Wednesday 10 November 2010


I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now and as I’m fed up commenting on bad news and gloom on the Republic, I thought now would be a good time to do it.

I’ve always shopped wherever was closest. I instinctively dislike Tesco and so tended to try to avoid it, although I ended up using it more often that I would have liked because it was everywhere... you can hardly miss Tesco.

I was happy to take advantage of the low prices and high quality of Lidl and Aldi and Sainsbury’s was a welcome addition to the town. (I wish Waitrose would open a branch here).

However, when Morrison’s opened a huge superstore in Dundee I never went near it. I’ve no idea why. I had nothing in particular against Morrison’s. My brother had said the quality was high and the prices much lower than Tesco, and my mum had been saying the same eventually I gave it a bash.

It was certainly the best shopping move I ever made. In more and more difficult times with prices rising and incomes going nowhere but down; with interest on savings so low that it makes saving an expensive business, and with house prices more likely to drop rather than rise, a bargain is a bargain.

Morrison’s is clean, well stocked and seems to have attracted some of the best staff in town. The prices are way lower than Sainsbury’s and Tesco and probably a bit lower than ASDA. The range of items on sale is fantastic and all in all what the PR people would call the “shopping experience” is AAA.

OK... I was won over to the shop, but when someone suggested having a meal there I was definitely dubious. I’m a bit fussy about food quality, so a supermarket cafeteria is not my idea of where to eat out.

Well, I was wrong. Once again the service is excellent, the staff are (by and large) superb, the food is unbelievable for a shop café, and the prices are almost too good to be true.

On a fairly regular basis I go there with a mate and with a ‘meal deal’ we can eat a substantial and satisfying meal for two for less than £8. it's not haute cuisine by any means, but it's good canteen food.

It sounds a bit like "Munguin’s Republic sponsored by Morrison’s Stores", but of course it’s not. It's just me passing on a tip.

I don’t know if every Morrison’s is as good as ours; maybe we’re lucky and our store has good management, but I’m inclined to believe that it’s the culture of the company that created this kind of atmosphere.... and value for money.


  1. I could have written an almost exact post, Tris! Watch Tessa Cohen's start to fall!

  2. I look forward to it OR ;¬)

  3. Ugh! shopping AND eating at Morrison's - how common is that?

    Actually, I prefer Morrison's to Asda or Tesco and not just because my mother's name was Morrison.

  4. Ohhhhhhhh John. My mum recommended it to me!! You're going to be in bother!

    ASDA has some good bargains but they seem to have gone down market since they became part of the American Wal-mart group. Tesco is just an insufferable place out to take as much money as it can from you and give as little as it can back in return.

    PS I'm not THAT common!

  5. Their beer selection is good.

  6. Their donuts selection is good too


  7. is top quality cafe fair and freshly cooked too...all to order...its damn fine price wise as well...

  8. Hello TTYP. Good to see you on Munguin's Republic.

    Yep, your bang on there. Sometimes you have to wait, so that means it cooked to order. And the prices are fantastic. Great if you have a load of kids to feed. During school holidays they have deals on for kids. It makes it cheaper to eat in there than at home!