Saturday 30 October 2010


So, there was an outAGE that caused outRAGE as a BT exchange went down in Edinburgh causing internet services all over the east of Scotland, Northern England, and Northern Ireland to fail. So I was offline for 24 hours. It’s the first time for ages I’ve been without internet, and it’s scary how many times I thought... oh, I’ll just check that up on the net... only to remember that I didn’t actually have the net.

I was even forced to watch BBC 24 to find out what was happening, and while I was watching, for the first time in ages I actually ironed some shirts! So it’s not all bad.

Of course I caught all the news about the bombers from Yemen and their printer bomb. It’s strange, or perhaps it’s not, that I trust politicians so little as to wonder if the whole thing could have been a massive hoax by the West, to buoy up public support for the billions that is spent on anti-terrorism. The most awful thing about it was the appearance on TV of the odd Theresa May. That woman’s voice grates so much that I have a message for the terrorists. They have punished us enough! No more already!!. Talking about punishment, was that a chain, and I mean a real chain, that the Home Secretary had around her neck. She looked as if she’d called in at a press conference after being at some sort of bondage party. Or maybe that's what they are going to do to criminals now that they are closing prisons!

I guess that threw up a slightly more serious question. If we expect our male politicians to show up wearing suits and shirts and ties, can we not expect that the female ones try to look a little less kinky?

Of course, because t
he BBC is virtually a part of the Labour Party, we had to have full coverage of the chimps’ tea party that is Scottish (huh) Labour having their conference. Scottish (huh) Labour of course had Miliband the younger along. We got the tired old story from him about SNP broken promises. Not that we’ve not heard it before or anything, but... well, as they say, “the old ones are the best”.

Now it doesn’t surprise me that Iain Gray doesn’t understand minority government. As I’ve said before I wouldn’t let Iain Gray run a message. But I thought that Miliband would have grasped the political inevitable that, whatever is in your manifesto, if you are a minority government, you depend upon the opposition parties having the best interests of the country at heart... and his party, from day one, only had its best interests at heart. Even Wendy’s brother said of her that she always put the party first! QED.

Just one though... as Ed rambled on about broken SNP promises, does that mean that wee, whatisname will have to find something new to say? Shock!!!

Staying on the theme of the Labour bash, I note that they had Harriet McHarman there too on loan from England and the Wimins’ Lib Movement...

She upset people by referring to Danny Alexander as a “ginger rodent”. As Mike Smithson (Political Betting) asks, would Harman have been so quick to poke fun at ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, as she was to point out sneeringly that Mr Alexander has red hair.... Did no one tell her that in THIS country there are quite a few people with fair skin and red hair... It’s a Celtic thang!

Clearly Miliband must have given her a carpeting because it didn’t take too long for her to apologise. A cheap laugh from the Jocks at conference Harriet, but it leaves you looking like a hypocritical fool... and we’ll remember at the next election! I wonder how many ginger votes Labour will get.

Oh dear.... Have I rambled?

Pics: Thersa May's kinky wellies; Fisty Cuffs What'isname; the top table at the SCOTTISH (huh) Labour Party Conference, and the Chief Secretary to the Treasury


  1. Yes it's scary getting cut off in your prime. But BT are usually ok and it's the first time I've had to use my memory to achieve satisfaction.
    Ed Milliband has a cheek. He was voted the most expensive politician since records began. His 2008 Climate Change Act signed the UK up to an annual £19Bn green tax for the next 40 years. £800Bn of our money wasted on windmills and carbon offsets. Mind you cast iron's party and the SNP voted for it aswell so a plague on their houses aswell.

    Strange that package to America was on the day after BA asked for less checks at check in and O'Blimey goes to the polls as the worst President since Clinton.
    I blame our old friend Al CIAda

  2. Disc defrag and other maint catchups were enforced on me by BT, I survived.

    Open squirrel season up here as any Gray ones are fair game to be exterminated as foreign invaders carrying the dreaded pox.

    Contacted 5 Live as Steven Nolan was talking about it.

    Hi Steven

    An alert has been put out for an errant women stealing squiirrel nuts in the Highlands of Scotland, the Faslane naval base has been alerted to put to sea, avoiding any islands waters, as this women is in danger of losing her mind taking her followers with her if they haven't already. Kinloss has been contacted and will scramble the scrapped aircraft when the government have set up a review body to check on child benefit suitability. Meanwhile all red squirrels have been told to avoid the Oban area as it is liable to accelerate there demise and suggest that they remove there nuts from confiscation by these Gray invaders.

    ps. I believe she hasn't apologised publicly only to DA personaly.

  3. Wow, it didn't happen here luckily. Must be because you're part of the central belt Tris. :) I'm glad you mentioned Theresa's kinky wellies. They don't quite go with the scenario do they. It's not as if she's orating in the middle of a midden. Then again, maybe it's a tory meeting she's addressing...

  4. Erm... yeah Dean's Flatmate... Haven't you got something to be getting on with....? ;)

  5. LOL CH... Nice one.

    I'm sure Danny will accept her appology.

    He probably just feels sorry for her. I mean if you lived with Jack Dromey you have to dumb down your converstaion too...

  6. Aye SR. You must be up in the heilans to have escaped it.

    It was a pain and then I had to reset to get it to work... and I have to say in fairness, I got first class service from BT. That's a first for me!! But the bloke who talked me through the reset couldn't have been nicer.


    Phewwwww.....Now I'll have to go and have a wee lie down!

    Aye, what with leopard skin wellies and great big chains around her neck... right down to her belly button too :¬0 I kid you not, she's a weird looking woman.

    I couldn't concentrate on a word she was saying for gaping open mouthed at the costume.

    LOL Yeah... mucking out the byer, adressing the Tory conference.... whatever....

  7. tris said..

    " I couldn't concentrate on a word she was saying for gaping open mouthed at the costume."

    Hubba Bubba. With her thunderbird pre election outfit and now her new wellies we're talking hot hot hot.
    But I will stick to youporn. What with Dean prowling about ;)

  8. I'd defo do that if I were you Flatty. (Note that's fLatty, just incase you misread!)

    People would talk. Theresa's old enough to be yer granny.

  9. Sheep and wellies I understand that! How does that work for tups or am I missing something?

    Maybe someone should tell her that our agricultural shows ended weeks ago as those boots are only designed for chucking in the bin.

  10. You could grow spuds in them CH....

  11. Tris said...

    " Theresa's old enough to be yer granny. "

    My favourite ..... ;)

    Thunderbird suits, posh wellies, posh accent. minted with £140K wages... what's not to like for a student in Stirling ;)

  12. She's no Maris Piper maybe she likes a spud murphy not a variety that suits my palette, some people have no taste I prefer the flippant ones, classy. He He your at 1:35AM my comp says 1:00 solved time travel.

  13. Tris

    Your still living in the dark ages Circa-1329

    You need one of these...........

    Know you know what what its like when an addict goes through wikthdrawl

    Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms

    * Anxiety
    * Restlessness
    * Irritability
    * Insomnia
    * Headaches
    * Poor concentration
    * Depression
    * Social isolation

    Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

    * Sweating
    * Racing heart
    * Palpitations
    * Muscle tension
    * Tightness in the chest
    * Difficulty breathing
    * Tremor
    * Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

    also you are unable to keep an erection
    but as a certain person told me you are a bit of a duffer in that area.......i wouldn't worry overmuch about it

  14. Yea Please Al Qaeda (Yemen branch), the bombs we are pretty much used to by now, but the site of the Home Secretary in kinky boots and bondage chain down to her navel was more than could be stomached, rather than have more of that could you not just send over a few DIY water boarding kits?

  15. Point taken, Dean's flatmate. I'll maybe find an opportunity to post the one of her in her chains.

  16. She's a bit crisp for my taste CH.

    As for the time travel problem. I solved it years sgo, or was it tomorrow?

  17. Bloody hell, these boots are not made for walking - has she borrowed them from the Duke of Wellington? Old joke in Labour circles - Theresa May? - Theresa will - it usually takes two G & Ts..

  18. Ah Niko, my old mate. I thank you very much for your helpful suggestings about a dongle!

    I looked throught the lit of symptoms and fing that I suffer from all of them, and have for years...

    What should I do?

    signed Lonely, East lothian!!

    PS xx

    PPS Oh yeah, and maybe you shouldn't believe all you read on the internet mate, specially if brownlie wrote it!!

  19. Munguin: I think you'll find the senior partner has quite a lot of water boarding kits. Under the last management they were used frequently, but right now they may be in a store cupboard in the office marked 'Vice President'.

  20. Aye well, you'd know about things like that Brownlie!

    (I don't mind, but she'd have to buy her own G+Ts.)

  21. Re Harman's jibe at gingers. Can anyone name and shame those on the platform who applauded her? In fairness one or two looked uneasy, but in the clip I saw the camera didn't dwell on people who should also apologise.

  22. Niko,

    You are probably aware, as a wise old sage unlike that upstart Tris, that any comments made by the wee free/Buddhist Brownlie are factual and correct, maybe nonsensical and ludicrous granted, but, nevertheless, correct.

  23. Hi Andrew and welcome to Munguin's Republic. :)

    I didn't actually see the clip; I only read about it. But I'd like to know who else thought that Harriet, usually the epitome of po-faced political corectness, was being amusing.

    Apparently Danny Alexander tweeted that he was proud to be ginger and that rodents were known for clearing up other people's mess.... Oooops Harry, left yourslef open for that.

    So... anyone else know who was splitting their sides at HH?

  24. Right brownlie... so Niko's a wise old sage and everything you say is correct....? You sure you don't want to reconsider that drivel? I mean no one could make sense of that!