Wednesday 12 August 2015


Well - an e-mail from Labour says my application has been rejected as I 'don't support their values'. Maybe I was meant to invade Iraq.


  1. You've got to love Mark Steel, a man who never misses the target, and funny too.

    1. I do Jim. He's hilarious.

      He wrote a piece for the Independent on this...with customary humour.

  2. So ... in order to be able to vote in this leadership *ahem* election you must support THEIR values where THEIR values are the values of the THREE RED Tory candidates! I wonder whatever happened to the ancient and quaint idea of there being a DEMOCRACY in action here?

    1. Well, more I wonder what happened to pretending that they were a democracy.

      I mean they seem to have dropped any pretence now . Either you vote for what we want of we will refuse to work with him; we will immediately depose him and have another election until you vote for the person the MPs want to have as their boss.

      And they are saying it out loud!!! For everyone to hear!!!



    2. Democracy or people rule as ever the dispute is about
      who are the people clearly the present Labour leaders are not
      willing to relinquish their hold on power.And consequently are attempting
      to choose who are the people...........

      which in their eyes must be only the ones who vote for them..

    3. But have they forgotten that they are supposed to do that kind of thing in back rooms. I means saying "who cares about the grassroots, is pretty bloody stupid, even by McT's standards

  3. Who decides Labour 'values' if it is not the membership?

    1. Tony Blair!

      I see that they are wanting Gordon Brown to speak out. They seem to feel he has influence that Blair doesn't. I'm not sure why. Maybe because he doesn't sell his services to the highest bidding mass murderer.

      Anyway, they seem to forget that Brown's biggest influence used to be in Scotland. I don't think they ever really liked him much in the UK. But he flushed that away to a large extent when he promised the whole Earth before the referendum, and delivered instead the St Kilda!

    2. Brownlie

      silly billy you...................

  4. Tris

    I know we have had many discussions about the Labour Party but they just slip further and further into farse every day. I was reading an article yesterday that if Corbyn wins then the MPs will stage a coup against him. Now I suspect if they did something as stupid as that many would either lose their seats as the voters took revenge or the party would split, it might split anyway, but how stupid can this party get.

    Now the three tories in the contest are moaning that it is unfair, they have finally noticed that no one likes them, no one takes them seriously, a lot of people in the party might actually still be real Labour suopporters and it looks like they can't win , spelling the end of the their careers as far as that goes. Now I find it all very funny, being a Liberal I need something to smile about, but its also a very sad indictment of the state of our politics at a UK level. The Scottish branch are no better, one tory standing for election and one who has no idea what he stands for lol.

    I suppose I shouldn't criticise too much, the Liberals are doing even worse in the polls for next year and you would have thought the party could not really fall much lower but there you go. I'm not a fan of Willie Rennie but who else is there.

    Was hearing from a couple of SNP supporters that all is not well building up to the conference. Rumblings were always going to start with so many new members and many from Labour. The SNP is a centre party, slightly to the left but a cautious centre party, I think some are getting frustrated by what I am hearing and the all female lists in the local bye elections did not go down well if that is what happened but I suspect it did. Interesting times.


    1. They seem to have lost the plot completely, Bruce.

      We don't care who you vote for; we'll have who we want, because you thousands of people out there don't matter. It's only US that counts.

      As for the two Scottish ones... I seriously don';t think anyone cares. I notice that Kezia, having had the nerve to come out and say her piece on Corbyn, has retracted it all and praised him. Clearly she doesn't want to lose her job if he wins.

      As for Willie Rennie and who else there is. My granny's cat is kinda unemployed at the moment. Frankly I think he would be better than Rennie.

      The SNP are bound to have a hard time at conference. When you have 90,000 new members they have every right to demand that their views be heard. They have had an amazing year from the quintupling of their membership to winning the general election, and pretty universally agreed success in Westminster.

      Conference time is bound to throw up its problems and it will be interesting to see how the party deals with them. I don't really see anyone who is involved these days, so I've no idea what they are expecting.

      I personally find all-women shortlists absolutely intolerable, as I would find any other restriction. To be honest, I doubt if I could vote for someone who was there because they were of a particular gender, or ethnicity, or sexuality...

      I remember hearing of a time when under in influence of Harriet Harman, Labour put up a all woman shortlist and at the election an "Independent Labour" man stood and took the seat from them. That's what can happen.

      The big question I would think, is whether to go for another referendum or not.

      It will be interesting to see how they come out of it.

  5. tris and the others poking their noses in the labour partys private matters

    thought this comment wuz spot on

    It’s fascinating to see errors repeat themselves unconsciously. The Blairites say to the party, you may not agree with the voters, but you have to respect them. Try and understand where they are, and use that as your starting point, otherwise you are merely indulging an anger spasm, rather than seriously attempting to win votes. Yet the Blairites say to the voters in this leadership election: you are idiots. Idiots! Now, vote for Liz Kendall.

    1. Nothing as hypocritical as the average politician... and let's face it "average is praising them.

  6. Principles? Snort!

  7. "poking their noses in the labour partys private matters"

    Wait , what ????

    Is the labour party some kind of members only club where mere mortals are not entitled to an opinion?
    Who come out every now and then and deign to let the great unwashed vote for them, then retreat to the safety of their inner sanctum, and proceed to ignore the very people who put them where they are ?

    Actually , now that I think about that...

    1. No no no, Anon.

      He was joking!