Sunday 17 June 2012


The Mail on Sunday proclaims from its front page today that the Queen has involved herself in the politics of the referendum on the future of Scotland.

The piece written by Katie Nicholl (anyone heard of her?) declares that the Queen is attempting to establish the monarchy's ties with Scotland ahead of the referendum, and has done so by making Prince William a member of The Order of the Thistle, the second highest order in the United Kingdom, coming, as you would expect, under its English equivalent, The Order of the Garter, of which this 30 year old is also a member.

Of course the Mail is havering, as the Mail is inclined to do. After 60 years of keeping her royal beak out of the sordid business of party politics, the Queen is unlikely to be stupid enough to break that habit now over something which won't actually affect her at all.

There are no plans at present, or likely to be in the future, to make Scotland a republic. None of the parties stands for republicanism, except perhaps the Scottish Socialists, but with no members of parliament, even after an election with showed such disillusionment with Labour, the the royals need have no fear from them. True, there are republicans in Labour and the SNP, possibly even the Liberals, but they are few and far between. So come what may Elizabeth will almost certainly keep her Scottish crown.

In any case I seriously wonder if handing out a gong to her grandson and letting him join the ranks of the extremely privileged in the limited membership of the  Order of the Thistle will sway any Scots that are toying with the idea of independence.

I somehow can't image anyone saying... "Well I was thinking of voting for an independent Scotland but now Prince William of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, is a member of the Thistle, I think I'll just vote to stay  British and for our order of chivalry to remain subservient to the English one".

Ms Nicholl may want to apologise to the Queen for attributing her with such a lack of political nous. It's the kind of scheme that a parvenu like Cameron would come up with, while searching for a mislaid child down the pub. Not the idea a woman with 60 years' experience in the job would even consider.

PS: It seems that William will receive £10 million as a 30th birthday present from his mother's will. Oh, how the other half live.



  1. tris

    Err! 'Independence' there i said it and i don't give a fig............
    Of course you being under the snps thumb have to say........

    'Independent Scotland'

    under pain of expulsion from the nat nest

    Alex Salmond what a load of bollo'ks t

    The 'Independence' dream fades further away Oops i said it again

  2. He can't separate fact from fiction tris a Labour party signing on necessity going by the latest MSPs rants.

    I thought that the richest benefit claimants were to set an example of aspiration for those born without a silver ladle in the moo.

    Apparently upgrading Trident is good for 300 jobs costing over a billion!

  3. I see that old Big Ears, as we affectionately like to refer to Prince Charles here, has been given a whole pile more baubles from Brenda to celebrate her birthday, adding to his already huge collection! He is now a field marshal of the British Army, admiral of the fleet and marshal of the RAF; all for his support of mummy in her role as commander in chief! Nice work if you can get it, and he can get it even if he doesn’t try. Most people would expect their kids to support them in whatever role without having to be bribed with a whole new wardrobe of fancy uniforms.

  4. Damn Munguin. I wanted one of these jobs.

    You know if Chic gave up just half of these jobs he has, we could give them to unemployed people and solve all IDS's problems.

  5. Aye CH. If you gave me a billion pounds I suspect I could create more than 300 jobs. The £1b is, of course, only the start. There is about another 69 billion to follow...

    All for 300 jobs. Job creation London style!