Friday 5 November 2010


Irene Adams, known to oinks like you and me as The Noble Baroness Adams of Craigielea, is the most expensive peer in the House of Lords. She also appears to be amongst the least useful. It was disclosed that she had picked up more than £60,000 a year in allowances since 2006, but spoken in just one debate.

I hope what she had to say was worth it. £200,000+ for one speech is more than Blair gets!!

But it looks like when this one gets her hands on some of our dosh she isn’t about to let it go any time soon. It appears that the good Irene is among 6 former Labour MPs who have yet to repay a total of £50,000 which they owe following the audit of Commons allowances.

The Noble Baroness (pictured above; lovely isn’t she?) complained that the inquiry team would not accept the evidence she had to show that her £4,100 claim was a valid one and vowed to fight the demand intimating that they could take her to court for the money if they wanted.

Not too worried what people think of her then.

Sir Thomas Legg (right), who was responsible for the audit of MPs leaving hundreds of them, including some high profile ones like Liam Fox, owing a staggering total of £1.3 million, ruled that Adams should repay the money. She could provide no evidence for her mortgage payments to support her claims for her second home while she was MP for Paisley North.

Another shameful Scottish Labour MP with her fingers in the till, Irene was at one time the secretary of the MP Allen Adams, whom she married. When he died in 1990 she stood and was elected for the constituency. She paid her daughter and former son-in-law, both Labour councillors, to work in her constituency office. Nice little family business. In fact... The Adams Family business.

When in 2005 her constituency was absorbed into the neighboring one she was bought off with a seat in the House of Lords. An “honour” she has clearly taken advantage of to the full. She continues to live in Paisley, in a luxury flat in a converted mill, charging £11,916 last year to travel between Scotland and Westminster.

The trouble with the corrupt system of handing out honours to people to persuade them to do political favours (in her case to go away) is you are lumbered with them for life...

We have this parasitical woman leaching off us to the tune of £60,000 a year for absolutely no return whatsoever until she dies. If she refuses to pay, I hope that they will take her to court so the world will know what a cheesy little scrounger she is.

Please, when are we going to do something about this House of Horrors? Her £60,000 a year would pay a couple of worthwhile people to do some good somewhere.


  1. Well said Tris. Scroungers they are. I too hope she's taken to Court and has to cough up her own legal fees.

  2. Ta SR...

    Time they had a big clear out of the so-called aristocracy. Pile of rubbish that it is.

  3. tris,

    My recollection of Irene Adams was of a generous and accomodating lady. However, like those who belonged to CND but later backed nuclear, times change and people change with them. Her record of only speaking on one debate is around the norm for the House of Lards - outstanding value for money you must agree.

    Incidentally, Sophia is back on her feet after a pilgrimage to Barefit Park. It seems that cleaning stairs in high-heels, tight mini-skirt and a carelessly dropped bar of carbolic soap is just an accident waiting to happen.

  4. So when exactly will David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the New Politics kick in? Or was that just another of those pie-crust promises that sound so good but have no hope of ever happening.

    Note to DC and the coalition: nobody expects you to implement all of your manifestos and high falutin promises but we expect you to at least try to implement a few and not just chuck em out the window after a few weeks. You know like the SNP did, with its string of what the idiot Gray calls “broken promises” but to the rest of us (with brains) was the genuine attempt of a minority government to implement its programme against the unthinking opposition of the unionist majority.

  5. still she hasnt yet appointed her private photographer and two stylist to the public payroll............whats that about the new politics.

  6. Irene Adams and her daughter Barbara and ex-son in law have also been involved in ripping off the tax-payers for years as I have posted on this over at Paisley Expressions.

    Hopefully this will be catching up with her soon along with all the other crooked politicians over here in Renfrewshire after the Councillor Williams court case which is not finished with yet after the Sheriff, incompetently or deliberately, cocked up.

  7. Brownlie: A generous and accommodating lady huh?

    No seriously, I think I know what you mean. She was on the left of the party, and I can imagine that, when she started out she may have been good for the people of Paisley; hardly the Belgravia of Scotland. But as you say times change, and I swear it that "elevation" that we give them when they get into parliament. They cease to think of themselves as "ordinary" people. They expect to be privileged, and somehow, they seem to get it.

    I relieved to hear that Sophia's back on her stilettos. I’m looking forward to some good bedtime reading. I'll get some grapes in the form of a nice amontillado. See you round there?

  8. They promised to do something about the Lords, but I don't see anything coming Munguin.

    As Bropwnlie says, it's not unusual for them to say very little for a great deal of money.

    I foundthis really good photograph of ex-convict, the noble Baron Invergowrie and I'm dying to use it in a story, but he never says anything either, except "that'll be three hundred pounds please". And he hasn't set anything alight for simply ages.

    Still, sometime....

  9. True Niko, but with the dosh she's managed to get off us, she could have.

  10. tris,

    You'll be away to your bed with your teddy by the time I come round.

    Was there not some hoohaa regarding, if memory serves, Gordon Macmaster which Irene was involved in?

  11. Hi Billy, not see you for a while. Hope you're well...

    It sounds like another "Martin Family" to me.

    Could you give me a link for the stuff you wrote on Paisley Expressions please?

  12. Tris

    Ah! a new crime--- Guilty of doing something you dint do but may of done if you had a chance.

    hope you never get called for jury duty if you do i pity the defendant aka the accused.....if i ever appear before you i will were a small saltire pinned to me chest (not guilty cheers all around)

  13. No Niko. I just said that with all the money she COULD have employed a style guru (she looks like she could do with one) and a photographer (she might be better to pass on that one). However, she just seems to have collected up her £300+ a day and banked it.

    Good grief, at least old Camero is creating jobs!!!! :)))

    Now, if you appear before me, I think it would be better to pin the saltire to your jacket rather than your chest. I mean, that way I'll see make it a big one. (The criminals are kept far a way from the law abiding good folk of the jury, you see)

    If you pin it to your chest, the judge may have a bit of a problem with you taking off your shirt to show it.


    Just a wee tip Niko. I don't want you done for nudity in a public place.

    BTW, are you likely to be appearing in court any time soon? Just wondered.

  14. Hi Tris

    Been at Paisley Sheriff Court watching the Williams case the last three weeks. There are some posts regarding this at my site as well but here is the link to the Adams post:

  15. Hi Brownlie,

    Is this what you mean:

  16. Teddy, brownlie? Hmmm, not ringing a bell...

  17. Got it now Billy. Added Paisley Expressions to the blog list and now am following your blog too. Thanks.

  18. Billy,

    Thanks for that, good blog by the way, I'll put you down on my "must see" list. It might open Niko's eyes before his conversion to independence!

  19. tris,

    You've forgotten Teddy, you fickle sod.

    Incid, as I'm your mum's close chum you might have to get used to calling me John! You, surely, don't expect me to call you Doctor double-barreled? Niko can carry on calling me Mr Brownlie. Who could we slag off when Niko is converted?

  20. Uhhh OK brownlie, erm I mean John....As long as I don't have to call you papa or anything like that!

    You can call me Tris, erm, which is what you've been calling me since I was just a lad...well, smaller than I am today.

    Do you think Niko's on the turn then?

  21. Tris ,Brownlie.conana et all

    proof positive the thinking Nationalists are in no doubt of the impending loss of Governance by Alex salmond and the snp....

    To celebrate, we here at Better Nation thought it may be fun to predict what the final result will be so, without further ado, here is our best bets:

    Labour – 48 seats
    SNP – 43 seats
    Conservatives – 19 seats
    Lib Dems – 11 seats
    Greens – 7 seats
    Socialists – 1 seat

    Result: Labour/Lib Dem/Green/Socialist ‘Progressive Alliance’

    Labour – 50 seats
    SNP – 44 seats
    Conservatives – 17 seats
    Lib Dems – 12 seats
    Greens – 5 seats
    Ind – 1 seat

    Result: Labour minority administration

    I love the smell of snp defeat in the morning

    Niko: I love the smell of snp defeat in the morning. You know, one time we had Glasgow postal voted , for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' dink snp body. The smell, you know that postal voting smell, the whole of Glasgow. Smelled like
    [sniffing, pondering]
    Niko: victory. Someday this electioneering gonna end...

    look what happened to John Mason

  22. They found him on some waste ground with a postal vote form stuck up his arse.....

  23. Niko,

    Bit of a faux pas by Jeff in contemplating a coalition between Labour and Lib.dems who are already in coalition with the Tories. Why not go the whole hog and go into coalition with your unionist Tory friends as you do at the moment in the Scottish parliament.

    What makes you think that the Greens would garner between 5-7 seats?

    Of course the fatal flaw in all your speculation and where it all falls down is that in either scenario Iain Gray would be First Minister with Tavish/Baillie as his deputy.

  24. tris,

    Judging by his latest entry, poor Niko has taken up the role of the comedy turn. Found a Bobby Darin/Pet Clark version of "All I have to do is dream" on u-tube. Listen for the "oooh" when he sings "Gonna make you mine" - it's spine- tingling!

  25. So Niko..."we here at Better nation".... erm who here... you?

    These are interesting predictions, and who knows they may come to pass, or of course they may not.

    It would certainly be lovely to be able to accuse Thingumy of breaking ALL his promises. I wouldn't be counting on teh greens or Socialists. They are nationalists, and I imagine they wouldn't want much to do with a party that wants nuclear power stations, and nuclear weapons and loves going to war when ever the president snaps his fingers.

    Thingumy wouldn't last of course in a minority government. It takes a massive amount of political skill to get anything done...

    Thingumy doesn't have any.

    What YOU think will be the result?

  26. This is good pity about the author.

  27. Damn John, lovely and pretty sexy video. He was a lucky man... I'm talking about Bobby Darin here, not Niko. I guess that Bobby and I have that in common, we have both sung with Pet Clark, and it's an exhilarating experience.

    Niko on the other hand is as you say, the comedy warm up and hasn’t even sung with Cilla Black!

  28. Great video Cynical...