Wednesday 5 August 2015


Tris is sick in bed, so we're afraid today's post is a collection of photographs he picked out earlier. 
Trickle up?

Well, it certainly works for some... 
and it comes with the added advantage of being able
 to call the workers scroungers... 

Yes... that's what I mean. Bet none of this lot has been down the food bank, except to open it and get a free lunch and a photo op (eh Fluffy?)
I've heard that sometimes these suits don't work
and people get horribly stung.
You are certainly making progress in that direction
But, you see, you have to get the word out that this is a broken dump
where people eat out of bins, if their town doesn't have a foodbank.
They still think the streets are paved with gold.
A visionary who was inspired at school by Charles Dickens.
Well, the answer to that is obvious.
Some people think that its wrong that it is hard to be very rich.
And Kez wants to move them to Glasgow?
This, of course, is just to spite the Noble Marchioness Moan, who's just
bought herself a new  balcony in London and on return to Scotland
would be plagued by insulting stuff on the internet (which of course, she can't see in England!)
Yep, that's her. And she's in the legislature.
I hope SHE doesn't "steel" anything.
It's mainly gold in there.
But clearly we can expect her to stand up for  the
Human Rights Act.
Ah, it's all in the interpretation of the figures.
I'd say, yes, I've been trying to tell people that for years.
There's no doubt about it, the Euro was a failure.
You can't have a single currency in widely differing economies.
But, you have to ask if printing money is really the answer to financial crises.
OK Jeremy, I'll try really hard not to call any of your colleagues
scroungers, shirkers or skivers.
It's hard though, because all the other adjectives I can think of for them
are a bit rude for a blog read by children.


  1. Munguin please convey to Tris that I am sorry to hear that he is unwell and hope he will be better soon, It is that lack of sunshine that is knocking so many people off their perch, not that Munguin does anything so awful as perch.
    Well your excellent blog never misses and hits the wall. I would agree with the rude words one can use about Mr Corbyn's colleagues, none printable here,

  2. He's probably just one of IDS's skivers, Helena.

    You'll not catch a Munguin taking a day off for a silly infection!

    Thank you for your kind words. When I'm president of Scotland you will b e remembered.

  3. Munguin, may I humbly request that,
    you pass on my wishes of a swift return to health to your man servant, known as Tris. And before his current illness, that he had picked out some rather good pictures and infographics.

    Thank you,
    with the greatest of respect,

    1. Yes Jim you may.

      Did I mention that I like humble?


  4. Tris get better soon, hope Munguin is looking after you for a change!

    BTW my email was hacked at weekend so delete any suspicious emails. Anything that says I've changed my mind I'm now a no voter and back the Tories counts as suspicious in the extreme.

    1. Munguin is waiting on me hand and foot... well, paw and paw. Well actually he's drinking champagne and getting his other butler to look after me...but what can you expect from as great an animal as Munguin?

      Ah yeah, if I got an email like that I'd definitely be suspicious... ha ha ha a Tory. Oh goodness that cheered me up.

  5. Sorry to hear that Tris is unwell Munguin.

    Hope he recovers soon and is back at his rightful place of work soon.

    1. Damned well better be. There's no time for skivers in this organisation.

      He'll be back at his desk tomorrow or IDS will be making his acquaintance.

      I'll pass on your good wishes Arbroath. That should cure him. Perhaps he could even do an evening shift today?

  6. Take care of yourself Tris, surely Munguin can open his own caviar pots and pour his own champers for one (or even two) days? Might even be a liberation for his imperial majesty? In which case you would be out of a job!.. Maybe just best to stop yer moaning and get back serving the master. After all, it's obvious you and Munguin are far bettertogether. Get well min


    1. I'm back at the wheel Braco.

      Dinner will be served shortly. It seems that opening caviare pots is beyond the furry ones capabilities!!

      Thanks anyway. Feeling a bit better.


  7. "It's hard though, because all the other adjectives I can think of for them
    are a bit rude for a blog read by children."

    That's a bit harsh on Niko, he's just a slow learner, but he's getting there:

    1. Ah well... There you go.

      Congratulations Niko.

      If I had a vote I'd vote Corbyn.

      The sky won't fall in.

  8. Hope you are feeling much better, Tris? I'll send your mum round with a hot toddy, if there is any left! In future, avoid being led astray in some of the infamous Dundee flesh-pots usually haunted by Munguin and, and this is of prime importance, avoid dancing!

    1. Dancing? Dancing?

      The very thought!!!!

      Have some decorum. The Sabbath is only three days away!

  9. Well, not good enough. tell him to get out of bed and back to work. Scroungers and benefits cheats, never doing.... mumble, mumble, splutter, dribble, fart...and another thing....mumble....foreigners eating porridge from the mouths of our children.....mumble..

    1. Hmmm...OK, You win, I'm outa bed and I'm back at my desk, and accept all the criticism.

      I'll try not to let it happen again. Please don't call Mr Duncan Smith. Don't want to be done for skiving...

      I promise I'll never eat porridge out of ....

      PS. Are you related to Blair McTrouble?

  10. Tris

    Interesting that reports today suggest that the hedge funds have already made a killing on the RBS shares, nothing like looking after your own and no Vince Cable to blame this time. The Tories make me sick, why can't people see through them.

    Hope your feeling better soon, MAN FLU is a downer.


    1. Well, we were warned about it.

      Another privatisation that has cost us a fortune.

      And apparently he intends to sell off everything else this year except for the royals and the BBC.. He will reduce the deficit no matter what it costs.

      Even Mrs Thatcher or Tony Blair wouldn't have done this.

      The country will be left with nothing except nuclear bombs and a crown.

    2. PS Thanks. I HATE being sick.

    3. Tris

      It really is crazy that we put up with this crap. Germany, France and Holland all have state owned railways, electricity and gas etc etc and what do we have, the dutch own our railways and will put the profit back into their social services. Countries in Europe must love the stupidity of the British, no wonder they don't want the UK to leave there are still public assets for them to buy then spend the profit on their own people. What a joke.


    4. I'm reading a book at the moment called "Thatcher and Sons" It's about her, her "revolutions" and the way that major, Blair and Brown carried them on, going further than she ever would.

      The there is this lot. I don't know what's left to sell, but they are selling it.

      Needless to say, the only people who ever benefit from this are the Tories friends and foreign governments.

      They are a set of loonies.

  11. If I remember, the argument for privatisation was more efficient services and lower fares for passengers. What has happened is the opposite.

    The problem with politics is an age-old one though. They need to get money from somewhere, and member's fees don't come close to covering the cost of campaigns. And that means having to cosy up to business. Normal citizens don't count and never will do.

    What is worrying is the Tory moves to destabilise the unions. I have never been a union member and it's highly unlikely I ever will be. But the Tories are most definitely trying to destroy the unions with changes to union law and the removal of union fees directly from wages at companies. Reminds me of when Hitler granted the unions a bank holiday in the 1930s, then promptly banned all trade unions.

    I think this is going to backfire badly. The public sector is already getting hammered, and anytime there is the whiff of a strike, Cameron and his cronies come out with the "inconvenience to hard working families" crap. Perhaps they should look at the reasons WHY some unions do consider strike action - unions that rarely strike, not the bloody London tube drivers.

    Hope you're feeling better btw.

    1. Yes agreed.

      Unions have their faults of course, but as an elderly person pointed out on Twitter, he remembers 5 days at 8-6 and Saturday mornings 8-1, with only 2 weeks holiday and not even Christmas day off.

      Labour incidentally didn't restore one single power removed from the unions by Mrs Thatcher!

      I have the impression that the nationalised industries weren't incredibly efficient, but surely it shouldn't have been beyond the wit of government of the world's greatest ever empire, to ensure that they WERE efficient. After all, they tell us we have the best armed forces in the world, and they are a nationalised industry. If you can do that, you can surely run the electricity boards efficiently!

      Instead, as you say we fork out billions in subsidies to crap railways, and various others with toothless watchdogs.

      I wonder what would happen if MPs suddenly found themselves not getting a pay rise and having their rights reduced. The last time pay restraint was imposed on them by Thatcher, they took it as a signal that they could start stealing from the taxpayer, making up expenses.

      Thanks for your kind wishes... I am feeling a lot better and, for the first time this summer, the sun in shining! Yay!

  12. I thought I'd wait and see if any of the earlier commentators caught your virus from the internet but as none appear to have done so a big sigh of relief here. I use the antibiotic AVG which has never let me down yet (mutters three hail marys') and saves those time wasting trips to the Docs surgery.

    Glad your on the mend sadly not for the wildlife up here which appears to be in severe decline.

    1. I'm glad you didn't catch anything CH. Munguin's been going around with a mask on and spraying the air with Dettol!

      Maybe you'd like to tell us more about the wildlife in the frozen north... what's this about, the bad summer?

  13. " This is very amusing web site, with a deadly purpose"

    Well, I think it is.

    More power to your elbow!

  14. I hope you are feeling better. The by-election results in Glasgow and Hamilton should be taken as a tonic.

    1. Just read our James's report, Marcia.

      Very nice reading...

      Yes, thanks I'm feeling a lot better and the sunshine and all the cheery messages from Munguin readers is helping too.

      Thanks :)

    2. Only problem was the turnout. An average of 15%.

      All the parties should be finding out why people have lost interest in local elections. It's obviously a good result for the SNP, although I think they were SNP seats anyway.

      Perhaps the local councillors are like the ones on my area - bloody useless (bar 2 individuals, 1 SNP and 1 Labour).

      Oh well it's the weekend. Let's hope I don't fall off my ladder.......

    3. I'm afraid no one ever gets much moved over by-elections at council level, but these turnouts were awful...specially in a newly invigorated Scotland.

      Well, we all hope you won't fall off your ladder Anon.