Wednesday 12 August 2015



  1. Ah, the old "look a squirrel" tactic, never fails if you are appealing to bigots and idiots.

    1. They are funny Jim.

      They made two points. one was that there were 600,000 benefit tourists and the second was that the EU thought that this was perfectly reasonable.

      Neither of these two things were correct. There's nothing like that kind of benefit tourist numbers, and the EU had made no statement saying that this was acceptable.

      So when they are found out they give he retraction and apology 6 lines.

      Why do they do it? Presumably because the assumption is that the kind of people who read the Sun are bigoted and racist, and it's a good selling point for the newspaper to get them wound up about foreigners coming here taking our benefits. And because these people supposedly don't like the EU, stirring up hatred against it is always good for sales.

      People like papers that agree with them, even if they are blethering crap.

      After all, what happens when they print lies like this? Nothing.

      I'm just wondering what they will do when the referendum comes along.

      All the main parties Tories, Labour, SNP and Liberals will support a YES vote.

      So will Paid, Greens and some at least of the NI parties.

      As far as I can see the only party to support coming out will be Ukip, with their one MP.

      Apart from the Daily Express and maybe the Star (if that's still going) Desmond the pornographer's papers, none of the dailies actually supports Ukip.

      How are they going to persuade us of the virtues of the EU when they have spent the last 30 years and more running it down and painting it as wicked and anti-British?