Thursday, 28 June 2012


The NO campaign imply many things which are simply not true. 

Yesterday's video took vapidity to a whole new level, with a succession of so called "ordinary" unionists making obviously scripted statements that made very little sense; some utterly no sense at all. The Rev Stu analysed it here, to great and hilarious effect.

So here are some facts that the YES campaign are using to counter the nonsense about loving how green the scenery is (like it would all turn brown or orange if we were independent), or being proud of Scotland's health or education services (like they weren't already independent).
  1. Being independent means that the people of Scotland will be in charge of Scotland’s future. Together, we care most about our nation, so nobody else is going to do as good a job of making Scotland a success. 
  2. If Scotland votes yes, the first independent parliament will be elected in 2016 – we will get the government we vote for, unlike today, with a government in London the majority of voters in Scotland did not support. 
  3. Scotland more than pays her way in the UK. We get 9.3% of UK spending, but contribute 9.6% of UK taxes. We are in a stronger financial position than the rest of the UK, to the tune of £510 per person last year - that's over £1000 for each Scottish household. As an independent country, this money would stay in Scotland.
  4. Scotland already pays for all the government services we need as an independent country - we don't have to start from scratch. However, the money will be spent in Scotland, rather than London, creating thousands of Scottish jobs.
  5. With independence we'll save on some UK spending - so the initial start up costs will be met by the £250 million annual saving from the UK's existing nuclear weapons and the £50 million annual saving by no longer paying for politicians at Westminster.
  6. Scotland would remain part of the EU. EU law doesn't allow for Scotland to be unilaterally kicked out on independence. And, EU law also makes clear that Scotland can't be forced to join the euro. We will continue to use the pound, just as we do today.
  7. Scotland has 25% of the EU's offshore wind and tidal energy potential. By 2020 our renewable energy could be generating £2 billion a year of exports and by 2050 our renewable energy could be worth £14 billion a year.
  8. Scotland doesn't need oil to become independent, but our oil and gas resource is worth over £1 trillion and gives us a safety net for the future. Last year saw record investment in the North Sea and in October, BP said they expected North Sea oil and gas to flow for at least another 40 years.
  9. The UK government doesn't include oil and gas when it talks about Scotland's finances. But, if you do include oil and gas in our national accounts, we would be the 6th wealthiest nation per capita in developed world.
  10. Scotland has a wealth of talent - for our size we have more world-class universities than any other nation and our research tops world league tables.


  1. tris

    you sound bitter or desperate or both...everything is going towards the 'YES' to the united kingdom.

    Oh! well goods for us bad days for the Nats still thing may yet change and for you lot they had better..

  2. You think so, Niko?

    Oh well, there's nothing like having faith even when there's not a lot to have faith in, except the corrupt, greedy, unpleasant, bossy, broke, delusional UK. I'd sooner put my faith in a Mars bar that's been half eaten by mice.

    Infinitely more agreeable.

  3. PS Niko... What on earth was bitter or desperate about pointing out some positives about Scotland. I mean, have you seen that daft video your lot came out with.

    Was that the thinking people you were talking about? Well duh!

    They are going to get some stick at work for these performances...

    “We’re guaranteed our schools, we’re guaranteed our hospital care.

    “We’ve got one of the best education systems in the world at the moment and I wouldn’t want that to change.”

    Jeeeez.... How thick was that?

  4. Tris

    Niko was the one who said she just loved putting on her tartan mini skirt and singing Flower of Scotland.

    That should have thousands flocking to vote yes.

  5. Ahhh... I'd not recognised him there Anon.

    Really? That's him? I'd no idea he cross dressed... but to each his own... It's not for me to be judgemental!

    Oh Flower of Scotland, when will we see yer likes again... tra la la...

  6. Sounds like Niko's been on the raz again!

    Don't you realise Niko that your meds clearly states DO NOT DRINK ALCOHO WHILST TAKING MEDICINE!

  7. It's funny how little has been made of Gary Gibbon's Channel 4 interview with Alistair Darling on the day of the launch by the mainstream Scottish media. Then again since they're all unionist maybe it's not.

    In it Alistair Darling was asked if the "No Campaign" initial funding was from a £500,000 gift given by a Tory Donor and he refused to give a straight answer to the question. (2:24 in from the start.) So it obviously was.

    It would be good to confirm that Labour's anti-independence campaign is being bankrolled by Tory money. It would be even more interesting to find out if it's English Tory money that is being used by Labour to keep Scotland British.

    For Labour in England it's all let's hammer the Tory Toffs but it's a bended knee, a tug on the forelock and a thank you for you shilling Tory sir from Labour in Scotland

  8. Thanks Doug... I've just put that video up for (a few) more people to see.

    Completely agree...

    I would never say that all Tories are bad, or that all policies are bad, but the current lot in England, and really pretty much in Scotland, are unutterably awful.

    I'd go without rather than take a shilling from them.