Friday 8 June 2012


Don't you just love it when one of them, in an effort to pull the rug from under the feet of the Scottish nationalists, shows their contempt for Scotland and its people.

The most recent example is that fool Hammond (who bears a startling resemblance to Chris Langham the actor who played the part of the incompetent moron of a minister in "In the Thick of it"), who has said that we are fooling ourselves to think we could have a Scottish Defence Force. Nobody, he says, would want to join it.
Ah right. Not only are we too wee, too poor and too thick to run anything on our own, it would appear that we are so lacking in pride that no one in Scotland would want to join the Scottish Armed Forces.

Brilliant Philip. Absolutely brilliant. Keep it up.

In the meantime, didn't I read that the British Army is being reduced to a rump now, because you can't afford to run it. That may be something to do with the fact that the MoD, managed by you, spends money on failed contracts faster than Imelda Marcos used to buy shoes! In future you will be obliged to rely on foreigners and contractors (aren't they called mercenaries?), and with all your back office worked provided by private companies (which is fine until Santander buys them over and you go to war with Spain over Gibraltar). 

Well done. All that puts you in an excellent position to lecture others.


Pics: Philip Hammond, Chris Langham...see what I mean about the resemblance.


  1. You'll get a steady drip of these inanities right the way through to voting day, Tris.

    This might sound strange to many Scots but I'm an Englishman and I can't stand the British.

    The British to me are a peculiar group of people who believe they deserve the respect of every man, woman and child they rule over.

    Throughout the entire period of their 300+ year existence they have never earned our respect - and I site the Enclosure Act as one early example of their visceral hatred of the people they called British subjects.

    Scum, you're best rid, as are the English, Welsh and Irish.


  2. I pretty much agree with that Steve, as I always do with your comments.

    I lived in England for a while. I went to school there for a bit and have many many English mates. Parts of your country are so incredibly beautiful, it takes your breath away.

    Although I've never lived in Wales, I visited on many occasions and loved it. I volunteered on the Blaenau Ffestiniog railway for a while.

    I've never been to NI, but I've got loads of Irish mates, from North and South of the border... brilliant guys.

    What it is that happens to these people when they get the "British" tag, heaven only knows.

    Bossy, self satisfied, superior... whatever. We're frequently told that it is the most successful combination of nations in the world, none... from time immemorial.

    I think it's an embarrassment with its nasty colonial history and its modern day reputation (richly deserved) as poodle to the USA.

    Yep. I know we'll get a pile of insults from butt wipes like Hammond over the next couple of years, and I say "bring them on". Malcolm Rifkind has told of how he used to shudder when he was Scottish Secretary and |Maggie Thatcher used to descend to give us the benefit of her wisdom. As he said, the Scots hated her because she was a bossy woman, and worse still a bossy Englishwoman. Alex Salmond, on the other hand knew when she set foot in our country the popularity of the SNP shot through the roof.

    This generation of Tories might do well to remember this. Maybe they do and that is why they chose that widely popular Scot, (so popular his name is darling) to lead the campaign against independence.

    He's a know all, but he's Scottish, so at least it makes it difficult for him to say we are too stupid tp run our own affairs.

    Anyway Steve, thanks for your encouragement. I always enjoy reading your posts.

  3. Cheer up according to 'motormouth' Curran Britain will disappear with independence! What do labour use instead of braincells? Stupid question sorry, its BritNat Labour part 1 of election initiation process.

  4. Oh...Is there going to be a hurricane? Will it be blown away?

    Of course it won't disappear. Curran really is a daft old bat.

    Britain will still be there. Her beloved London won't have moved to Ulan Bator. All the countries will still be in the same place and The British Isles will still be called The British Isles, just like they were when the Republic of Ireland had the good sense to bail. Wales doesn't want to go and Ulster will probably stay a bit longer. They'll still have the isle of man and the Channel Island and Scotland will still be up there over the border, only this time it won't have heartless monsters like Hammond in government. Hopefully neither will it have idiots like Curran.

    When you don't have one sensible argument to make, you have to invent stuff.

    It's just that none of them is very good at inventing much except, in some cases, expense accounts... you know, addresses where you stay for free and charge it to the tax payer...allegedly.

    So, let's get it straight:

    Britain will disappear: No it won't

    No one will join a little army like Scotland's: Yes they will.


    .. Bunch of second rate comic singers...

  5. Mr Hammond is clearly a fully paid up subscriber to Mr Cameron’s Strength through U-turns model of government! Old clever-clogs recent idea was to get rid of what’s left of the Scottish battalions by amalgamating them to save money, get rid of their historic names and cap badges, and give them numbers instead. That policy was floated out and went down like a lead balloon so the English government’s well honed back-pedalling machine went into action and they did another U-turn.

    Now Mr Cameron thinks that U-turns show strength and integrity because the government are prepared to listen and admit they got it wrong. He is, for a change, right! But when everything you do has to be U-turned, that’s not strength, that is sheer incompetence. We expect our leaders to know what they are doing and be able to think things through. Not float every idiotic policy out to see how it’s received and then do a U-turn if it gets a bad reception. If they do that then the only thing they end up being any good at are U-turns. Funnily enough our English government are exceptionally good at doing them, regrettably they are not very good at being competent. Then it is much easier for the likes of Cameron and Hammond to redefine the word “strength” to suit their cack-handed method of governance than it is for them to show any actual strength!

  6. Imagine being blown away by Margaret Curran! Are you sure it wasn't Cutie Cathy?

  7. Aye Munguin, perfectly right... although I was wondering how you could do a U-turn whilst back peddling ... Certainly, if anyone knows how it's Lord Snooty and his pals.

  8. Well John. That's just ruined my day. Thanks a million!

  9. I tried asking the delicate Ms Curran what Labour are proposing calling these islands post Scottish independence (after all, she claims it's absurd to think they'll still be called Britain) over on LabourHame but, as expected, my post fell foul of their moderation policy.

  10. Don

    they will be called

    The lesser British isles..


    I like Osborne blame the Euro for everything (NOW) I remember it well when he was pontificating at budget time.......How the one thing to drive the economy of lesser Britain of course would be the dire problems ahead with the euro....obviously lots of people weren't listening to that part and missed it.

    rewriting history the pastimes of failed politicians.

  11. Don: Nice to see you on Munguin's Republic :)

    Actually I wrote a comment on that story, but I never checked to see if it had been published.

    It probably hasn't as it rubbished Maggie's comment. Lord love us, if she really believes all that crap she wrote on Labour 'Hame' she's thicker than I gave her credit for.

  12. Niko:

    Great Britain is an English translation of the French Grande Bretagne. The translation is actually false as it should be BIG Britain (given that it was thus named to distinguish it from Petite Bretagne, which is now Brittany).

    As for the Euro and George Osborne. Yes, of course the fact that the Euro is in trouble affects the UK economy. It affects the USA, Japan, and more importantly China, which seems to be the engine room of the world now.

    However, Osborne, whose grasp on economics would be laughed at by the average Highers student, cannot blame the entire mess on the Euro.

    He should be blaming it on his idiotic policies. To not stimulate an economy that is failing by the spender of last resort (the government) is madness, and to use quantitative easing as a substitute, when he knows that the money is in fact going into banks' vaults to help pay off their debts, is unimaginably stupid.

    If he had actually put that money into the economy, we'd be up and running again regardless of the Euro.

    But we should all remember that all of these things are games that rich people play to make more money for themselves. Unfortunately, rich they may be, but bit by bit they make the games more and more complex until no-one understand them. That's ok until they go wrong...then everything topples and the poor pay.

  13. Don Mc.

    I just checked Labour "Hame" (patronising pap) and guess what... my comment is awaiting moderation, and has been for two days. This from the man who was supposed to be Scottish Labour's Tsar of Technology.

    Still, I suppose his job (before he was sacked) was to use the net to increase Labour's standing, and publishing my comment which pointed out the factual inaccuracies in a piece badly written by the Shadow SoS, was hardly likely to do that.