Monday 8 November 2010


I’ve just read an horrific account of the death of a baby in Oklahoma.

It appears that the mother, Lesley Fiddler in a drugged state put her 10 day old daughter into the washing machine with a pile of laundry, and then fell asleep.

A relative who called into to see if she was coping found her passed out and the washing machine out of balance. She went over to it to try to steady it and made the gruesome discovery. Of course she phoned the emergency services, but the baby was already dead.

The family had tried to get parental rights removed from her for this baby (she has two other children, boys of 3 and 4), but were unsuccessful with this tragic result. Fiddler has a list of other convictions, and a drug habit. She is believed to have taken Chrystal Meth on the day of the tragedy. I suspect that there will be some investigation into why the baby was left with her in view of these circumstances.

The baby’s father said that he didn’t believe that Fiddler had killed the baby deliberately. It’s not clear whether he is resident with the mothe
r or not.

I can’t imagine what kind of horror it would be for the family, including the father and the two little boys who are now in care, and for the ambulance and police personnel who have had to deal with this.

What dreadful lives some people live in depression and poverty in one of the richest countries in the world.


  1. Tris

    You get the right wing scum claiming welfare dependency create broken societys

    "The patent decency of the man is plain for all to see. He is motivated by the ­highest possible concerns to rescue the poor not merely from material poverty, but the moral and spiritual degradation which keeps them trapped permanently in disadvantage"

    yet the good ole US of A has in comparison to the European nations zero welfare and incidents such as these are far more common place

    Read more:

    Perhaps the problem of unemployment and poverty are a bit more complex than right wing toss pots allow...

    question- why do right wing vermin scum say the answer to poverty is work and then the self same vermin keep working people on low wages and decry the minimum wage as a bar to job creation.

  2. Niko:

    They seem to think that work is the answer ... but they fail to see that many people to work in teh UK, and I suppose the US, are struggling because of low wages and high starter tax.

    Now I accept that a Liberal benefit to this coalition is that NEXT YEAR they will start to raise tax thresholds, but only bit at a time with the goal being £10,000. But that doesn't address the low wage culture to which you refer.

    Scandalously low wages at under £6 an hour when a living wage is nearly £8 an hour.

    There are people who slog all week and two jobs and who still live in misery.

    Until governments of all colours understand that you life in a cold country on such low wages is nothing short of misery, nothing will change.

    And my next question is where are all these bloody jobs that they keep on telling us about.

    There are 500,000 jobs in the jobcentres they tell us... yeah, but a HUGE number of them are part time, some only 10 hours a week cleaning jobs, 15 hours in a supermarket...

    YOU CAN’T LIVE ON THAT much less move to another town or travel 2 hours a day on expensive public transport to get it.

    A dose of reality wouldn't go amiss from people who are chauffeured around in government cars and never see anything like poverty except from the window of a limousine.