Saturday 27 November 2010



Mungin's Republic's poll on the future title and status of Mrs Parker-Bowles has now closed.

I’d like to thank everyone who took part. It wasn’t open for long, but I hate these polls that go on and on, and by the time they close everyone has forgotten what they were about, or indeed how they voted...well particularly when it's on such a daft and trivial subject as this.

It goes without saying the results are hardly representative of anything.. other than the views of the 45 people who voted on royal matters on a blog with the word “Republic” in its title! But it was all a bit of fun and Mr Yougov need not worry that Munguin’s Republic will be taking over from him anytime soon.

The outcome, given the parameters, was predictable, although I was surprised that 11% of voters (all of 5!) favoured Mrs P-B being called Queen. (Did you vote 5 times Dean?)

The full result was:

Queen: 5 votes, 11%
Princess Consort: 5 votes, 11%
Duchess of Rothsay: 1 vote, 2%
Duchess of Kernow: 2 votes, 4%
FMDIDGAD: 32 votes, 71%

There you go Charlie. According to the readers of Munguin’s Republic, you can call her what the hell you want.

So he should be happy. Just one small drawback. I remember reading that Charlie’s dad once said that the moment that people lose interest in the royals is the moment that they might as well pack up and go.

If they cease to provide entertainment for the people, the people may start wondering why they cost almost as much as a banker to keep!

So, maybe we should have a poll on where they should set up home?

If you do have any ideas for polls that you fancy would work on the blog, let me know. (Sensible ones please, Niko!)

Pic: Joking aside, what in the name of all that's right is Chic wearing. I mean was he on a fancy dress party the night before, got blootered and stayed over at a mate's place and had to put his fancy dress back on. I mean not a thing matches. I'm no snappy dresser, but I wouldn't change a tyre looking like that. And as for that pheasant, I know they are stupid birds, but that's about the last place it would be sensible to build a nest.


  1. "So, maybe we should have a poll on where they should set up home?"

    My suggestion (took 2secs)

  2. Tris

    Sure............who will be the next First Minster of Scotland

    who will be the next leader of the snp

  3. Tris - What about:

    Only one of these political party's is Scottish - The rest are English-funded and run - Which one is it?

    Scottish Labour
    Scottish Liberal Democrats
    Scottish National Party
    Scottish Conservative Party


    It looks nice in the sunshine.... CH, good suggestion.

  5. Nah Niko... one of the possibilites excites me and the other fills me with dread.

  6. Ah Billy. Excellent.

    Answers below if you please. All corect answers win points... and what do points mean?

    Now let's see, I could do with some points myself, but I don't want to get it wrong so I'll need to have a little think about it

  7. It doesn't look natural tris but neith.....

  8. Quite so Cynical, quite so.

  9. This might be of interest!

    MP threatens libel action over expenses letter

    They can sue a member of the public yet they can allegedley 'steal' and get away with it and are still protected by the establishment.

    Still trying to work out Billy's puzzle, its hard.

  10. Lovely story of another knob who seems to be a tad on the thick side.

    If he hasn't done any wrong surely the best bet would have been to reply to the letter in the paper putting his case... that he requested the money but didn't get it, and explaining why.... unless of course the why, was that he was a chancing git.

    Instead he makes all this fuss, and guess what... he's all over the Sunday Telegraph.

    With respect to the local paper that the letter appeared in, I'd say it probably doesn't have the coverage that his daft solicitor’s letter has now managed to secure for him.

    Once again reminding us that he did try to get away with it.

    I see that if it hadn't been for the Liberals he might well have had some junior ministerial job in the MoD. lucky MoD to have escaped a man with such astute judgement... he certainly sorted that one. Try suing the Telegraph you goon...

  11. Yeah Billy's got me stumped too.... sheesh, hard one mate.

  12. Here's some of his expenses:

    £98 two rugs for bedrooms (no details)

    £23 kitchen utensils (no details)

    £11.25 light bulbs (WHAT? Is he lighting Blackpool? 50p a long life bulb in B+Q)

    £352.50 solicitor’s fees (What's that for then... more threatening letters?)

    £45 shower curtain (They have them at Morrisons for a tenner)

    £11 shoe tidy £5 sweater tidy (he's atickler for tidyness at our expense)

    £359 Bosch HBN131250B single oven
    £499 Bosch PKF645T02E electric hob
    (so £850+ for a cooker for a second home that he is only going to be in three days a week? greedy git)

    £429 Bosch SGV53E03GB dishwasher (I've got a dishwasher, it's called the sink.)

    £789 Bosch WVTi2840 washer/dryer (I've got a Bosch washer too; they are fantastic. Mine was half that price, but of course I was paying for mine)

    £39.99 Brabantia laundry bin (they have them in Morrisons for a tenner)

    £119 wall-mounted trouser press (never heard of an iron, or a coat hanger?)

    £4 wax polish (WHAT? Lidl have it at 78p)

    Yep... he's a greedy git. Oh please don't sue me you tosser.

  13. Oh I'm sorry, I promise I'll give the wee snaffler a break after this but :

    £346 bathroom mixer taps (ho ho ho. Why did he not just get a new bathroom?)

    Right that's it, no more....