Saturday 8 August 2015


So Ken Macintosh doesn't want any more powers for Scotland because he fears that we are too stupid and left wing to cope on our own and need to be steered away from looking after our people by the Oxbridge set of the Tory Party...or for that the Labour Party. 

So thanks for that, Ken. Nice to know what potential "leaders" think about the people of the country that they aspire to "lead".

Good luck with your campaign. 

I suspect you'll need it.
Talking about the Oxbridge set, I was amused by the story that George Osborne's grace and favour country estate, Dorneywood, was in need of rather a lot of repair, and that this repair work would be funded by a grant of £375,000 from the National Trust.

It's refreshing to have it proved yet again that we are all in this together. maybe the National Trust would start to look at repairs that are needed on so many damp council houses.

If I were a member of the NT, I'd be more than a little bothered that part of my £60 a year fees was being used to subsidise the lifestyle of a man so determined to make life unbearable for the poor.
And while we are talking about all being in it together, let's just pause for a little laugh over this:

 A woman has unveiled the government's 'one nation' policies while sitting on a gold throne and wearing a crown encrusted with over 2,800 diamonds.

The woman - who is worth £340 million - announced measures which include freezing benefits, clamping down on strike action, seizing migrants' wages and removing automatic housing support for young people.

"My government will adopt a one-nation approach," she said. "And one is totally behind any approach that protects one."

She then left Parliament and returned to her £1 billion house. Her crown left shortly afterwards in its own horse-drawn carriage.
And just a thought here ... although I admit it is getting difficult to find a company worthy of support:


  1. I cancelled my National Trust membership a couple of years ago, when the trust chairman stated that the Battle of Bannockburn celebrations shouldn't be 'used' as pro-Independence event!
    He has a right to a personal opinion, but it was a public statement in a national newspaper.

    OK, it was the Scottish NT, but nobheads seem to infect every part of the NT. Maybe they need some restoration work done to the management.

    1. I'd have though that the job of the NT was to look after heritage sites, rather than to make comments on politics.

      Of course he has a right to his opinion, but it's no more worthy of publicity than anyone else's.

      And he's not paid to advise people on government.

      I wonder what he felt about the BEGINNING of the Great War being used as a Brit propaganda machine only weeks before the referendum?

      Anyway, if I were an English NY member, I'd be angry that my membership fee was being used to keep this house repaired. These houses, given to the state for the use of "important" people, had trust funds to pay for their upkeep.

      If these funds have been mismanaged or are no longer enough to keep the houses, I should say it removes the obligation on the UK government to maintain them. Quite honestly we can no longer afford this kind of grandeur (I suspect we never could), and these places should be sold off like the electricity companies.

  2. As it says in the piece about Macintosh ...

    "Macintosh also claimed he was trying to offer the same thing as Corbyn."

    So if this is what Macintosh thinks, and Corbyn is Left Wing then why the hell is dear old Kenny boy trying to STOP the devolution of more power over Welfare, tax and spending?

    More to the point,... we all know that Jeremy Corbyn is against the renewal of Trident has anyone, and do mean ANYONE, got the foggiest idea what dear old Ken Macintosh's latest stance on Trident is? He seems to have been rather quiet on the matter ... from what I have not read as coming from him!

    1. He doesn't know what to think about anything because no one in London has told him what he thinks.

      I suspect if Jeremy wins he will be anti Trident, and if one of the others win, he will be for it.

      To hell with starving kids and underfunded hospitals, let's have a bomb we don't need.

    2. Nice to know that we have one opposition party in Holyrood Tris that has absolutely no idea what they think about anything without first of all consulting their *ahem* Lords and Masters down London way.

      Still as he says in the piece, when talking about what it is about Jeremy Corbyn he says it's integrity that he (Corbyn) has. Well there is certainly one thing for sure ... integrity does NOT run through the veins of any of the Labour politicians (Scottish Branch) sitting in Holyrood!

      Think I got that wrong there it's not one opposition party is it ... it's all three opposition parties. LOL

    3. Well, no matter what they ACTUALLY think, it's been made clear to them that they have to announce that they think like London.

      Most of them have complained in some way about interference for the bosses at head office.

      We know, form his own book, that Lance Price used to be sent up in secret to keep Donald Dewar in check.

      We know Wendy was kept in check by Gordon Brown and when Iain said that he was leader of Labour in Scotland he was told very firmly that Gordon Brown was leader of labour in Scotland.

      We all know why Johann Lamont resigned. Even her staff were replaced without her consent, or even knowledge, but unlike the others she had the guts to announce that she was resigning over it.

      And ten there was Jim, who was supposed to be a big beast, and yet was the least successful of any of them, managing to last only 7 months and lose 40 seats. none of the rest managed that!

      Jim, who nobody was going to boss around told us he didn't need anyone's permission to set policies, which of course was a lie, because for UK wide elections the policies of Labour are legally obliged to be the same throughout the UK. Jim said he wouldn't allow any more cuts in Scotland... Ed Balls and Chukka told him differently, on tv, utterly humiliating him.

      No wonder neither Macintosh nor Dugdale have a single policy between them.

      They await the appointment of the person who will tell them what they believe.

      To be fair to Ruth, at least she has pointed out (doubtless couched in the most respectful terms) just how stupid Cameron is to refuse a second referendum.

      Willie? Well.... whit can ye dae?

    4. How can you say Big Dim Jim was the least successful of all of Labour's (Branch Office) leaders Tris?

      I mean he achieved more in 7 months than any of his predicessors did. Just look at his achievements Tris, who else can claim to have destroyed Labour (Branch Office) as quickly as dear old Jim? He was a wonderful leader ... I just wish he had stayed on a wee bit longer ... say till June 2016! LOL

      Looking at Ruth all I see is someone desperately trying, and failing in my view, to save her seat which from all accounts is on an extremely shoogly peg in Glasgow hence her *ahem* flit to Edinburgh for May 2016. I'm not that convinced that her flit will actually save her but time will tell. As for her *cough* attack on Cameron refusing a second referendum I think that too was only a very weak attempt to save her seat next May. It aint going to work in my view.

      As far as Wee Willie Winkie is concerned well what can I say ... oh look pigs flying past my window! LOL

    5. Well, ya see, Arbroath, call me Dim if you will, but I had the notion that Jimbo's job was to actually win seats...unless of course I misunderstood all along and it was Nicola that was paying him... All I meant was really that none of the rest of them had managed to loose 40 seats is so short a time, and that I'm guessing that wasn;t in his job desccription.

      Of course no one reckoned with the added disadvantage of having F the greassroot McT to advise

      I reckon you could be right about Ruth. Surely they are bound to have an appalling result in the constituencies that she'll get a regional seat in Glasgow... I mean ... wow.

      It's all falling down!

      I've just seen a flying pig, and a flying squirrel...

    6. Well to be fair to Big Dim Jim Tris he did actually manage to win 40 seats ... they just were NOT for Labour! LOL

      From what I seen over on Twitter the good folks of Edinburgh are already mobilising themselves to try and stop her winning a regional seat in Edinburgh. If only she had stayed in Glasgow eh? LOL


      You've seen a flying pig AND a flying squirrel ... what can I say ... DAMN! LOL

    7. Tell ya, I'm certainly he was on the SNP payroll!

      Oh dear, Ruth not wanted in Edinburgh. Too late then, she's already told the people of Glasgow they can push off.

      Aye there's a lot of things flying on a Saturday night in Dundee.... :)

  3. Labour still trying to tell people what is good for them (in their opinion) and no intention,it appears,of changing that modus operandi any time soon.
    That is why British Labour are now toast in Scotland and people see no further need for them.
    England may well come to the same conclusion if they continue their Thatcherite ways.
    Left of centre politics is now in the hands of the SNP,SSP and Greens and all that is left for the Unionists is SNP bad rhetoric and dire threats should we decide to reject their London centric view of the world.

    1. They don;t seem to learn, do they. QI mean just how thick is the management?

      You really can;t dismiss the grassroots. They are the ones that vote, knock up, phone, deliver leaflets. If you agree with everything the Tories say and do how on earth can you possibly expect people to go out on cold rainy days and campaign for you to keep your seat?

      To help the Tories?


  4. Labour in Scotland are a clueless bunch of hypocrites every last one of them. I hear Home Rule Brown has set up residency in LA to be nearer to his neo-con chums as we are better together.

    1. Job done. Referendum won... oh yeah seat lost, but hey, LA is warm and sunny and far enough not to get any daft jocks blaming you for being a lying git.

  5. Coffee chains like Nero don't give a monkeys for those people who return loyalty cards. Just the same attitude about paying taxes. Once a month I'll buy a hot chocolate out of Pret, but otherwise I buy my tea / coffee out of a supermarket. (Not quite reached the stage of recycling teabags yet, you know, hang them out to dry then reuse.)

    Bringiton - I don't want either the SSP or the Greens anywhere near the SNP or Scottish Government. Some of the SSP policies are so left wing they make Scargill look like a Thatcherite (how's that for an insult?). As to the Greens........ seal them in a cave with the Tories (or at least IDS).

    1. I image that they don't care much, but it's bad publicity all the same.

      I almost never drink coffee or anything else out in Scotland or the UK. The prices in these coffee shops are just silly, and the stuff isn't that good. Love a coffee in France though.

    2. The point I was trying to get over was that there are now several left of centre political parties in Scotland which fill that part of the spectrum and that unless British Labour can displace one of them,they have nowhere to go,other than the Westminster party.

  6. Jeremy Corbyn accused of turning back clock to 1970s over Clause IV

    Headline in the Torygraph this evening.

    Their friends in the Tory party are trying to turn the clock back to the dark ages so for the Torygraph is it just a matter of how far back in time we are going?
    Jeremy clearly isn't going far enough back for the righteous Tories who believe that an English man's home is his cave.
    Progressive they ain't.

    1. Aye they make you laugh. The Barcalys slavishly follow what the Tories say, at any cost.

      They are recreating Dickensian Britain.

      The thing about the Barclays is that they don;t even live in the UK. They have an island off Sark, as semi independent part of Guernsey, which has it's own laws and isn't affected by anything that happens in London except its foreign affairs. I suspect Sark doesn't cost the FCO much in that respect.

      They seem to me to be totally mad.