Wednesday 18 November 2015


So that's worked out well for us, hasn't it?
Quite a lot better for "them".
Well, it's not like we weren't warned.
Yes, we know.
And when you're sanctioned you don't like it.

Yes, turned my stomach too, or would have if I could have forced myself to watch all the hypocrisy

Be nice to leave you behind. You look charmless.
Well you can trust Queen Michelle to do the right thing by Scotslan.. by Michelle.
The Scotland Bill. Off to the bars  and stagger in at 7.30 to vote, hic.
Who cares what the haggis have to say?
I could work big time on that deficit Gideon.
Underwater hair-dryer comes to mind
No bloody wonder. 
Yes, this is hard hitting. Sorry. It's a dead kid.
But it's not just the West that has casualties.
And for the life of me I can't see this wee lass in Isis, can you?
It doesn't detract for a second from the horrific grief now being suffered by the families of the Parisian victims. 
But Syrian grief is every bit as painful as French grief.
Just geographically farther away from us.


  1. Bankers' bonuses 40.5 billion. Come on. The reality is bad enough.

  2. Tax avoidance is my biggest gripe.

    To be fair to Labour on the first point, the currency argument was a disaster for the Yes campaign.

    But everything else they said was bollocks. And given the disaster they have put themselves in, I cannot see the party surviving in it's present form for much longer. Corbyn really hasn't got a clue, and Ken Livingston would be better in the Communist Party. Still, it makes for entertaining viewing.

    Is Ms Wheeler related to a certain dynamic individual of SLAB? They look similar.......


    1. I'd agree. The currency was bound to worry some people adn I've never quite seen the SNP argument that it is OUR pound. It's Britain's pound and if we cease to be a part of Britain we cease to be a part of Britain...

      I can see, of course, that it could be used. I mean France could start using it if they wanted to... but it would leave overall control of finance in the hands of Gideon the Git. And I wouldn't leave him to refold napkins!

      They are probably sisters!

  3. I don't recall the British state bombing Derry,Belfast or Dublin when the IRA attacked England.
    Perhaps too close to home for them.
    Only bomb Johnny Foreigner when you can hide and bury your mistakes.

    1. True.

      The collateral damage would have had to be faced by people who could vote if they had done it in Derry or Belfast here.

    2. I think in all fairness they learned that mistake in Dublin in 1916

  4. That is telling them Munguin, one of your most powerful blogs yet.
    I could weep but would rather keep fighting because weeping does no good, and by fighting, just with words, guns and bombs are easy, too damned easy.
    It is easy to drop bombs on people but one thing people like Cameron never say is if they cannot bomb us into submission how is it going to work for the other way round?

    1. Good point Helena. The reaction of the French... ie this is war and we shall win... is exactly the reaction that everyone has. Even when the odds are stacked overwhelmingly against you.

      We shall never give in....

      Why he expects them to think "oh well, I see the Brits have started bombing us. We might as well put our hands up", is beyond me.

      History should tell them that that is a farcical notion.

      Didn't most of his idiot cabinet study History at Oxford. I mean, did they actually go to classes and learn stuff, between encounters with dead pigs?

  5. Terrorist aims and objectives differ depending on the circumstances. The old "one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter".

    But it is difficult to apply this to ISIS. They have one stated aim - a global caliphate. These people do not want to discuss the issues at stake. And to be honest the Syrian situation is extremely complicated, and I dare anyone to try and figure it out.

    Diplomacy is fine, but I cannot see it working in this situation. Air strikes are only really effective against the training camps, not into cities. The bombing campaigns against cities by both the allies and axis forces during WW2 proved this. When the US air force switched targets to industrial ones - oil, manufacturing etc - the effective was horrendeous on Germany military supplies. To be fair, it was a new form of warfare at the time.

    So if there are to be air strikes against ISIS - then they have to be against their support networks, not cities and towns.

    But I cannot see a quick resolution to the problem. Cameron doesn't have a clue how to deal with this, and neither does anyone else by the looks of it.

    I can understand the reaction of the French, and given yesterday's events it seems another massacre was narrowly avoided, Let's remember we are dealing with individuals who are quite ready to die for their cause, and that makes them extremely dangerous. Further deaths will start fuelling demands for action. But people need to keep a cool head. Anger has no place in military or security actions.


    1. In the best of all worlds, of course, we could negotiate, but we don't live in the best of worlds.

      Bombing civilians only ever makes people angry, and angry people do silly things. Reports indicate that the French retaliation for Friday's atrocities involved the blanket bombing of areas where the leadership of Isis sits. But of course, as is bound to happen, their bombs hit a hospital, a museum, and some other facility as well.

      The problem as you say is the no one has a clue what to do.

      If they are going to have all out war on this horrific organisation it really HAS to be be ALL OUT. That means they need to get other nations on board.

      No wonder there is so much trouble in the world when the bulk of the decisions are left to USA, France and UK. How other people must look at the mess we make of running our own countries, the misery, inequality, cruelty, crime, corruption, sexual depravity, etc, and think... why are these bloody idiots telling us what to do?

      The UN Security council permanent membership needs to be revised.

      It may or may not have been appropriate when it was set up, but that was 70 years ago, and the world has changed.

      Cameron hasn't got the brains to tie his own shoe laces. If the Uk is going to get involved... like that was in doubt... we really do need to find a leader somewhere who actually knows something, not an empty headed, rich, Eton educated, pig handler.

  6. Tris, your last picture brought back horrible memories.....

    1. I'm truly sorry John. I know you've worked in some really difficult places.

      It had to be shown though.

    2. Totally agree, Tris, and that and similar photos should be available to a wider readership to give those who advocate violence and indiscriminate 'revenge' a stark reminder of the tragic consequences of armed conflict.

    3. We'll maybe do an article showing a few of the refugee camps and the conditions that people are living under in the middle east including Palestine and Yemen.

      If people saw more of these pictures maybe they'd think twice about supporting Attila the Pig Boy in his war.

  7. Tris, sorry I'm speechless

    1. My only words are...

      BBC Scotland is on fire... what shall we do?

      Pass me that bucket.

      But that bucket is full of paraffin.

      Pass me it anyway.


      Tik tok

  8. triis

    The most disturbing aspect of the man holding his dead child if the fact it isnt being
    shown on any msm or almost any media images and interviews with the innocent
    should be mandatory for all the media.

    But then they might confront the supporters of the war mongers with the consequences
    of the actions being taken in their name and then god forbid they may take a different view
    than the one which those who dominate the media wish to influence.

    1. Could not agree with you more, Niko.

    2. Well said, Niko.
      No parent should outlive their children, to lose them in such a manner is beyond horrific.

    3. Totally agreed Niko.

  9. That was most effective Tris...a bloody punch to the eyes.

    Nico, it is indeed strange that if such pictures were shown on our MSM, loving parents would be the first to complain about it...

    1. Brought tears to my eyes Conan.

      Just felt more people should see it...and cry.

      Like people should read this:

    2. Copied. Thanks for giving me a kick up the arse.

    3. Soooo nice to see Pseudepigrapha up and running again.