Saturday 7 November 2015


 Union Jackie Bird plays Nursemaid
Tessy is watching you...
Bring back Big Brother!

If only they bothered about the people who survived...
Bang on Harry. Give Cameron a gun.
Because they really don't give a damn.
Unless they know that half the country is watching them on the telly, in which case they care with passion.
Mr Corbyn is off to the palace at long last to become a rt hon.
And the queen says he doesn't have to get down on his knees.
Clearly she's happy about this lack of respect for her majesty.
And then there was this zoomer...
The English Health Service is collapsing on his watch.
Ern no, Mike. We have to have a leadership that listens to the voters.
The parliamentary party and their families won't get Labour elected.
Mon conseil pour vous: Arrêter de parler anglais.
Yep, that sums up the mess.
I spared you another photograph of Jackie Baillie,
 because I'm nice that way.


  1. "people who survuived"???

    today's column sponsored by SLAB?

    Thanks for sparing us from Jackie B but two of Jeremy Hunt...

    The whole remembrance day hypocrisy of the politicians makes me sick. Look at B Liar standing there paying his "respects". How many are dead because he wanted to be Bush's wing man?? Ah well tomorrow is cute animals so things can indeed only get better.

    1. I was only testing you ...

      Seriously, thanks, I think I'll do the blog in French from now on. I'm not that good at English.

      Now stop moaning. You were spared Baillie. What is a couple of Hunts by comparison?

      I never cease to be amazed at the brass neck of the repulsive warmonger.

      Fancy turning up at the Cenotaph when he is responsible for so many deaths.

      Yes, I got some goodies for tomorrow...

  2. Tris, the unknown/known soldier post is true and so f&*^£$% depressing...........Ronnie.

    1. Yes Ronnie. I'm very much a pacifist but I realise there are times when you have to go to war. The people who do that on our behalf are shamelessly used by politicians to curry favour with more important countries; then they are used to engender patriotism in a dubious public, and then their deaths are used as an opportunity for the same warmongering flotsam to parade in their finest once a year.

      And in the meantime IDS's department stop benefits for men who have seen stuff that no one should ever see, and who are, as a result a mentally scarred for life.... and as a result of which they die.

      In some ways depressing; in others just plain blood boilingly offensive.

  3. I'm with Harry Patch, I watched the documentaries; he took part in.
    Wars are evil, for greed and greed alone; with the exception of the second world war ( which was a continuance of the the first) which was to stop pure evil.

    1. In the good old days the King sat at the front of his army. If not his son, or a duke or earl.

      Today the Queen sits in her palaces, her kids ride around in their helicopters, the politicians, who are the modern day royalty, make money, and get medals out of war.

      You can bet your sweet life that if Blair had had to lead the troops into Baghdad, and his son had led another detachment, there would have been no bloody war.

      As it was it was only ordinary people, so it could go on for 10 years....

    2. That's a wee bit unfair Tris. Andrew, for all his faults, fought in the Falklands conflict, when he could have easily stayed at home. Harry went to Afghanistan. And the Queen works harder than just about any politician you can name. You don't need to be in favour of the monarchy (which I think needs serious reform anyway), but at least give the ones who do try some respect. (And yes, you can exclude Edward from the list).

      Amazing what politicians can achieve.Perhaps we should abolish them as well.


    3. Did Andrew fly any 'sorties' during the Falklands War? I seem to remember 3 or 4 helicopters ditching with considerable loss of life, and so he was not allowed to fly in case there was a propaganda victory for the Argentinians who had nothing to do with the helicopter crashes. And did the camera crew which was supposed to be highlighting Harry as a real fighting royal not cause one of his tours to be cancelled because it was almost like painting a target on his back for Taliban snipers (whose rifles of course had been supplied by the Americans)?

    4. He did fly sorties, including the rescue of personnel from the Sir Galahad. And that really was dangerous. Flying helicopters is inherently dangerous anyway, and there are a number of crashes - not always fatal - that occur each year. In a conflict, military aircraft fly well in excess of normal hours.

      But the ditchings that you refer to I think was the single incident when a Sea King crashed as it approached HMS Hermes, killing about 25 SAS/SBS personnel. There was also a friendly fire incident where a Gazelle got hit. But that helicopter only normally carries 2 crew. There were 2 Wessex helicopters which crashed in blizzard conditions at South Georgia but no one was killed.

      During war, peacetime rules go out of the window sometimes.

      And I remember Harry did get a tour cancelled. Funny thing about the bloody media though. On one hand the praise him for going, then criticise him for killing people. Yet the same papers then call for terrorists to be hunted down and killed. Poor guy can't win.


    5. Zog, well Harry will do very well out of being a member of that family, just like Uncle Andrew (Queen was sooking up our erses when she named him). If any of them were in any danger or they were the Heir, and I think by the time Andrew was involved Willie's birth was imminent so Andrew was not that necessary and there little Edward to fall back on.

    6. True Zog. Airmiles and the Stripper both took part.

      The lower lesser royals can't win. They all seem to have to join the armed forces, never mind how unsuitable they are for them. If they go to war they are criticised becasue they are a huge target, and make everyone else around them a target too.

      If they don't go to war, then they are criticised for missing out on the danger.

      It's a tough life somewhat compensated for by the fact that no matter how fat and lazy they get, they will never have the dubious pleasure of being summoned for a talk by teh DWP, and should they inadvertently have illegal sex in New York, they can look forward to being completely exonerated. There's the added advantage iof never having to wait for a bus, or shop in Asda.

      The truth is there is no place for royalty in a world where people are aware that their blood is not blue and that they are not different from everyone else.

      They can't win, so the best thing to do is to stand down from all the wealth and privilege and just be the normal people they are behind the fairy tale princesses and princes. Admit that the first thing they do when they get up in the morning is take a pee! And stop treating them like they were special.

      I don't have any respect for them, because let's be honest, if with all the privileges and wealth that they have, they can't do something with their lives then they are pathetic. I reserve my respect for people who have got somewhere, wherever it is, by their own efforts.

      I don't have respect for the queen becasue she plays governments' games. She gets involved in politics when it suits her. She co-operated with the UK Prime Minister and earlier the Canadian Prime Minister when there were referenda involving independence. She cites Christ as her inspiration, and oversees country where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

      She has failed dismally to bring up the next generation of royals. Charles is a spoilt selfish brat; Andrew a fat lazy slob and Edward... Jeeeeez, what would you say about him? Anne is the only half decent one amongst them.

      Mostly it's not their fault. It's the fault of the adoring press that treat them in the same way they treat the Z list celebs that they rant about every day in the papers.

      The most substantial comment we got from the Mail on Sunday today was that Kate looked demure and dignified at the Cenotaph. Bloody hell, with her money I should think it was the least she could do. Not like she had to get up, cook breakfast, iron the clothes, get the kids ready and throw on some old clothes that she bought at the Oxfam shop.

      Princesses and frogs are for little girls and bedtime stories... (perhaps that's sexist, but I really can't imagine little boys being interested in them. Apologies to any who are.)

      Today's leaders are the politicians. Like I said, mr Blair should have been leading the forces in Iraq with his son leading the other division. Had that been practice, I bet you my next years pay there wouldn't have been a war.

      If Cameron wants to fight in Syria to keep the US president happy, then let him get his kit on and over there... and if he gets killed, then he will know that at least some of his colleagues will, once a year stand at the Cenotaph and look sombre.

      And if Theresa's reading this, I have no objection to her leading a division of troops in Syria.


  4. Munguin and Tris, I have just sent a copy of the excellent cartoon regarding the unknown/known soldier to my friend and her ex marine Husband in the States explaining why I am no lover of Remembrance day. Our Politicians talk a good story but remembering the cause of war eludes them. The First World War was a war in the good old fashioned sense in that it was off empires, the second was because of the settlement of the first where the loser was punished so hard that there was nothing to lose fighting again.
    I stood this morning in the store for the 2 minutes silence, I was lucky in that none of my family were killed by bombs or shot, but my uncle would not have been in Swansea where he was stationed in a building with opening french doors and he was a sleep walker, nor would my own birth mother have died due to TB brought on by rationing and hard bleeding work as a laundry worker. War kills more that soldiers, in fact more civilians die in war these days than those with the guns. We can watch it on TV these days.

    1. Quite so Helena.

      I'd not like people to think I don;t respect the dead, but I don't choose to do it just one morning every year with the television cameras on me, whilst spending the rest of the year hammering the hell out of the people I'm supposed to be respecting.

      I think today of the man who was in the forces, who got sick and whose social security money was cut so much that he died. His fridge was off because he had no electricity, and his insulin had deteriorated; he had nothing in his stomach adn one out of date tin of something in his cupboard.

      That's how much the government thought of that ex soldier, becasue there was no profit for them in caring for him.

      I expect that if prince Harry had come back injured he wouldn't have been left in that mess.

    2. Probably the most horrific part of it is that this service of remembrance is supposed to be so that we remember how terrible it is and that we never do it all again.

      The trouble is we never bloody stop doing it. I can't remember a time when we weren't.