Thursday 5 November 2015



  1. Labour and Tories, both cheeks of the same ar**.

    1. True...but where did people get the idea that the SNP voted with the Tories? They didn't.

    2. Or the BBC or the Daily Record...

  2. The unionist media are only too happy to pass on such lies. It's getting really serious now. Unionist "journalists" see their influence waning because of such sites as this one and they are reacting accordingly. Thankfully more and more people in Scotland are seeking out proper information through the internet. But this media "war" is just beginning.

    1. It seems that the BBC and the press in general are happy to contort facts to make it look like Scotland is a basket case, or that the SNP are cruel vicious Tory types. They have a vested interest in their union, given the BBC's establishment role and the fact that the newspapers are pretty much owned in London, usually by American Australians, Russians, Viscounts that live in France and twins that live in Sark. Weird that!

      It's kind of you to include Munguin's Republic in your praise. In honestly it is the likes of Wings and Scot Goes Pop, who really provide the hard hitting stuff that disproves all the lies.

      Twitter is a brilliant tool in information dissemination as is Facebook.

      I see more and more people being angry. Not just in Scotland, and the BBC and the papers trying to hide it.

      Massive peaceful protests in London yesterday seem to have got little coverage. Jeremy Corbyn is vilified. SNP Baaaaaad.

      Unless you are the Tories or Mainstream Labour, you are not worthy of a story.

  3. Tris

    What was the ammendments or details as I am behind this week.


    1. Not quite sure of the wording Bruce, but there's a link on the pic/text above that should give the actual details.

  4. Well Tris how can we put it, that the Unionists are not honourable, lying has become their stock in trade. Here is their problem, shortly their support will be in single figures with a bit of luck and the internet. If it had been around in the 80's we would be independent by now.
    They all make the mistake that people cannot read or understand what is going on.

    1. Let's face it Helena. If you have an argument you want to get across and you know that the press won;t question your arguments, and will rubbish ... the SNP, protesters, Corbyn...whatever it is, then you don;t have to worry about lying in your reports on tv or on the pages of your paper.

      As Stewart has pointed out often they write a damning headline and in the 7th paragraph point out that the headline is a pack of lies... but how many people read the whole story? Most people don;t even buy the papers. They just see them in the supermarket stacks and read the lurid front page lead headline.

      But only 10 years ago that was the main source of information, along with the BBC or STV news. now most people get the news online, often from Twitter or Facebook, and a great deal from Blogs.

      The times they are a changing....

  5. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the British state political representatives at Holyrood collude with the British state broadcaster and HM Press to support the British state.
    Just so long as people understand that situation,they can make their minds up about who is telling lies and who isn't.

    1. So many don;t though. They still think after all this time that the BBC and the Sun tell the truth.

  6. Tris,

    But you do.

    You take them to task. And folk listen to you, I know I do.

    If it were not for t'internet and folk like you, well, where would we be?

    Up shit creek, etc.

    AKAIK you do this for free. I do not recall you asking for a farthing for providing this space to us, your readers.

    You should ask for a modest contribution. Mr Kelly of Scotland Goes POP will be getting paid, just because he is my second best favourite web site on t'internet. Why would I not pay for what I think is great content?

    The financilisation of what we both believe in is probably inevitable, But that, financialisation, is not always wrong, though awkward.

    I'd rarther give you my modest contibriution to media than to anyone else.

    All you need to do is ask.

  7. Disrurbingly small amount. But that, multiplied by your readers?

    You would be the replacement for some print media, and on an upward curve.

    Can I buy a share in munguins republic.plc?


  8. Douglas I concur, Munguin makes things easy and does with pictures what takes others so many words to do. My next port of call after Wings on any day of the week. I would happily subscribe.

  9. I'm very touched by your faith in us, Douglas and Helena, and your incredibly kind offer of financial support.

    I've always thought of Munguin's Republic as a bit of fun since I was talked into starting it by the amazing Spook and the lovely Subrosa, way back in 2009, when I had just come out of hospital after having a rather stubborn collapsed lung which didn't want to go back up.

    I was pretty incapacitated for some time after that with post operative nerve damage and the blog was a godsend to me. Both Spook and Subrosa, very popular bloggers of the time, pushed their readers towards the Republic. I was indebted to both of them for their help.

    I'm indebted too to the people who came to read the blog at that time, some of whom still call in... and comment. We've all become mates. You guys know who you are.

    (Munguin of course sees the page as his door opener to the rich as famous, as you can see by the Hall of Fame pictures on the side bar.)

    I enjoy doing it. It's fun, and it involves no cost to me at all, so I'm perfectly happy doing it for nothing.

    If anyone feels that they would like to make a financial contribution to the page, I would ask them, instead of sending it to Munguin, a wealthy and fortunate little animal if ever there was one, to donate it to a local food bank (preferable other than "every town should have one" Trussel Trust), or to one of the refugee centres collecting for people who have lost their homes and jobs through our wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc...

    I'm very touched by the fact that people like the page so much and that you consider it to make a difference.

    Thank you very much for your kindness.

    1. Tris, faber est quisque fortunae suae.

      Is it only six years...?

    2. Well I'm not sure about that Conan...

      But yeah, time wise, it was 6 years ago... and a bit more.

    3. It is not kindness exactly, More admiration. You do what many of us are not capable of doing, with a tolerance and wit that is outstanding.

      There is an obvious quality and effort in what you do here.

      You have my profound gratitude.

    4. You are very welcome Douglas. As I say, I enjoy doing it.

      Thanks again.