Thursday 28 November 2013

PHOTOS ON (very nearly) FRIDAY

Anyone know the number of this U-turn?
Yeah, go on. Vote for Davenomics
You have to admit, it makes no sense.
They aren't the cuddly type really, are they?
Gideon looking a little more sensible than normal
Big choice...
But they won't admit it...
and that is where they lose any kind of credibility
Lord Darling of Referendum?
Obvious. He's there to keep the
 bad stuff from touching the Tories. 
Smug, self satisfied smile wiped off...again.
Many of the answers are now at your fingertips.
No hasn't got an answer to anything yet...ask Alistair.
Starting in around 1947 the money these British Empire people
 have wasted on being important  and being able to kill people
while we lived in slums and went hungry... and died of curable diseases
...especially if I debate with Alex. If I have to I'll send Clegg.
He's expendable
Failure as Secretary of State for the Empire Number 3.
Soon will the Liberals run out of people and it will be Muddle's turn
Good place to be a BANKER
Borrow now.. Pay it back over 5 years
And we say lying Tory bastard


  1. tris

    Yes to scrapping trident
    and yes to keeping Nuclear weapons
    in scotland, as long as they on NATO
    ships and the snp wont ask.

    Yes to a fairer tax system
    well the wealthy back that one
    Alex has sworn to ensure they wont
    pay any more Tax

    very progressive and fair in a snp unfair way

    Heard a woman on the wireless
    saying she wouldn't vote yes
    as she did not like Alex Salmond ,
    also would not read the white paper
    for the same reason.

    I calls it invincible ignorance
    we dont read snp crap let alone believe it

  2. Well, if he introduces a local income tax, I'm not sure how he can say that they won't pay more, because as I see it they would have to.

    Where did he say that they wouldn't?

    Well, I mean that's like saying that you won't vote for the union because you don;t like David Cameron.

    Now if you say you won't vote for the union because you don't like the Tories, that is understandable; and if you say you won't vote for independence because you don't like the SNP, that too is reasonable ...given that you will almost certainly these parties some of the time in government.

    But Cameron is a dead duck walking; why let HIM put you off? He will be replaced. He couldn't even win an election after 13 years of Labour and a financial crisis, the worst since the 1930s.

    And likewise Alex isn't going to be FM for much longer. He's coming up to retirement age and he'll probably want to go spend some time with Moira. So the SNP may be around but he won't.

    Let's be honest, 670 pages is a big ask. It's not War and Peace although it might be about as boring, but there is a summary.

    But if she's made up her mind, she's made up her mind.

    I'd be inclined to want to read the summary before I voted for more austerity, more cuts, and more misery..

    I mean, things couldn't be much worse, could they that the prospectus that Cameron holds out for us...

    And what difference will Labour REALLY make, with UKIP and the hard xenophobic right in the ascendency?

  3. Yet another wheel falls off the Labour/BBC wagon.

    THE Governor of the Bank of England said yesterday that he would welcome the opportunity to enter “basic discussions” with the Scottish Government on its plan to create a sterling currency union if Scotland votes for independence.

  4. "1 wheel on my wagon, and I'm still rolling a long..."

    I love the way that the Scotsman has put it in the first paragraph though. Good losers, aren't they?

    We might as well talk about the way that Britain allowed German to set interest rates for the pound in the days before the Euro; I love the way that Britain has allowed its foreign policy to be decided in Washington, DC since the second war...

    I wonder how much prominence will be given to this move from the bank of Britain?

    What was that about International Law, Alistair, Secretary of State for Mr Cameron?

    If this foreigner is contemplating breaking the law, should he not be deported and the job given to a Britishman... British jobs for British workers after all.?

    I say, Mr Carney, isn't a cherokee is he?

    1. Strange it's not on the BBC website or airways well maybe not if you are working to different propaganda agenda, honesty!

    2. I found it hidden ...

      Talks have already taken place with the lat blokey.


    1. LOL... interesting...

      You should read this from Boris...


    2. World’s Best Economist Explains All In 8 1/2 Minutes

      Boris and his ilk are the problem with the UK and without Scotland he is for one hell of a shock.

    3. Thats worth watching. In fact the whole thing is 1 hr 22 mins and I think I might give it a look...

  6. Watching QT last night it occurred to me that who-ever decided that Curran, Carmichael and Darling could be spokes-persons for Better Together must have a perverse sense of humour or wants a No vote.

    1. I didn't see it, John. Was it truly awful?

      Tell us more...

  7. If I were young and Scottish, I would vote yes to independence

    Oh, to be young and Scottish! I wouldn’t have the slightest hesitation in putting my St Andrew’s cross next September in the “Yes” box, and I hope – for their sake – that this is what a majority of Scots decide to do. This is a time that offers an opportunity without precedent, and one that will be gone for a very long time, if not for ever, if it is not seized.

    1. Not bad, although figures do show that she doesn't subsidise us from her taxes... as she supposes she does.

      I agree with her that its quite possible it will be impossible to do again in a hurry.

      I imagine that they will say, if we fail, that they will not give permission again for a referendum. and although that would mean we could have one, without permission it would be held up for years in the courts.

      So... if we vote no, on the basis that they have promised, as Mrs Thatcher did, to look at more powers, and, again as Mrs Thatcher did, they refuse to do so once we are no longer a threat, they could stop us having a referendum, no matter how many of us vote for an independence party with a referendum in its manifesto.

      Not sure who would win in the end, but it seems to me it would be a long time in getting a decision from the Court of Human Rights or the World Court or the UN...

  8. We will never win some folk over.
    I was speaking to someone today, a typical Project Fear victim. He isn't the brightest person I've met, but I had to admit defeat in my attempt to get him to think about voting Yes.
    His reason for voting No? His son lives in Newcastle, and he often drives down just for a day with his son, and to see his grandchildren.
    He was convinced that the border posts and guards would make it impossible to do a day trip.
    I could weep.

    1. Hs your none too bright acquaintance ever been abroad? And seen the way that people drive across borders, Sometimes working in one country, living in another and shopping in a third, and having a night out in a forth?

      I have friends in Luxembourg who do that sort of thing... off to France to work, off to belgium for a night out and away to Germany to buy some of that really good sausage...

      It always amazes me that people can believe this rubbish. Even if they have no experience of people who cross the border to go to work.

      In the years of the troubles in Ireland you could get on a train in Belfast and go for a day's shopping in Dublin. No one came near you for passport and no one stopped you unless you had a smoking bomb in your hand.

    2. He must be about 80, tris. Never been out of the country. I tried explaining to him how the Irish border works, but he isn't interested. Anything that (in his mind) could stop him visiting his son and grandchildren for a day trip is a no no. A lost cause.

    3. Not any point then Jutie.

      If people won't listen to facts, rather than opinions, then there is no changing him.

      You're wasting your breath.

      There are other people who will listen, and may even change.

      I think what you have to do is find out what they are passionate about...

      With some its all these wars...with some it will be the EU, with, others pensions...

      I think I talked a guy of Polish extraction into voting Yes today, when I pointed out that if the Uk takes us out of the EU, he'll likely be on the first train to Poland and his plumber's job will disappear...

  9. Carmichael train-wreck debate with Sturgeon simply illustrates even more painfully that bitter together simply won't offer any answers or vision in the event of a no.

    At the same time we know that Carmichael, and his tory pals are preparing to asset-strip Scotland in the event of a no vote. Goodbye Barnett formula, goodbye public services.

    Its becoming rapidly obviously clear to this labour party member that if you vote no; you're voting to reverse Scotland devolutionary progress.

    Today I joined labour for independence. And I've never felt better about my politics in my wee life.

    1. Good on ya, Dean.
      Hopefully you'll feel more comfortable now. There is nothing worse than having a mental battle with yourself.
      Your own conscience tells you the right thing to do. :-)

    2. A good decision, Dean, as I think you will find LfI much more in accord with your views, quite apart from the question of independence, than the mainstream Labour party.


    3. Bravo Dean.

      I think you made the right decision.

      If Carmichael could have but answered one question...

      But no.

      OK fair enough, he's just a constituency MP and not a bad one I hear, and he was up against a razor sharp solicitor with years of experience of a top job.

      But he was totally, completely and absolutely out of his depth.

      I'd love to see Nicola on Cameron.

      But that will never happen. If (when) it all goes wrong the Tories want the Liberals and Labour to blame. That is one reason they are keeping away.

    4. Welcome to the light side, Dean.

      Eck. (Still not a duck....)

    5. Still not a duck? Am I missing something here, or just thick?

    6. Just a reference to Dean's reply to an earlier comment of mine ("if it walks like a duck....")
      It was a week or two ago, and so much has happened in between.

    7. Ha ha Eck... Got it now. You have to be gentle with me. I'm not always the fasted on the uptake :)

  10. Deano shites out I am not surprised, He needs the luvvy wuvvy of the Nats
    such a yellow belly in a nation.

    I wont dispute the Carmichael train-wreck ! in fact well in fact speechless.


    Never known a nationalist with a conscience which they couldnt put aside
    at a drop of a hat.

    1. Ha ha ...

      I wonder if Cleggy will have to go for number 4 Secretary of State for the Union?

      And who's left... Fluffy Muddle is doubtless hiding in a hole somewhere beggin,....erm not me... I don't want to face that Sturgeon woman, she's more like a killer shark!

      Dean is still in Labour Niko. He's just in the bit of it that has principles and some brains at the top of it.

      And no Tories like Darling!

  11. Do you remember folk wearing hats, niko?
    That explains a lot.

    1. yeah i do in fact nice round bowlers
      still you meant it in a nasty sectarian way
      didn't ya ......????? GIT.

    2. I was having a joke, niko. Suggesting you were a relic that remembered folk wearing trilbys and suchlike, as my granddad used to.
      If the first thought that came into your mind was bowler hats, then that also explains a lot.

    3. LOL LOL

      Niko's a flat cap man Jutie.

      One of the workers.

      if we can get him to read what Alan Grogan, and Jimmy Reid have to say about Labour, then he'll be the next to be looking seriously at change for the better.

      Eh Niko?


    1. Good article, spot on about the millions of voters who thought they were voting for one thing in 1997, but ended up with Blair.

    2. I've actually put it up as a separate post now Dean, because I thought too few people would see it tacked on the end here...

      I feel that there's a change in the air. This kind of article in the Guardian wouldn't have appeared a year ago.

    3. Absolutely, the Herald and Scotsman seem to becoming dangerously close to being anti-westmidden lol

    4. Well, I made that point a few days ago about the Herald, but even when the Scotsman does a story that is a bit pro, you always have the impression that there is something not quite right about it.

      The one today where they admit that the Gov of the BoE has been having talks with Salmond, says something about 'having talks about giving control of financial policy to a foreign country !!'

      Still, we are moving in the right direction. And the Guardian is a singularly English paper. No pseudo Scottish edition here.

  13. Glad you liked my Cammy met Sally picture! The gig was brilliant, by the way! :D

    1. Loved it. Very clever, thanks :)

  14. Niko,

    What can we expect from Labour in the event of a NO vote? Will ATOS still have a role to play? Will you feck up, again, the price of the carriers and HS2? Will you leave notes for your tory pals to say we're fecked - well, not we, obviously, cos we're loaded with expenses - but the UK is fecked and skint? Will you still happily pay the expenses of the House of Lards, impotent MPs etc etc which will really benefit Scotland? Will you touch your forelock and doff your cap and acknowledge that those who went to the "right school" know best? I can remember having a drink with Labour "comrades" who claimed to want to do something for the less fortunate but forgot that when they had the opportunity do so so. I can remember us all singing "Flower of Scotland" and now these self-same dicks are saying we are too small, too stupid and too dependent to run our own country and that that is best left to public school-boys who have never experienced the grinding misery and hopelessness of poverty. I cannot imagine that you could ever, like your Labour chums, kow-tow to these individuals or their self-serving party but maybe I've been wrong about you over the years.

  15. PS: Note to self - do not post comments after coming back through choppy weather from the pub!

    1. Ha h... Actually I thought it was pretty good.

      Impassioned and heartfelt.

      You post any time you want matey!