Tuesday 17 November 2015

Not inappropriate, these words of wisdom from The Abbé Pierre

Je continuerai à croire, même si tout le monde perd espoir.

Je continuerai à aimer, même si les autres distillent la haine.

Je continuerai à construire, même si les autres détruisent.

Je continuerai à parler de paix, même au milieu d’une guerre.

Je continuerai à illuminer, même au milieu de l’obscurité.

Je continuerai à semer, même si les autres piétinent la récolte.

Et je continuerai à crier, même si les autres se taisent.

Et je dessinerai des sourires sur des visages en larmes

Et j’apporterai le soulagement, quand on verra la douleur

Et j’offrirai des motifs de joie là où il n’y a que tristesse

J’inviterai à marcher celui qui a décidé de s’arrêter…

Et je tendrai les bras à ceux qui se sentent 


 "I will continue to believe, even if everyone loses hope.

I will continue to love, even if others distill hatred.

I will continue to build, even if others destroy.

I will continue to talk peace even in the midst of a war.

I will continue to illuminate, even in the midst of darkness.

I will continue to sow, even if others trample the harvest.

And I will continue to shout, even if others are silent.

And I will draw smiles on faces in tears.

And I will bring relief, when I see pain.

And I will offer some joy  where there is only sadness.

I will invite to walk, folk who decided to stop ...

And I will stretch out my arms to those who have feelings


  1. Talking is always preferable to fighting.

    But some individuals only want to speak through the barrel of a gun.

    1. Which makes their interlocutors reply by the same method...

    2. {One of the books that has made an impression on me during my lifetime was written by the founder of the Spanish Falange, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, as his versión of Hitler's Mein Kampf. It's name translate into English as "The dialectic of fists and pistols"

      Considering that dialectic is defined as "the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions" the fascist way can never be better explained. fascists, gangsters, terrorists, are all and the same.} Vince Diaz

    3. Interesting.

      Particularly that fascists, gangsters and terrorists are the same. I wonder what motivates them?

  2. Nice sentiment, pity our glorious leaders are seeking war there's money in war and mammon is their god.

    1. From what I can make out, although everything is so complex.... Saudi are funding Isis, and we are selling arms to Saudi, who are also using them to slaughter Yemeni people, so yes, there is plenty of money in war, and I bet you it won;t be long before the Eton Pig Boy is in there standing shoulder to shoulder with whoever looks important enough.

      Then they can all get together next November and look solemn and complain that Corbyn's bow was 1/2 a degree off what is proper, while they sip their pre lunch cocktails, at our expense.

  3. My understanding is that War is failure on the part of Politicians, just had a disagreement with my friend Sensible Dave or As I know and prefer Senseless Dave with regard to what might solve a bit of the problems (to put it mildly) the ordinary people of Paris have suffered this weekend. That we solve the problem of Israel. From what I can see, no fighting with the Palestinians, talk talk, or jaw jaw, but stop shooting each other. Time for Britain to learn other arts, war we are not much good at, it took the Russians to get us out of WW2, and the Americans to get us out of WW1. Why anyone wants to buy guns and bombs from us is beyond me, the Yanks call us the Fintstones.

    1. It's all a bit mysterious, but I think that in the end, like most things, it comes down to $.

      There's a lot of money to be made in war.

      It seems that we supply weapons to Saudi, who support Daesh or IS, because it intends to rid Syria of Assad. Until a little while ago the Brits were up for that too; now they want to get rid of IS.

      But they can't fall out with Saudi, no matter how ghastly the regime. Because if the Saudis and their closest mates in the gulf stopped buying British weapons, the bottom would fall out of the weapons industry. And a lot of their mates are involved in that. It's not that they care a stuff about the workers.

      They want to go to war, presumably because having a war adds some sort of status to a prime minister (although it seems not to have occurred to them that that only happens when you win the war... I mean who wants Tony Blair's status?) And it doesn't seem to occur to them that we never seem to be on the winning side.

      Did we win the war in Afghanistan; did it improve life for Afghans, or made the West safer? Did it enrich some people?

      How did the West do in Iraq? Is Iraq a better place for not having Saddam? Did it enrich some people?

      How's Libya doing? Is life better for the average Libyan? Are there westerners who have done well out of it?

      Whose side will we be on in Syria? What is the objective? Is it likely that killing more innocent people (along with guilty) in Syria will bring some sort of peace? If the West managed to crush IS (a rather forlorn hope), would they then wish to get on with removing Assad, and would that mean starting to fight with Putin again? Who stands to profit from a war in Syria?

  4. Despite the expressions of UK outrage regarding the atrocities in France and references to fanatics etc the stark and unpalatable truth is that the UK is far more responsible for the death of innocent Muslims than the other way round.

    1. Indeed it is. Without wishing to show anything but utter contempt for people who blow up football crowds, rock fans and diners, I say that if your country enters into war with another country, it would be naive to assume that this enemy is never going to fight back.

      Hitting innocent people is neither right nor decent, but then, how many Iraqi kids with arms or legs blown off when the West's bombs missed their targets, have we seen?

      Hollande said that this was war. he was right; it is.

      But wars have two side... you dish out death and they dish it out too.

      Heartless though it may seem, I'd say if you can't take that kind of heat, you should stay out of the kitchen.

      And stop selling arms to the Saudis who arm the terrorists.

  5. ttis

    I dont believe Cameron considers how much money can be made from having a war
    not a bit Cameron just want the overwhelming feeling of joy he will get from causing
    mass deaths of innocent people.
    I am afraid any man who waves his own sons shroud to gain a few votes has
    absolutely no spark of decency or humanity within him.

  6. I image he has many different things on his mind, Niko. Money will only be one of them.