Sunday 8 November 2015


So, Mr Corbyn did wear a red poppy.
But he didn't bow low enough.
However, he did write this.
 I suspect they'll be saying his handwriting will be criticised.
He was there too, plotting his next war.
Or whose side he's on.
Fortunately Kate looked elegant. Must be hard for her on limited means. Super nice poppies royals get. 
Then a bad smell turned up (see below) and people held on to their wallets.

You'd not be likely to catch Blair anywhere near the veterans.
Well, not alive anyway.


  1. W.T.F.!

    Blair was there ... HE caused more deaths than anyone can remember, and his side kick, Broon the Loon (behind Angus Robertson), was by side!!!

    Nice to see wee Fluffy got an invite though, him being Viceroy of S******d. He was probably just there to ensure Angus Robertson did things correctly!

    1. The thing that must have annoyed him was that, while Angus was in the front row, the muddled one was in the third row with the servants.

  2. The thing that really annoys me, about poppy week, is all the talk of sacrifice.
    Those young men and women did not sacrifice themselves, it was state sponsored murder/suicide.
    To dress it up in any other way, is to fool the next generation of youngsters, as you prepare to ” sacrifice ” them on the alter of “punching above our weight”.

    1. They've made it into a state propaganda thing.

      And the persecution of people who may very well respect the bravery of certain individuals and appreciate that troops are there to save them in the event of invasion, but who are bright enough to see that "our boys" are mercilessly used by these self serving bastards.

      First in that they are sent into danger to make them look big and important, and then they are used to guilt us into supporting their warmongering.

      All this ceremony is fine if you like that kind of thing. The only decent thing from yesterday that I saw was mr Corbyn going over and chatting to veterans, while the rest of them got inside and drank their pink gins at our expense.

    2. There is one thing and one thing only that I take away from WWI JimnArlene and that is that WWI was a family dispute. Not any old family dispute mind you but a "Royal" family dispute.

      George V, Wilhelm II and Nicolas II were all first cousins.

      I think this explains the convoluted goings on between the three cousins, and others, that led to WWI.

      In my view had the three "Royals" not been so bloody hasty to "fight it out" so to speak the WWI would probably never have happened and as a result a certain Mr. Hitler would never have been involved in the trench warfare. We would never have seen the financial constraints and misery forced upon Germany and thus the afore mentioned Mr. Hitler would probably never have risen to be the person he became in the 1930's.

      These are just my thoughts but what the hel do I know I'm just the village idiot! LOL

    3. Arbroath that make two village idiots, well my village can manage fine with me I expect your village manages fine with you.
      I am quite overcome that there are still as many veterans from the second world war still alive. My Husband's parents were teenagers in the middle and both served towards the end of the war. Mother in Law died at 89 two years ago so you can see why I am surprised.

    4. Anything but village idiots you two!!

  3. At least Jeremy is not an arrogant, power hungry war monger like TB. The rise of ISIS would never have happened without the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We worry about the Russians firing nukes, 100 times more chance of ISIS holding the world to random.

  4. Nice to see the pseudo royals turn poppies into fashion statement.

    1. Well said. Why could they not just have ordinary poppies, like ordinary people. We know their costumes cost more that we spend on clothes in 5 years. But why must their poppies be like that too.

      Rub our faces in it.