Monday 22 November 2010


I was amused by reports in the ‘Press and Journal’ today that said that two homeowners Mark and Gillian Hewison had asked for £2 million for their home which is situated between the Trump Organization’s planned luxury golf resort hotel and the sea.

“It’s all about money and greed,” said Trump’s spokesman Mr Sorial, without a trace of irony!

He went on to say that the price was ridiculous and landowners were attempting to hold the organization to ransom.

Well that’s something the Trump organization would never do now, would it!

“We have never overpaid for a piece of land, and we don’t inten
d to start at Menie,” said Mr Sorial, boxing himself into a corner he might wish that he hadn't gone anywhere near.

The golf resort comprising a 450-room hotel, 950 villas along with 500 other homes in expected to be open in 2012. It will cost around £750 million and is expected to contribute around £50million a year to the local economy.


Pics : !) DonaldTrump, who looks like he could be Boris Johnson’s dad with a home permanent! 2) Welcome Mr Trump signs have appeared all over the area. 3) Isn’t the countryside nice around there?


  1. Quite funny really they obviously don’t have any sense of irony in the Trump organisation. After all how dare people try to “capitalise” on a situation like that? Oh yes that is what “CAPITALISM” is all about. One minute your house is a worthless pile of tat in Aberdeenshire and the next minute it blots the view from a £750 million hotel I would say that puts the price up quite a bit.

    Oh and of course no mention of the obscene amount of money that Mr Trump expects to be getting from this little golf extravaganza. But of course he is allowed to its just the little people who are not allowed to cash in.

  2. Pot::Kettle::Black Bum, Munguin, wouldn't you say?

  3. It never fails to amaze me that hypocrisy and unpleasantness are essential requirements for the NWO.

  4. He's a disgrace to humanity nothing but a rich arrogant man and should be barred from this land as an unwanted alien. yes I can't stand him if you haven't noticed.
    Tripping Up Trump

  5. Tris

    The Tea Party would applaud Mark and Gillian Hewison's commitment to Capitalism.
    In fact settling for the common amount like the other neighbors smack of 'SOCIALISM'

    the very idea makes a true Tea partyer feel ill

  6. So it would seem OR.

  7. I have to say Cynical that I have had mixed feelings about this development. It will certainly bring a lot of money and much needed jobs to the area, and heaven knows it needs it, where doesn’t, but at what cost?

    Not living there and neither benefiting from the good, nor suffering the bad, I've not felt entitled to shout much about it.

    But a point well made in your link is that compulsory purchase orders should be restricted to situations where a hospital is needed or some other important community need... not for private profit.

    Mr Trump wants to play capitalism...well, that's the name of the game. If he wants the land badly enough he should have to pay what the sellers require, rather than have our local authorities give it to him for knock down prices. Supply and demand Mr Trump. You can’t buck the markets Mr Trump...except of course if you’re indecently rich!

  8. Indeed it probably would Niko. What do you think Mrs Palin's solution would be?

    (I am a coffee man myself; is there a Coffee party?)