Monday 30 November 2015


So Aubrey from Fleet, Hants, England, sums it all up for us.
I thought you might all like to go look at Jim Murphy's new website. I had fun going through it considering what he was saying about himself. 

My particular favourite was on his CV where he said he "stood down" as Labour leader in Scotland "after the 2015 election" without mentioning that he had originally had no intention of doing anything like that, and that he had been pushed into after losing 40 of their 41 seats in the country... Seats that they had held for decades, and in some cases 80 years and more. Seats in which they had had weigh-able votes and now had lost . There was no mention either, of his demotion by Ed Miliband. 

Funniest thing of all is that he calls himself the "Rt Hon" Jim Murphy. Honestly! Even monumental jokes like Blair and Cameron don't do that. 

He doesn't get any less creepy with time, does he?

Ironically, given his reputation among colleagues for being able to start a row in an empty room, his new company appears to be dedicated to conflict resolution.

Oh, they make you laugh.

I thought you might like to see how Chinese royalty were treated here, and how massively impressed they were by it. Now we know why Osborne gave away all that stuff.
Munguin just doesn't give a damn...
OK, I'll get my coat...
No seriously, I'll get it right now...
On the way out, I'll leave this Daily Mail thing with you...
...and if you were thinking of doing a bit of decorating in New York, Paris, Madrid, or mainly in Glasgow, just give these boys a shout...


  1. I like the Finnish flag.
    I see Spud is using a ".scot" domain, bloody cheek of the man.

    1. He's funny isn't he?

      I wonder how long his conflict resolution will last? In the real world you have to have success to make this pay...unlike politics where you can pick up a salary year after year and do nothing of note, especially if you are in a [once] safe seat. Or at university where you can keep on repeating years until you're older than the Vice Chancellor.

  2. Murphy is absolute proof that anyone can get elected.

    On GCHQ monitoring, Private Eye pointed out that while France had more than double the monitoring capacity of GCHQ, it still failed to stop the terrorists. If GCHQ goes ahead, they have no chance since the UK has a higher volume of traffic, and the algorithms used to flag up potential suspects will produce thousands of false leads. So expect to get a knock on the door Tris.

    Aubrey sums up my thoughts exactly.

    And some light relief.......

    Did you hear about the Italian chef who died recently?

    He pasta away...........

    I'm here all week......


    1. Until recently there were many of them who were proof that anyone could get elected.

      The documentary on the fall of Labour in Scotland pointed out that many of them had absolutely no idea how to canvass. They just sat there getting old in the job for life. Regardless of who replaced them, it was a good thing that they were replaced. Maybe never again will they take their seats for granted.

      Good point about GCHQ....And France has a nuclear deterrent, which it can use at its will!

      Erm...don't give up the day job, huh!

  3. Hmmm, publicity for Sunny Jim's blog??? Bunguin? No doubt Niko, Conan and all the other assorted weirdos on this blog will help out....

    1. I thought he needed a wee hand. And obviously if he feels inclined to show his appreciation by making a small donation to Munguin's Christmas Champagne for Poor Little Animals Fund... this would be most gratefully received.

      The Rt Hon Jim deserves a bit of a push off in his new career. We are happy to supply it.

  4. Good on Aubrey, summed up the situation succinctly. Listened to the Sky News this morning and heard words which were obviously being absorbed from the media in all it's all forms spoken as gospel, so I imagine all the people who think bombing another country will bring peace but bombing their country will not are on the dense side.
    Jim Murphy as a member of the American Project with all the others the CIA have on their books will be okay as will wee Dougie. Shall we put it this way Jim would have been still looking for job if he was Joe Soap, he would have been sanctioned by now and with his glowing Degrees who would have employed him. Same with Dougie, son of the manse, useless son of the manse, you will have noticed how many of the useless sons of manses we had as MP's, all will be employed to do damn all, after all that is what they were doing in the Commons, propping up the Establishment and The Union.
    I am with Munguin on GCHQ.

    1. It's a good explanation. If I could just follow it, I know I'd agree with it!

      Munguin has decided to offer GCHQ his hospitality if they arrive at the door. He reckons that he might as well co-operate. Surely they wouldn't be so heartless as to victimise a poor liitle animal who is only 6'' tall!

    2. Oh I am so sorry I though I was clear and then maybe not, bad night with lots of pain and too early for medication, just that Jim would be out of a job without a hope if he were not with associating with all those in the CIA as would Young Dougie Alexander working (?),for Bonio. As for Munguin, he may be small but he is mighty.

    3. He he... Not your explanation... Aubrey's LOL... I understood your explanation. I just kinda got lost in his....

      Hope your pain not too bad.

    4. Much better, shouldn't be picking up heavy shopping bags and thank goodness it wasn't me that you did not understand though I would not have been surprised, give the wee man a nice dinner and tell him not to worry, we might get put in the same van when they come and get us.

  5. Doctor De-la-ZouchDecember 01, 2015 10:37 am

    I see Jim hasn't blogged anything since the 7th October...all that conflict resolving and writing books about football must be keeping him busy.

    I love his book described as "social history" by the Sunday Express, which apparently links football games to the course of world events...admittedly the 10 reviews it has on Amazon are pretty good with only 1 two star review. What I loved on Amazon was this quote from one Tony Blair:

    "In all my time as Prime Minister I was never in any doubt about the importance of football. Wherever I went, people wanted to talk about it. This book tells the stories of the links between football and some of the big world events."

    A review that is so good it;s featured twice...I do hope Tony didn't write any of the customer reviews as well. Either way it might be worth a read, but I'll be dammed if I'm giving that idiot £14.88 so it's off to the library.

    1. He's resolving, Doctor, at this very minute, he is resolving for all his worth (???)

      Of course Tony is his best buddy, so I guess you could expect him to say something nice about the Rt Hon's book. I'm wondering why he had to single out his time as prime minister though. I mean, did people not want to talk about football before that, or since? Or did he just want to show off that he ha been prime minister? like anyone was ever likely to forget that!

      I rarely spend more than 99p on an Amazon Kindle book. £14,88 is a joke. I've never seen the book in a bookshop. I'm pretty sure that you''ll find it in a remaindered pile sometime soon.

  6. I fear that, after tomorrow's debate, with the outcome a far-gone conclusion, that Britain will become more dangerous than ever before in my life-time and god knows what dropping a few bombs might achieve apart from generating resentment, justifiable, in my opinion, outrage and a desire for revenge. You do not need to be a genius or a Cassandra to work out what form that will take if Cameron is handed the key to Pandora's box.

    1. From the other point of view, it will mean that the important people no longer look at Cameron in a pitying way as they order teh next wave of attacks that kill and maim and destroy... and create resentment and hatred.

      how many times does the man have to be told that the smart way to deal with this is to stop their funding. Block their weapons and render them useless. The maybe a REAL coalition of UN people go in. But not the discredited Britain, America and France alone.

      But it looks like it will be war, so they can start warning us of revenge attacks and tighten up security. Stop large gatherings of people maybe, like those who might want to protest against anything.

      Oh to be Icelandic.

  7. If you want a good laugh... this is the other point of view...

    1. I thought she was dead, oh I see her minion, wonder if he has one eye as well.

    2. Whit a Looney. It's all about status to these gits.

    3. Quite amazing. Cameron has mentioned this too.

      What would people think if the Brits weren't there killing people. After all they have centuries of experience in killing foreigners, and indeed themselves (just look at all the poor folk dying from cold, hunger and despair).

    4. OMFG.

      "Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom". WTF?

      Imagine replacing MT Centre for Freedom with the following......

      "Alex Salmond Centre for Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedommmmmmmmmmm!!!!"
      "Jeremy Corbyn Centre for How the Fek did I get this job"
      "Ken Livingston Centre for Diplomacy"
      "Ed Milliband Centre for I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue"
      "George Galloway Centre for Tactful Conversation"
      "Jim Murphy Centre for Unwanted Klingons" (
      "Tony Blair Centre for Can't Hear You lalalala"
      "Donald Trump Centre for Social Inclusion"
      "IDS Centre for Care in the Community"

      I blame the steroids I'm on at the moment,,,,,,,...


    5. I'd defo think about giving them a miss right now if I were you Zog... They WAY too powerful.