Saturday 14 November 2015


I'm stuck in the house with a throat infection, feeling rotten, and for the want of anything else to do, I'm passing the time looking at Twitter and Facebook.

And how depressing is that today?

Here's just a small selection of the stories that are coming up on my feeds.

A million elderly Brits are malnourished as councils reduce the meals on wheels service. The welfare state is being dismantled on a daily basis. And there is often nothing left to take its place. There are, of course, families and volunteers to fall back on. But that's not really like it was before when millions of people, often middle and upper class women, had time on their hands for good works. Everyone has to work so hard now just to get by, that there is not the same amount of free time for helping others. Cameron doesn't seem to see this.

There has been a 600% increase in the last four years on people with mental health problems being sanctioned by the DWP. It seems Iain Duncan Smith has hit upon the idea that folk with mental health issues are less likely to kick off about being sanctioned... and it's a neat way to make money.
Then there was this beauty. Someone needs to tell the DWP that a man who has suffered 4 heart attacks, and has a variety of other illnesses, including fluid on his lungs, and all at the age of 61, is truly unlikely to be able to find a job, and should be left in peace. How many people need to die for IDS to save enough money for DWP management bonuses. 

And there is this story about a guy who, on hearing a threat that his money was to be stopped, had a heart attack and died. More money saved, Iain. Maybe some fresh underwear on expenses? Or another £40 breakfast?

Some of the comments on Paris have been sad. Johann Lamont joined Humza Yousaf to respect the dead in Paris. It's something you would have thought might have promoted a bit of harmony between Labour and SNP... but no. Some of the comments made dreadful, sickening and disheartening reading.

Then I saw this story. It seems that if you live in England you must be careful not to upset Mr Cameron. This lady was protesting at cuts which were causing people to die, and shouted out to Cameron that he had "blood on his hands". She was charged (and allegedly beaten) by the police. 

The judge said that her comments "must have hugely upset" the prime minister, and what she said could "hardly have been more insulting to anyone, whether a politician or not".

For the judges information (and from the safety of Scotland) I'd liek teh judge to know that I can think of thousands of things that I could say to Cameron which would be far more insulting. Never mind that her particular comments were true. He is responsible for his government and his government is responsible for death and misery across the four nations of the UK. He has got blood on his hands both in the home countries and in Libya where he took part in a campaign that completely wrecked a reasonably stable if unpleasant regime. And one which had excellent public services, unlike the ones he oversees.

Worrying that it is now a punishable offence in England to upset the Brit PM as if he were one of his Gulf royal mates or his Chinese buddy. The company he keeps has been rubbing off on him.


  1. tris

    No surprise there Judges have always been consummate Erse Kissers .

    As father used to say..Judges like the polis are just arms of the state
    control the state control the judges , polis and all

    1. Do you think they'll come after us Niko?

      After all we've said some pretty horrid stuff about Eton Boy especially with reference to his porcine habits....

  2. Aye depressing stuff. Now you know, if you didn't before, why I love soppy Sunday so much. Sometimes you need a break from it all.

    Hopefully this will cheer you up a bit.

    1. Thanks. I want a job teaching at that school.

      Imagine being paid to look after these little ones.

      Nice pics ready for tomorrow... :)

  3. Private Eye pointed out some numbers: IDS threatens to resign over a cut to universal credits, but apparently happy that 2,000 disabled people have died since having their benefits cut under his policies.


    1. Yea, I saw that. He can't actually have a conscience, can he?

      There's probably something for him in it.

  4. Tris

    I also have a cold, have had it for 10 days and it is doing my head in as it's in my chest as well. I also went to work as my groups would have been cancelled if I were off , no cover these days and more cuts to come, possibly me being one of them. To be honest I just wonder what it will take for people to wake up to this scum, Thatcher was a fairy compared to Cameron and this bunch. They really hate anyone lower than their class, I could write what I think we should do to them but Teresa May is probably already watching your blog lol. They are lower than shit.


    1. Tessy has got me booked in for re-education Bruce.

      I'm sorry to hear you are sick.

      Going to work regardless has become the habit these days.

      I'm truly sorry to hear about the risk to your job though.

      They are going to cut till there is nothing left.

      I hope they know what they a re doing but seriously doubt it.

      There comes a point at which there are too many people who have no stake in the future at all. Nothing to lose.

  5. Some of these sanctions are so ridiculously heartless that you wonder what kind of people can carry this out and then go home without a modicum of conscience,

    As for the "blood on his hands" as far as I am concerned every single MP who, despite knowing full well that the justification for doing so was fabricated, voted for the Iraq invasion have blood on their hands, including the blood spilt in France yesterday. The judge in the Cameron case should have called him in and asked him to prove that he did not have blood on his hands...

    1. Aye, that's true, but they were probably mates.

      Have you read Mark Frankland's latest blog on some of the sanctions he's had to deal with.

      His new blog is in the blog roll. It made me cry.

      How can people do this to people. It's straight from the pages of Oliver Twist or Bleak House.

    2. I read Mark's blog this morning Tris, made me feel sick inside, how can people make and uphold decisions like this, have they no feelings at all, no humanity?

      Sorry, no photo this week, had a few other things on my mind I'm afraid. You could pretend I did though, and see if anyone can guess the one I didn't send.


    3. Yes, sickening. A man walking miles to a course, and being sent away becasue he was 10 minutes late. That's inhuman.

      Would anyone make Prince Edward walk 12 miles to an engagement and then if we misjudged his 10 mile walk by 10 minutes, make him walk home without anything to eat.

      And then not give him is royal allowance for 6 weeks?

      Inhuman bastards.

      I know you have other things on your mind. Good luck... and let me know.

      I think you may have given the game away... but I have a surprise in that someone else has sent in a photograph this week. We'll see who gets it.