Wednesday 13 October 2010


Oh Joy.....

At last the police are to investigate the behaviour of Margaret Moran, surely one of the worst offenders when it came to expenses.

Of course when the Telegraph released some details of how she had been fiddling, she was tout de suite on the telly saying that she would sue. That bravado (like Phil Woolas’s) disappeared when someone a bit brighter than her pointed out that...well, as she was guilty of all the Telegraph had printed and a good deal more, it might be better to shut up and hope it would go away.

It didn’t.

So today the Telegraph gets its own back on Mrs Moran for her little outburst by celebrating the fact that she is likely to be the 5th MP to be charged with abuse of taxpayer funded expenses. And in a lengthy article goes back over all of her little misdemeanours, including her most recent one, which unfortunately was caught on camera by undercover reporters working for a television programme.

The litany of alleged crimes for which she may be charged would make a lifer at H M Prison Barlinnie blush. False invoices, nonexistent companies, invented VAT numbers, work transferred from one address to another, some in houses which were not even hers, invoices for work which was never done, rejected claims re-presented with different wording...

...And of course turning up on a tv programme, being secretly filmed applying for a job as a lobbyist where she could use her influence (all girls together with Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell) to help a private organisation seeking to have influence with the government. And all this, if you please, when she was signing off long term sick from parliament on full salary (having supposedly had a nervous breakdown over the expenses affair)...

Ho Hum... I can’t wait for this trial. I wonder if she will wear one of these idiotic hats (she must have got a job lot on expenses, orange, red....) to impress the judge...


  1. I vote to bring back public stocks for this one and only rotten food allowed.

  2. She is in a whole different kettle of fish from the others charged. She allegedly forged reciepts, faked expenses claims - there isn't the tried and tested *everyone was doing it* line for that!

    Throw the book at her, and preferably a life sentence too!

    Corruption in high office is scandalous, to directly steal from the public like that - and erode faith in our democratic institutions.

    I totally agree with you on this - this little piggie had better get used to the view through the metal bars!

  3. Seems like a plan CH, but only if she can spend 10 years in them!

  4. She is an arrogant bitch Dean. She was so going to sue the Daily Telegraph on the day that her expenses claims were released by them... I'm sure many otehr MPs on all sides wanted to do that, but only she and Phil Wool Ass were stupid enough to say it out loud.

    What I can't understand is why, when she was caught touting herself for work, while claiming sickness from her job as an MP, she wasn allowed to claim a resettlement grant.

    I mean can you imagine any other employee private or public being allowed to do that. She was laughing all the way to the bank of Toytown.

    Fortunately now she will be laughing on the other side of her face... specially when she ends up sharing a cell with one of these nice ladies you so often find in Holloway.....

  5. I was thinking that was her only source of sustenance so I don't think even she could last into double digits, now J baillie I would need to go back to the drawing board (bridge in Tory speak). 5 out of 300+ doesn't seem an awful lot of miscreants being charged.

  6. Cynical,

    I rather think the 5 are the sacrificial lambs ;)

  7. Dean its a pity we don't have any politicians with the b*lls to do this in the UK.

    Enjoy the bankers depression while you can.

  8. I think Dean is right CH. They were the daft ones that no one would stand up for. They are all pretty grim. If I remember right there was another one mentioned in the story...

  9. I'm not disagreeing tris but trying to point out that that is not good enough why should some go phew we got away with it. Its like al-Megrahi an man who was stitched up to suit colonial politicians, thats not justice.

    Guilty or not please sign as justice is what protects us all otherwise we can have no grieveance over any others misdemeanors.

    No 25 miner surfaces.

  10. Good news about the 5 Labour troughers and the Tory trougher. It all pales into insignificance of course compared to EU corruption where £26Bn can go 'missing' and no one cares. Any EU corruption whistleblowers like Marta Andreasen are quickly dismissed ( the unelected Kinnock sacked her for telling the truth about the budget and failing to sign it off).
    The new 'Foreign Service' will eventually have 7,000 staff with embassies around the world. Our £6Bn increase in EU payment will help to keep the Eurocrats in the comfort to which their accustomed.
    The £100K or so from these 5 troughers wouldn't even be a rounding up figure in the £107Bn EU gravy train.

  11. Ocht, Eurobashing - NOOOO! Must .... not ... bite ....

  12. Come on Dean...

    Go for it. You know you want to ;)

    Ok . How about this. Fill in the blank and win a prize of a madeira cake.

    400 .......... go on a £350K 5 star / trougher trip to Madeira for a conference on how to increase spending.

  13. Are we all going to have a rant about our favourite thing to dislike? I feel the rabid republicanism froth coming on. But I will resist!

  14. munguin..
    Ok I'll have a rant thanks...

    The EU jolly to Madeira just highlights the total contempt that eurocrats have for 'their citizens'. While millions take to the streets in Greece and France to protest at attacks on their standard of living these guys discuss how to increase spending over in Madeira. There's obviously no office space available in Strasbourg or Brussels. Oh and all that CO2 from the flying tut tut.
    Defenders of the EU like Dean are so hard wired to defend the EU that you can quote made up gobbledygook at them and they will come out fighting to defend their position. Obviously there has been a long term strategy set in motion in our schools and media to achieve this aim. If foot soldiers like Dean are so well brainwashed think how hard it will be to get rid of the EU. It will be stronger and stronger as you get closer to the centre.
    It would be fun if you could watch the slow EU traincrash as an independent observer. But we're all paying for it.
    It's not like watching the soap opera of the demise of Dundee FC where you know you should care but decades of rivalry have made you slightly glad to see them crash again due to incompetence. I was watching STV last night and faking sadness at the latest goings on at Dundee FC and thought ' all we need now is that weirdo Giovani De Stafino to pop up and the opera will be complete. Then up he pops ! Claiming to want to buy the club again and 'make millions'. Life is often stranger than fiction. And I really should do 'readings' on tv.

  15. UKipper: I could easily write a similar off topic rant on for example HRH the Prince Of Wales (or Big Ears as I like to call him) commissioning a piece of Classical music called the Highgrove Suite to celebrate 30 years of doing his garden. A garden for which mummy gave him a medal a few years ago at the Chelsea flower show. Of course he justifies this expense in these straightened times by telling us that all proceeds will go to his various charities. But in my opinion theses charities are simply a party political broadcast on behalf of the Royal Family, intended to justify their existence in the 21st Century. He demeans proper charity work that comes from the heart and not from some medieval desire to keep your bum on a throne. Clearly if I had the resources of the state and hundreds of nodding flunkies I could no doubt make myself look tantamount to a saint. It is a sad indictment on Big Ears that he can’t do that, no doubt that has a lot to do with his deep felt belief that he is so much better than all the rest of us.

  16. Munguin...

    Not a bad rant. A bit light though and not much passion. Would it be possible to have a posting on rants ? Open to any off topic subject your readers fancy ? I get the feeling there are people here who are dying for a good rant. I know what mine would be about. No Dean , I also have other hates apart from the corrupt EU ;)
    There would have to be a provisio though. No comments allowed on peoples rants as we might get sidetracked. Just a free rant with no one allowed to argue or pick up on obvious mistakes in the rant that are put in 'for effect darling'.

  17. Well lads....please let's not turn every post I do into a rant about the EU or indeed The Duke of Rothsay.

    If that's all that people are going to talk about, it kind of obviates the need for me to write anything at all, and every post might as well be a space to rant.... :)

    That would probably end up with us losing readers after all.

    I promise to do a post about the EU in the future and you can have a good rant there, and of course Munguin, as it's your blog you can have a rant about big ears any time you want....

    In the mean time the subject is Moran, and how she is going to get hers. I’d appreciate it if at least some of the posts were about that....


  18. I'm with you CH and I shall sign.

  19. PS I heard this morning that all the miners are up and in fairly good health. One has pneumonia, and they all have dental problems but they are all fine apart from that.

    It's a great and cheering story in times when we have so much gloom around as we wait for Osborne's statement.

    The engineers who did the drilling must be amazing men, and how proud they must feel today.

  20. Aye a good news story at last.
    There will be a lot of drilling tonight in 33 Chilean houses.
    It would be ragweek if I was one of the miners knowing my luck.
    If I was put in a barrel full of Corrs I'd come up with that bloke snogging me.

  21. Phil [or UKIPer, what do you prefer?],

    My rant? Hmm, I don't rant really - I try to avoid defining my values based on what I dislike - but if pushed to a rant... bloody KOSOVO! Independence? Hypocracy of the western powers - indepdendence for Kosovo but not South Ossetia?

    Is there any wonder why Russia doesn't trust the liberal west? Hypocritical rubbish. Kosovo must be part of Serbia, lest we set a dangerous precident.

  22. Dean..
    Yes Kosovo would be a good rant. It's all messed up over there with the international rulebook thrown out of the window.
    Your spelling of 'precident' and 'Hypocracy' look dodgy but I won't pick you up on it.
    You can call me Phil if you like. After the Duke.

  23. After the duke? LOL, Are you his No:1 fan?


  24. Yes I love jazz music ;)

  25. Or there is the Count...