Thursday 25 November 2010

FMQ on SVR by SR

The account of today's First Minister's Questions can be found over at Subrosa's place, and a damned good one it is too.

Warning: This post may cause people to wonder about how much time can be wasted on trivia by highly paid public servants.

Someone told Tavish yesterday that his attack on John Swinney had been statesman-like. (I think it may have been Tavish as he was shaving this morning.) So, he resumed this afternoon where he left off yesterday. A forensic examination of that part of FMQ can he found here at Scot Goes Pop.

Warning: This post may cause uncontrollable mirth.

Pics: Alex Salmond's reaction on
hearing that Tavish Scott was out to get him...


  1. Tris

    The Nationalists as usual see what they want to see but its Alexs butt which will be sitting on the much depleted opposition benches(till he resigns)

    I know the extremist feel they should always and forever praise the snp even when they are Transparently in the wrong.
    Blind loyalty is one thing but being deaf and Dumb as well is a bit to much

    The 'NORMAL' scots voter can see and think for themselves and when the time comes as it surely will.They will cast their vote and I am certain it isn't going to be good time to be a blind deaf and dumb Nationalist.

    For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind

  2. Actually I haven't praised the SNP about this. I think it was a waste of time to go over it again today when it had been done to death yesterday. It is nit-picking Niko (why is your moniker different?)

    I think both Mr Swinney and Mr Salmond have admitted an error in not informing parliament about something that didn't matter.

    it was a mistake. They have said they are sorry.

    The vote4rs will have to judge whether they should have forked out the £7 million and sacked a few nurses, or teachers or road sweepers or maybe shut down an old folk’s home.

    So in my opinion, unless they want to have a vote of confidence in the government, or vote out the budget and force an election, I'd suggest they get on with what they are paid for. Yes oppose but don’t gloat because the SNP has made a mistake.

    God knows the public have been kept informed. The Labour newspapers in Scotland, and the Tory ones from England have been jumping up and down. Even prince William has been relegated in the fever of Swinney bashing.

    All I was saying there was read up about Tavish on James’ site. After all he comes out of this looking rather stupid, and in any case, I think forcing an election right now is probably the very very last thing that the Liberals would be wanting, as I’d be surprised if the Greens didn't overtake them in numbers.

    Heavens, Margo may even overtake them on her own.

    Toasted Liberal. Yummy.

  3. You're too complimentary Tris but thank you. It was a busy day but also quite an interesting FMQs for a change.

  4. LOL, by next week it will be back to its knuckle dragging normality.

    And Elmer will be used as a floor cloth again.

  5. Tris

    I demand you remove that disgraceful slur immediately, comparing the dear leader of the North British branch of Nu/old/any-type/Labour is demeaning to floor cloths.

    Floor clothes are useful objects and have a purpose, not anything that can be said about the dear leader.

  6. Some floorcloths are just too bloody touchy if you ask me Dubs, however, as this is a very special occasion, I make an unreserved apology and I withdraw that statement.

    I did not mean to imply that floorcloths shouldn't breed as much as they wish, indeed I wish them luck with it.

    And Mr Gray is used like an old mop....

    OK OK OK... I'd like to issue an apology, etc...

    Mr Gray is like nothing on Earth, and I wish to make it clear at this point that I mean no slur against the man on the Moon!