Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I think David Cameron made another mistake tonight by telling Sayeeda Warsi that she can keep her job and seat in the Cabinet, despite her having been found guilty of breaking the ministerial code. He gave as the reason for this decision the fact that she had not benefited personally from an official  trip she made to Pakistan accompanied by her business partner and friend, and neither had he.

So this sends a message to people that it is OK to break the law as long as you don't benefit personally. If I break into a house but don't steal anything, does that mean that the courts won't punish me?

I presume Cameron means benefited financially (because that's as far as his mind is likely to go, but if she, and/or Mr Hussain, did not benefit in any way at all, then why did she take him? And why did she not inform her officials that she was taking him? She obviously intended to deceive. Why?

It was reported that Mrs Warsi's office was stretched when it came to making arrangements for foreign travel. This might be because Mrs Warsi is joint chairman of the Conservative party with special responsibility for communications with the grass root membership, a task which should, I would have thought, kept her  firmly in the United Kingdom... mainly in England, where there is or are some grass roots. Just how many of the Conservative Party's grass roots live in Pakistan?

Mrs Warsi also faces a further inquiry, apparently this time by the House of Lords (not the police) for claiming for overnight expenses from the public purse, when in fact none had been incurred, as she had stayed at the home of a supporter who charged her nothing.

It's a mistake on Cameron's part because once again he has demonstrated that if you are an ordinary student, and you take a bottle of water from a shop that has been looted, you can expect 6 months in prison, but if you sit in the House of Lords, for no particular reason, and you knowingly break the ministerial code, you can carry on as if nothing has happened.

House of Lords' enquires are convoluted and designed to keep the police (who are employed to menace  unimportant little criminals, and protect the aristocrats in their Lordships' House) at bay. I'd be surprised if they find her guilty of anything. 

There is a list as long as your arm, of Lords and Ladies, who fiddled like Nero, and about whom we have heard no more.

They are all in one thing together... and we are all in something entirely different.


  1. There's only one thing that springs to mind when I read articles like this Tris.

    I think George Orwell hit the nail on the head with his little ditty 1984!

    The piece that springs to mind is the list of rules put up by the pigs, in particular this one!

    "Every one is equal"

    This was later amended to:


  2. Yes Arbroath, Orwell was a bit of a visionary. Animal Farm describes pretty much how we live. Having gone through the flushing out of Farmer Jones in the period after WWII, we have Napoleon Camergoof putting things back to the nice cosy way that they used to be for the super rich.

    And 1984 is certainly coming true with cameras everywhere and telephone and email listening. I wonder when they are going to start opening our mail.

  3. I always find it interesting that when we read 1984 at school we were all of the impression that the book was written as a spoof story about Communism.

    Now call me cynical, YOUR CYNICAL!, but I think 1984 could have been written yesterday about the Con Dems coalition. Nobody would notice any difference!

    Oh don't worry about your mail, they'll be getting round to that. I read the other day about the "snoopers charter" that Teresa May wants to introduce to allow access to ALL our phone conversations, e-mails,websites we visit etc. I also read that they, the Con Dems, want ALL mail/parcel carriers to detail ALL information about senders and recipients of mail and parcels!

    Jeez whatever next? details of where and when we go the bloody loo!

  4. It's scary, Arbroath.

    If the London government is listening here, I'm wearing green socks and white boxers with a green waist band.

  5. Funny how of this stuff gets a REAL airing by the BBC or the politicians North or South of the border!

  6. The BBC is the Establishment Arbroath. Oh yeah, it's lefty by its very nature and it has certainly favoured the Labour Party, but it is always, above all, establishment... because one word from the government and it could be sold off... or the licence fee frozen for 40 years.