Tuesday 5 June 2012


Probably everyone knows about this by now, as it was released by the Guardian last night, and, quite rightly, many bloggers have written about it.

Close Protection UK was paid £1.5 million by the Home office, DWP and DCLS, to provide stewarding services for the boat thing on the Thames with the Queen and royal family, which was staged on Sunday. Instead they used unpaid labour.

Worse still the unpaid labour wasn't informed that they were not to be paid until they were being coached in from outside London; they were left to sleep on concrete under London bridge in the wet and the cold; there were no toilet facilities and they had to get dressed in their uniforms with no privacy at all.

I wonder if Mr Cameron and his rotten DWP ministers Duncan-Smith and Grayling are proud of the fact that they are paying out £1.5 million to a company which uses slave labour instead of using taxes to actually pay its staff.

The firm  has issued "sincere apologies" for what it called the "London Bridge incident", but insisted that it had not been exploiting individuals, but providing work experience.

Aye, Close Protection... tell that to William Wilberforce.

Although I'm a republican and consider the amount of money spent on this jubilee to be excessive, and I wish it hadn't been rammed down my throat so much, I am perfectly happy that people who like that kind of thing, have enjoyed a little break from work, and a bit of humbleness before their betters. Quite genuinely I am saddened that it has been spoiled in this way typically by a government which seems to think that everything has to be farmed out to chiselling, cheating, lying scum bags, namely their friends, so that they can make money out of providing a second rate service. 

Slavery goes a tad too far though, even for Cameron's despicable crew.


  1. We ain't seen nothing yet Tris. I suspect the Olympics will have many more on 'work experience'.

  2. "It's the economy stupid!" why pay for workers when it can be disguised as work experience, it will be the armed services next.

  3. Wouldn't it be terrible SR, if people on work experience decided that getting a bit mixed up would be a good way of taking revenge on their "employers". Subtly done, it could pay these greedy pigs back.

    I've no objection to work experience; I've even arranged placements myself, and have had people grateful for them. But I've never left kids under a bridge in the rain miles from home in the middle of the night with nowhere to go to the toilet, and with a 14 hour shift in front of them. And everyone has had a clearly laid out training programme agreed and signed by the trainee, the employer and me.

    What I hate more than anything is that Close Protection have still taken all the money....our money. I hope they go bankrupt!

  4. Yes CH, as we can't possibly afford National Service, IDS will come up with the idea that a training programme to be carried out in Afghanistan will fit people for work in the future...

    All unemployed will be obliged to be there for three months. Unfortunately there will not be any equipment or kit for them.

    Pile of scum of a government. I hope the Queen finds out about this little scam and canes her fag, Cameron severely, for bringing her jubilee into disrepute, which he has.

  5. Britons never will be slaves...... Aye right!

    This was obviously written BEFORE messers Cameron and co. got hold of the keys to number 10! What part of "SLAVERY IS DEAD" don't these incompetent numpties not get?

    Oh and Cameron we is Scotland are not slaves in any case as we ARE sovereign in Scotland, so you and your numpty pals can go stick that idea where the sun don't shine as well!

  6. Hey Arbroath. Nice to see you here.

    I remember a friend of mine saying, when the Tories were on (as usual) about lowering wages... this time under 21s... that clearly they thought that the lower the pay, the better it was for the economy. The logical conclusion of all that was that if people would work for nothing then the economy would be booming.

    We laughed about the obvious flaw in this scenario. Maybe somewhat prematurely!

    The Conservatives obviously don't see the working classes as human beings. They don't seem to realise that the lower the pay the less interested people are in doing a good job. How else could they see high remuneration as a motivating factor for their people, but not for workers?

    As I said to Subrosa, above, it would seem logical, when one is being forced into slavery, to make sure that the quality of your work is in direct proportion to the quality of your remuneration...

    Certainly, in these circumstances I would have gone out of my way to do a bad job.

    If ever I can do Iain Duncan-Smith or that Grayling, a disservice, I will not be found wanting.

  7. tris

    'Close Protection UK was paid £1.5 million by the Home office, DWP and DCLS,'

    NO! NO! NO!

    WE! WE! WE!
    The hard pressed taxpayer paid both for the unemployed benefits and Close Protection UK.
    they were shamefully exploited and we were shamefully ripped off.
    Meanwhile Cameron gave a nice bung to one of his supporters.

    anyways Cameron through his mouthpiece said 'It was a one off' no doubt when it happens again he will say 'it was a two off'

    Got to laugh at Cameron is going to give Angela Merkel a ticking off.........just who has the strongest economy?????

    And he says that because Obama has said it first little weedy Cameron hides behind big USA.
    One thing is for sure Cameron doesn't make it as a 'Statesman' not by a good country mile.

    You know as time passes one has to reflect that compared to other Prime ministers he is of the second division. He(because he is so useless) makes Major look a towering political figure.

    the truth is once a primeminster loses his authority they never regain it...........and Cameron has lost whatever little he may of possessed even his voice seems more squeaky these days

  8. True Niko. I should have said that these three useless, badly-organised, catastrophically-run departments handed out our money to this set of dubious characters so that they could organise slave labour for her majesty's regatta.

    It's not their money of course, I know that.

    Merkel must be shivering in her shoes at the thought of the leaning tower of Chipping Norton giving her a lecture. I'm sure she'll have to reminded who he is... 'you know, Frau Merkel, the snotty nosed toff from England who havers a load of crap!'....

    I agree too that when a prime minister loses authority he can never get it back. He has chosen to save that snivelling little rat Hunt, because he went to Charterhouse, don't ye know, and the chap was up at Oxford with him getting the best degree money can buy. On the other hand the Northerner with the accent you could cut with a knife and a voice like a badly tuned foghorn, is left to be devoured by the wolves baying for Tory blood. (She's not really one of them.) And she's a female of the opposite sex.

    Cameron has lost credibility. He's a prat and a useless one at that. Everyopne knows it. Even the Tories don't like him. But he's cunning and he still has power. He can still do things. So watch him.

    I see that his little friend, Osborne, instead of going to the IMF, wants us, the public, to bail out Britain!

    I wouldn't trust Osborne with the change from a fiver of an article that cost £4.99. He'll not get a penny from me.

  9. http://politicalscrapbook.net/2012/06/close-protection-uk-molly-prince-companies-struck-off/#comment-196991

    Update.... read this guys. Who chose this crook company to work at the jubilee and the Olympics?

    Who is getting handouts? Is there a connection with a Tory female lord?

    Is there anyone in the government or Olympics or Jubilee who is not either bent or stupid?