Sunday 10 June 2012


A few weeks ago I published a copied post detailing ten advantages of being independent. 

One of the most startling points made in this post was the fact that we would be much richer as an independent nation (according to OECD figures the 6th richest nation on Earth).

Whilst that is pretty important (I'd like to live like a Norwegian), probably the most important aspect of independence for me is that we would no longer be tied down to a choice of government by one of two political parties, pitching much the same policies to people who live at the other end of the UK. 

I didn't include the Liberal Democrats in the "parties of government" because, under the voting system that we have, there is no chance of them being in government, except as, at present, the junior partner in a coalition.  If Mr Clegg had held out for a referendum on Proportional Representation instead of the silly fudge that he accepted and almost no one wanted, this might have been a thing of the past. Now it will not happen for a very long time, even if the Liberals survive their time with the Tories.
I've suggested to unionists who read this blog that they might want to come up with a list of advantages for Scotland in staying in the union. No one, to date, has ventured a single one advantage.

The leader of "Scottish Labour" has said that we are better off and stronger together. I don't know what she means by that. It sounds like a cliché to me. Stronger in what way? Economically? Militarily? Physically? Better off in what way? Economically? The figures suggest otherwise.

Certainly she may be agreeing with Cameron that Britain packs a punch in Europe...although that's a someone dubious notion. 

Perhaps Ms Lamont agrees with the prime minister that Britain's fighting force (one of the largest in the world) is an advantage of our union. He remarked that the UK was either respected or feared because of that. 

I think he forgot to mention "ridiculed". I'm not talking about the quality of the men. I'm sure most of them are fine, but the situation is a bit fur coat and no knickers.  Britain can fight wars but it has poor equipment and kit, and the men's rations are pathetic in comparison to American or French soldiers. 

It's also a source of amusement to some that although our troops are out there with the Americans, standing shoulder to shoulder, we have 1960s railways/hospitals/roads/bus service/education...etc. 
Mrs Lamont may think that being a permanent member of the security council is important. I suspect it's another of these things that we are supposed to swallow without analysing in what way it is good for you and me.

Cameron got misty eyed at his speech in Edinburgh when he talked of the history that our two countries shared, as if on independence we would no longer share that history (which incidentally has been that of independent nations for far more of the time than it has been as a union). But then  education at Eton ain't what it used to be...certainly not if that is what they turn out.

Having failed to hear any sensible arguments for staying together, I was interested to read this Wings over Scotland post today. It lays out very clearly the disadvantages in staying in the union, by describing what the current set up is; how little we are offered; how undemocratic our country is. As I said earlier, two (he says three) parties pitching the same policies to the South East of England.

I think that every Scot should read this post, and certainly anyone campaigning for an independent Scotland should know it off by heart.

My heartiest congratulations and thanks to the Rev Stu. It's just a superb post.


  1. tris

    That wings of nonsense post is well all nonsense.

    apart from

    'how undemocratic our country is'
    or would be in the unlikely and getting more unlikely by the day.
    Event of enough Scots being fooled into voting for the snpendum.

    Even the greens after a week had decided that Herr Salmond(you see what i dun there brill eh???)
    had to have complete and total control.
    And now two weeks later have folded their tents and moved on leaving that twat Robertson talking through his hat...

  2. Better Together

    MMM, it's always better when we're together
    Yeah, we'll look at the stars when we're together
    Well, it's always better when we're together
    Yeah, it's always better when we're together

  3. To the 'Barmy Steer'

    Better together.

    Better together

    Better together

    and loads more for the Brit nats to bamboozle themselves with.

  4. Aye Niko... if you keep making lucid and intellectually compelling arguments like that, you might win me over.

    What would I have to beciome...a Tory or a Soci... nah... there aren't any of them...a Lamont follower, one of Miliband's men?

  5. Quite so CH. Many things are better together...

    Peaches and cream; Lennon and McCartney, Wallace and Grommet; steak and chips; fish and chips; chips and more chips; vodka and tonic; ice and lemon; Johann Lamont and ear plugs...

    Och the list goes on and on...

    But some things are better alone: Cher without Sonny; whisky without lemonade; Mars Bars without batter; and the UK without Scotland.

    Niko...could you give us a realistic idea of where you thought the Rev Stu was wrong on his post, seeing as you thought it was all nonsense?

    Maybe you'd like to point out all his errors... or maybe of course, you wouldn't!


  6. Excellent article and obviously Mrs Niko must have left out the best bits when she read it to him as his bedtime story. Niko, the scourge of the Tories, is now their new best friend and makes no secret of the fact. He is so frightened of Scots making their own decisions and standing on their own two feet that he'll grab a very long spoon and sup, probably at public expense, with the Tories.

  7. It is worrying, is it not, John, that our arch-Tory friend, Dean, seems to have become a socialist, whist our arch-Labour mate, Niko, appears to have accepted Dave's invitation to dine. (Where did Niko get the money to gain access to a Tory feast. We must ask Mr Crude-Ass.)

    A long spoon, as you suggest will be necessary to sup with the dev... I mean Tories, but, as it will all be charged to us, doubtless the food will be good and the wine expensive.

  8. Milliband has gone up in my estimation. Anyone who can pucker up to Lamont must be made of pretty stern stuff. Even Niko would not go that far, would he......?

  9. You mean Ed Dum Wun and Jo I Li of the hypocritical party as they are called in North Britain with their friends at pathetic keys. Niko would give up Taz to save the disunited serfdom.

  10. Hmmm, John, CH. I wonder.

    Well Niko? Would you? It's time to be honest.

  11. Nikko just made a fool of himself