised. I'm concerned about the truth of what is going on both in Scotland and the Union - it is the truth that underlies the case for YES and makes it so strong. This is why I feel comfortable about going to a B.T event and asking the people on the panel to come up with the goods. I really want to see what they have. (Having been to two of them now, it looks like they really do have nothing.)

      At the East Ayrshire launch of B.T, my preamble was very much the same. I said that, contrary to what Annabel Goldie had asserted in her speech, the arguments for YES were overwhelming.

      What I hope I do, though, is speak to everyone present as though we are not split into two camps, as though we are all interested in finding out what is REALLY the case and as though we will all make up our minds based on what is true and what will be best for the whole country.

      I must admit I'm still trying to understand the case for NO, although I think what I'm really trying to do is fathom the motivations of those who say that there IS a case when they cannot put forward anything that stands up to scrutiny. If they can, I still haven't seen it. Maybe someone at the next B.T. meeting will come up with something true and real. I, for one, intend to give them every chance to do so...

    5. Thank you very much for putting that right Aiden. I appreciate your input and I look forward to Braveheart's response.

      It seems to me that you acted completely honourably adn I appreciate the time you took to set the record straight.

  2. Tris

    Better Together are starting to lose, they have one strategy which is fear and now that people have seen through that, with no help from the MSM, they are sticking to fear and long may it continue. I really think people are sick of it, the constant barrage, like the so called independent fical studies report yesterday, of being told that Scotland is too wee, too poor , too stupid and now too old is wearing people down. Derek Bateman is correct, I really believe once a person is in that booth on their own, knowing that this is the most important question they will ever vote on, when they think about their families and their future the vote will be yes because things can't get any worse. To steal Blairs anthem, things can only get better, the tide is turning.


    1. Well, that's true.

      But in Blair's case, although I admit they did get better for a while... it went belly up after a few years.

      The Tory think tank that came up with that report has assumed that Scotland will have the same spending needs as the UK.

      But I have never heard anything from anyone suggesting that Scotland would want to be a world power and spend all the billions that that involves.

      Still Tories do live in another world from the rest of us.

  3. I love Andy Neil. A lovely man, much better at his job than loud mouth Paxo.

    1. Interesting Dean...

      Do you agree with his assertion that once Cameron and his ilk no longer fear the SNP they will punish us...

      Of course Mr Neil is old enough to remember that that happened to Scotland before.

      We are committed, said Mrs Thatcher... to change.

      She echoed her colleague Sir Alex... but when the SNP only got a few seats in the 79 election, halving their previous representation, she binned that idea.

      What do you think?

      Is Cameron good for his word?

    2. It is certainly a fear of mine. Its why I am totally undecided about which way to vote. A lot depends on what the Labour party says about the future of Scots devolution...

      If I come to see a 'NO' as an endorsement of a defunct status quo then its either 'Yes' or 'Abstain' for me (remember, I'm a devo max type)... or if I feel the next Labour government would make significant constitutional reforms, then okay, NO it would be.

    3. Dean, how do you think you will vote if, by the time of the referendum, you think there is no chance of Labour winning the 2015 general election?


    4. That is as very good question. I don't have an answer.

    5. Fair answer Dean.

      It comes down to whether you can trust Labour to devolve real power to Edinburgh.

      You certainly couldn't trust the Tories to do it. They lied before and Cameron has seemingly done almost nothing that he promised in the manifesto.

      He's a natural liar.

      To be fair, I have no idea what Ed Miliband would do. I wouldnt trust Lamont as far as I could throw her. But I can't be sure about Miliband.

      I obviously would be devastated by a no vote and would be considering my future very carefully. I'm not sure about moving, but I'm pretty certain that I wouldn't want to stay here and watch them destroy us, as they did the last time we supposedly turned down the opportunity for a measure of freedom.

      Labour's future devolution plans, by darling's own admission, would have to be agreed by the UK, either the parliament, heavily stacked in favour of English MPs, and with the northern English constituencies very angry already about Scotland's freedom to provide a better life for its citizens (prescriptions, education, care for elderly, health service, etc, etc).

      I wonder if he would get anything through parliament, even whipping. Northern MPs are usually Labour.

      If UKip are in the next parliament they will vote against and so will the Tories and a huge number of the irish. I wonder what Labour in Wales would make of it. more power for Scotland...

      I also worry about the divisions between Balls and Miliband. Balls was not his first choice, but the two are miles apart on economic policy.

      Interesting. Thanks for the answer to that and to the equally fair question from Scaraben..