Wednesday 26 August 2015



So, Andy Burnham brought his tour to our capital city today. As you can see
they didn't expect a huge crowd, so they only set out enough seats for about 50 people. In the end, it looks like around 100 people turned out to see him.

He was introduced by Old George Foulkes who apparently announced him as Jeremy. 

Bless him, even away from the subsidised whisky of the House of Aristocratic Noblemen, George can be a befuddled old buffer. It wouldn't have been so bad, but about 10 minutes into the do, he called him Jeremy again. You can't help thinking that he was at the wrong gig! 

The real Jeremy had in fact been in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and he managed to draw a few people along too.

Burnham has a good sense of humour though, so he just laughed at old George... Well, it's what most other people do! 

After all Andy's getting rather forgetful himself. 

Wasn't it only a few weeks ago that he was telling us that he was proud of the Labour manifesto he was standing on at the UK's General Election? It was, he said then, the best he had ever stood on, and he paid tribute to Ed Miliband. 

Today though, he said that he thought that that manifesto didn't give you the belief that there was something worth campaigning for. (He was right today.)

And even more recently didn't he say that he was too loyal to Labour to vote against the Tory Welfare Bill in defiance of the whip ... and therefore be obliged to resign from shadow cabinet. 

Yet, today he stated that he would resign from the shadow cabinet if Jeremy Corbyn promised to take the UK out of Nato.

Ah fickle old loyalty. What can you say?

Fortunately he's certainly loyal, not to mention humble and obedient, to the Saxe Coburgs though. So at least that's something.

I just wonder how he's going to explain to people on tax credits that loyalty to Labour was more important than their welfare, but less important than bagging a seat at the top table when the big guys meet with the boss in the White House.


  1. I switched on GMS after 8.00am as that is the usual time for yet another standard Labour slot and to be fair Gary did push him a bit but party before everything else just emphasises what is wrong about the Labour party.

    1. They keep saying that Corbyn will mean oblivion for them... but I can't see Burnham leading them to victory... no for that matter Cooper and the other one is just Blair in a skirt.

      They need someone with new ideas, someone dynamic.

      He'd put you to sleep!

  2. tris

    Its not the amount of supporters that matter its the quality....

    Oblivion if you fight for what you believe in ? alternatively you can
    survive and maybe prosper ???? fighting for what not only do you not
    believe in but also leads to live a life you loath.

    Politics not as I would like know It............

    1. Ah... some votes are more heavily weighed because they come from people of quality?

  3. Foulkes, is a damned disgrace.