Thursday 21 June 2012


Further to the last post.... not not The Last Post, just the last post... and Danny Alexander's comments on Jimmy Carr, no less an exulted figure than the prime minister himself (everybody stand in hushed and awed respect) has weighed in with his 1/2p worth in the debate on moral repugnance.

It seems Camernob also feels a revulsion at the LEFT-WING entertainer's tax regime (a tax regime which, the moment he thought it looked like costing him ticket sales, or tv gigs, he appears to have abandoned with left-wing fervour, agonising over the error of his ways). 

However, when asked by ITN’s Tom Bradby how he felt about Gary Barlow, another entertainer, but this time a RIGHT-WING one, and whether Mr Barlow should now return the OBE he got for his part in organising the Queen's Jubilee concert, Camergit passed up the chance to comment on his fellow Tory, saying he "would not give a running commentary on different people’s tax affairs” as “that would not be right”.  
It shouldn't be any surprise to those of us who know and loathe the schoolboy prime minister's ability to U-turn on a U-turn, and simultaneously feel two different things about the same thing, that he could actually believe that it is wrong for him to comment on people's tax affairs, except in the case of people who make a living out of making a fool of him. So watch out Mr Hislop and Ms Toksvig, and a cast of thousands... 

Amazingly, or not, the idiot that plays the part of the prime minister had nothing to say about Philip Green, one of his advisors, who is doing nothing wrong by transferring the ownership of his company to his Monegasque wife, knowing that she will not be obliged to pay a €cent in tax, based as she is in her home country of Monaco. 

Nor was he prepared to talk about Ashcroft, Goldman-Sacks or Vodafone. Well of course he couldn't. It wouldn't be right for him to give a running commentary, blah, blah, blah.
He also strangely appears to be prepared to give succour to French tax dodgers, no matter how morally repugnant they are. Indeed he said he will roll out the red carpet for them, if they wish to come to England to escape the new and very popular French president's proposed 75% tax on the highest earners. (So is it now 'British jobs for British people, and morally repugnant French tax evaders'...?). 

The wine must have been flowing and he must have had rather too much of it... or maybe he really is just that stupid and naive about the way that so called allies behave.

One of the candidate's for the presiding officer's position in the new parliament, Claude Bartelon, implied that he thought that Mr C had imbibed a little, and pointed out that there were already many French people who lived in England, but that most had to have their children educated in France, and all their medical needs catered for in France, because the quality of all public service was so low in England. 

Oh well... as my granny would say...'whit's gaed tae gie's no ull tae tak', or as they might say in France :Ce qui on est content à donner, on ne doit pas être mécontent à recevoir.


  1. tris

    Cameron world class arse @le i Mean he has a wery bad case of foot in mouth.
    wearly he has on his own totally destroyed any vestige of credibility he may of had or not had.

    apropos Gove he is putting a wrecking ball to the Coalition in the hope of bringing it to a premature end...........

    so they can follow the fuc'ed right wing crap they love. me i hope he succeeds the Torys are going back to the wilderness
    another Government run over by the Eurozone crisis.

  2. Well, it's lasted longer than I thought it would.

    Do you think Labour would win if they had another election now?

    Where do you think Liberal votes would go?

    As far as Scotland is concerned, I don't know which would be better for independence: A government we didn't vote for wringing the life out of us, and taking away lifelines for our poorest... or a Labour party making an almost equally bad mess of it under Miliband who is no more up to the job than Camergruber.


  3. O.M.G.!

    I've just had an almighty ghastly vision!

    If we end up at some point before 2014 with a new Westminster G.E. my poor wee brain cell is going into overdrive about the outcome.

    Surely any G.E. before 2014 can only result in ONE result....... A Blue Tory/Red Tory coalition!

    Let's face it this is not something in fairy land. After all do we not witness this new found coalition at work every week at F.M.Q.'s?

    Geez, I've just realised this will mean poor old Cleggy will be the "leader" of the opposition.

  4. Well, well... I remember that the country laughed, Arbroath, when dear old Cleggy said that he came in to politics to be Prime Minister...

    Oh how we all chortled... and then lo and behold, he was deputy prime minister.

    So it is not so far fetched that he should be the leader of her majesty's loyal opposition, is it? Who knows, one day he may be king!

    And given what has happened to poor old Labour since Tony and Meddlesome got their hands on it and made it "respectable" for the south east of England, then they might as well merge into one party and leave a space for some proper which doesn't agree with almost everything the government does.

    On the other hand in Scotland we have one that on principle DISAGREES with everything the government does, even the really "Labouresque" things in its manifesto...

    Let's stop people making an unholy profit out of buying council houses.... let's build some publicly owned housing for people who can no longer afford to buy at the silly prices houses cost... let's use local income tax and save the poor thousands of pounds which will be paid by the rich... etc...

    NOOOO says Labour... erm why?

  5. Oh wait a minute.

    If we have a G.E. BEFORE 2014 then there is every chance that the Lib/Dems could end up being wiped out, well almost! :lol:

    If that were to happen then who would be the opposition, erm the S.N.P. perhaps?

    Boy that would be something wouldn't it, the S.N.P. as the MAIN opposition to the Blue Tory/Red Tory coalition!

  6. LOL... the Celtic Fringe opposition...

    Plaid, SNP and some of the Irish parties, along with all the doctors and other independents there will be next time.

    And 10 Liberals.

    PLEASE, we are not celebrities... but get us out of here all the same.

  7. Ah the Celtic Fringe opposition, I like that!

    Just reading that I can envisage the trembling of fear in Cameron and Millband at P.M.Q.'s :lol:

  8. They'll just be grateful that they don't have to face Alex Salmond... Angus will be easier on them.

  9. Niko,

    I'm surprised at you posting like that about the leader of your chums and allies in the 'class struggle'. You should be snuggling up to Cameron as you are, of course, better together.

    You can just imagine the leaders of the "Better together" on a night-out and Charles saying " Darling, you're my best friend, no, really you are"!

  10. Ye Gads, John.

    I wish you hadn't said that, but I can imagine Johann and Ruth having a kick boxing match with John Swinney in the middle.

    But I don't think it's unusual for people to dislike Camersmug. I mean, is there anyone even in the Tory party that likes him?

    He's too much like Tony Blair for anyone to "like" him.

    And talking of Tony Blair... do you remember when Johann Krankie was going on about Alex being drawn to 'rich and powerful' men? She went on and on and on about it for all of her questions at one FMQ session a couple of weeks ago.

    The phrase used by René Artois in “Allo Allo” seems to me to have been written for her ....”You stupeed woman, can you not see that we already have a recent leader who is rich and powerful, who is also attracted to other rich and powerful men”.

  11. Brownlie

    You pi~s me off we in the labour party have time honored principles and values.............

    and furthermore if you dont like them we have others....

  12. LOL Niko

    Time honoured... why they've been followed for seconds and seconds!!!

  13. Tris, are you sure about this?

    "They'll just be grateful that they don't have to face Alex Salmond... Angus will be easier on them."

    From what I've seen Angus can be just as rabid on the Red and Blue Tories as A.S. can. :lol:

    The S.N.P. Leader Training College trains them all quite well. :D

    The other thing is as Leader of the opposition they wouldn't be able to be so bland with their answers to him AND he'd get more than one question once in a blue moon.

  14. No, in fairness, Arbroath, I'm not sure... I've not really seen him in much action. Maybe he's is as good as Eck... So much the better if he is!

    I just reckoned that the was no one quite like the big man for dealing with the likes of Camerspoon...even the Dirty Digger had to acknowledge that!

  15. Heck my budgies could deal with the Cameroon bar without even losing a feather before breakfast! :lol:

  16. Ha ha.... let the burds loose then, Arbroath... with the order "peck 'im...hard"!

  17. I value my budgies too much for that to happen.

    Any way they have standards below which even they refuse to peck at! :lol:

  18. Fair enough Arbroath.

    If he carries on like this I imagine he will be the author of his own fate.