Monday 17 August 2015


It could be funny, if it were not true.
It's a thought...
Yep, we moved out of the 19th century some time ago
So, remind me, where is the difference?
Remember that we are a Christian country.
We know this because Cameron and the Queen have told us so.
It's small wonder there is racial hatred, isn;t it?
That's radical, right-wing, billionaire sociopaths!
We don't want 200,000 new members unless they
agree do what Mr Blair tells them.
Caring and loving Kendall?
Disabled people are ordinary people you witless muppet!
Sorry. Mr Miliband was just out of shot there.
But we did manage to get this miserable tight wad git.
The deal seems to be that  for these cretins that
if you can't see poor people and their misery, then they
don't exist. The podgy one with the boozer's red face musta
have been absent the day they did that part of the  course.
Always a good choice to pick a good mate you've given a K
to investigate whether you are a murdering bastard or not.
What was it this oddball said about narrow nationalism? 
You and Brown and a whole pile of other shamed and disgraced self servers.
For that reason, if no other, I hope Corbyn sweeps the board.
The Hague is beautiful in the autumn.


  1. Absolutely right.

    That is the modern world, a fucked up, screwed up playground for areseholes.

    I may, or may not, have had a bottle of wine.

    Still doesn't make it right though, does it?

  2. I quite like areseholes, but it is probably a bit, err, ungrammatical.

    1. Too much information, or is it wine?

    2. Ha ha ... 'In vino veritas' as they say in Latinland!

  3. The second picture/cartoon is so true.
    I really hope Blair gets his day, in court.

    1. The joy that so many people would get just from seeing Blair head off to spend the rest of his miserable life in a cell in the Hague, is just about indescribable.

      Of course Chilcott will find that he is totally guiltless and that lessons have been learned. No one will have made any real mistakes, although they would all have done things differently with the benefit of hindsight.

      It's the kind of thing that used to work so well, and to an extent still does.

      If Blair really is a Christian, which I doubt, I reckon what has aged him 60 years in 20 years is the sure and certain knowledge that he will burn in hell.

  4. Tris

    Britain the mother of all democracies. We are a joke of a country because of an elite few, makes me sick to be honest. We subsidise the wealthiest and starve the poor, we fawn over the wee Windsor children and walk past other children begging for food, we underfund our schools while providing charitable status and tax breaks to the elite private schools of rich parents. The list goes on. I just can't find any humour anywhere these days, sorry for being a miserable git.


    1. That's a pretty accurate summation.

      Did you see that Prince George got an £80,000 Wendy House for his birthday?

      Given that the Saxe Coburgs have dozens of houses already, and at a time when people are homeless, and being evicted because their benefits were stopped for being 5 minutes late (when they depend on public transport/walking) I think that that is obscene.

      If you are a miserable git, so am I!

    2. Start again: Did not see that Wee George got a £80K Wendy House, around here that is more than you would pay for a Two Bedroom terraced ex Council house, and probably as our old first bought house is on the market at £70K presently, one bedroom central heated (we put it in) quarter villa, which we bought in 1981 at £14.50K, gosh that brought back memories.
      Thanks to the Broon Man, no not the Husband, Gordon, the young have a hard time getting their feet on the housing ladder with all the buy to lets, most of the affordable housing built in the past few years, well they are in the hands of the private landlords.
      I have to say I agree with every word said here and that indeed includes Bruce who apart from Political Parties we tend to have similar views.

    3. Opps... I just found the story for you and it's only £18,000 not £80. I must have misheard!

      Still £18,000 for one person who is 2, from one person who isn't even related, is quite excessive.

      It would feed a family for a few years!

      Still much more important that he has this place to play when he goes to one of his granddad's many homes.

  5. I did mean to add that there is very little chance that Blair will ever be brought to trial as a member of the organisation, no not the Orange Order, the secretive Freemasons, he and most of the Government, the Aristocracy, the legal profession, why on earth do people think it exists. That and of course the Bilderberg Group, it will take a revolution to get that man into the Hague.

    1. No. Of course he won;t go to the Hague.

      Like most of the top people who have been involved in sexual abuse will never face any kind of retribution.

      I wonder how long the public will tolerate this?

    2. Only God if you believe in him/her knows we certainly have yet to see the Great British Public do anything at all. Seems we are a bit spineless, or at least some are.

  6. If anyone needs a good laugh, read the article and comments btl from McTernan in todays Guardian. Gave me a giggle on a wet and miserable Tuesday.

    1. Got a link Jurie. I can't find it...

  7. I'm on my phone Tris, and don't know how to do links from it.
    It's on todays 'Opinions' section.
    The man is completely barking.

    1. Thanks Jutie...


    3. That's it, cheers.
      With his record, i hope he is on a permanent contract with Slab!

    4. Weird man.

      Mind I thought that Labour were trying to tell us that people didn't vote SNP for independence, but apparently they did.

      You can guarantee that mcT would be looking for a way to stop people getting what they actually vote for.

      If I were Kez, I'd see if I could fix him up with a job in Mali or Antarctica. She needs him and his advice like she needs a dose of the flu.

    5. A comment btl had an old tweet of his.
      He was calling for her to resign at the same time as Murphy. He seems to have changed his mind!

    6. Liked this one:

      PeterGriffin's comments on the piece by MrT.

      "great Labour figures such as Wendy Alexander and Jim Murphy"

      Oh comedy gold!

      "First, the party. Dugdale’s mandate was overwhelming – 72% of the vote."

      Just over 5k votes. That’s what Labour in Scotland are reduced to. 5k people voting for someone that was on the team that saw them reduced to nothing and Westminster, and will see them further reduced next year.

      "The hard left, backed by Unite, succeeded in tearing down Jim Murphy"

      Hey John, you know what brought down Murphy? He did and people like you and Blair McDougall advising him to pitch at ‘Glasgow man’ or the endless wee stunts you pulled. Also, people really, really didn’t like Murphy.

      "Kez will need total control over the party machine to crush any attempt to destabilise her."

      Bloody hell, you’re a bit more of a nutter than we all thought you were. Is any attempt at democracy or discussion in Labour to be ‘crushed’?

      "The selection process for next year’s Scottish parliament elections have [sic] been reopened and her priority has to be to ensure that every single MSP elected next year is of the first rank."

      Is Dugdale going to run as a constituency or list MSP? It’s an important question and one she’s not answered.

      "she wants to see more powers given to the Scottish parliament"

      Nah, not really. She’s only begrudgingly accepting there needs to be more powers after campaigning against them a year ago in a desperate attempt to pick up votes. Seeing as her party helped strip Smith of the more useful powers it’s a bit rich that a creature like McTernan is bigging Dugdale up as some champion of local people in Scotland when she isn’t.

      "The Department for Work and Pensions’ Work Programme, for instance, should be run by Scotland’s cities – they are best placed to know their own labour markets."

      Here’s a thing John. Labour shouldn’t be fighting for control of the Work Programme, it should be f****** fighting tooth and nail to get it abolished. ****’s sake man, you really have just rolled over and capitulated so much to the Tories that you’re wanting control of something horribly wrong.

      "Only a handful of working-class Scottish children get grades good enough to go to elite universities."

      Yeah, we should charge them £6 grand like your party did. Right now they go for free, but there’s people in Scotland still paying for your party’s decision to impose fees.

      "The British Election Study showed that Scots who voted for the SNP in May did so because they support independence, not because they oppose austerity."

      So this is a failed Labour ‘beast’ advising on how to win elections by telling Dugdale a lie as to why people voted SNP?

      You couldn’t make this clown up if you tried.

      "So, making the economic case against independence is critical and Dugdale is good at it."

      Every single week at FMQ’s Dugdale is torn apart by Sturgeon and laughed at by Tories. Every week she makes a cringeworthy gaff. Every month she pulls the ‘I’m too young to remember….’ Line to excuse something stupid she’s said.

      If Dugdale just carries on though pumping out ‘SNP Bad’ that 62% of people saying they’ll vote SNP next year is going to increase. Not so much because there’s a sudden increase in people wanting independence, but because Labour fail to address one thing that went wrong for them, not to mention the public mood which is tired of their relentless negative whining. What are they going to do? I’ve no idea, nobody does. Not even Dugdale.

      All brilliant comments... I'd have added that we should be trying to make all our universities of the same quality. We shouldn't be aspiring to send our kids to "elite" universities.

    7. I told you it was a cracker! 😂

    8. Yep, you did!

    9. Burnham, Cooper and Kendal are all Oxbridge graduates. Elite doesn't seem to have the cachet it once had.

    10. I see Corbyn went to North London Polytechnic....

      Not quite one of them is he?

  8. It is very annoying when you buy 2 plants from B&Q on Saturday, and find them reduced to half price on the Tuesday.
    'No' supporting bastards. :-)

    1. Juteman I only buy reduced price plants from them, and you have to nurse them along, Unfortunately some work some don't, the dug had the oregano.

    2. I bought two hibiscus plants for a sunny, sheltered corner. Hopefully we get enough sun next summer to see some flowers. £10 each, now £5 each. :-(

    3. They are a very irritating company. I swear I have only once managed to get through the check out at Kingsway West without them having to call for a supervisor, because the price was wrong or there was no price.

      I avoid them as much as possible.

      But like you Helena, I sometimes buy reduced plants and treat them to a bit of TLC.

      I've never managed to get a flower on a hibiscus, Jutie. Maybe if you have a very sheltered corner and we get some sun next year. They are a joy when they do flower.

    4. I like a challenge!
      Photo of the flowers on here next year, or £20 goes to the charity of your choice. :-)

    5. Maybe not for flowers, but use Screwfix for DIY stuff. Save a fortune, and they are owned by the same company! (no, I don't work for them!)

    6. I don;t think we have one of them in Dundee, Anon.

  9. That last one with Blair and Crobyn struck a chord. Perhaps it really is why Blair does not want Corbyn as leader. It's bugger all to do with the Labour Party, but rather self-preservation.

    It's quite funny and sad looking at the Labour leadership election. Cooper is telling Burnham to stand down! Burnham was talking total bollocks this morning on Radio 4, Cooper the same yesterday.

    And isn't it ironic that the "Scottish" Labour leadership election was fairly low key and carried out without the party ripping itself apart. Perhaps Westminster Labour should pay attention. I hope Corbyn wins, if only to blow the Blairite agenda out of the water.

    1. I guess so.

      Much of the public believes that Blair and much of his cabinet are war criminals, in that they fabricated evidence to go to war, and ignored the clear intention of the United Nations. In doing so they killed hundreds of thousands of totally innocent people, not to mention leaving Iraq in a terrible state, far far worse than it was prior to their adventure, bringing about the Caliphate, creating terrorists and destroying people's lives.

      That means nothing, except of course to many of us these people are the scum of the earth.

      But if the prime minister, which he could be one day, believes that you are a war criminal, he can do something about it. I suspect Ba;ir and the rest of the warmongers may be terrified for their futures.

      What a shame it would be having made all that lovely dosh out of it and then have to spend the rest of your life in a cell in the Netherlands.

      Cooper is as weak as dish water. She'd make an horrific PM. Kendall is just a female Blair without the undoubted brain that Blair had/has.

      Not sure what to make of Burnham except that I don;t like or trust him.

      I think the Scottish leadership was low key because:

      a) It's the 7th such contest in 14 years (the second one within 12 months) and they are all bored with it.


      b) It was a foregone conclusion that she would win.


      c) Who cares. It's not important. Policy will be made by whoever wins in England.