Wednesday 27 October 2010


A few weeks ago I wrote a story about Blair taking from Downing Street (quite legally, but greedily) gifts that he was given as head of government, and therefore gifts to the country, rather than to him personally.

Now it appears that Mrs Blair has been selling stuff on Ebay, including a watch given to her husband/the state by the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, for well under a third of its value.

Blair is said to earn around £6000 a minute as an after dinner speaker (in addition to having heaven knows how many other jobs to occupy his 24 hours a day). It seems that people desperately want to hear about how he agreed with everything that President Bush said, and nothing that Gordon Brown said... Oh well, folk are funny. They like The X Factor too!

Mrs Blair has also been selling her husband’s signature on Ebay. According to the Daily Telegraph:
Mrs Blair claimed she had not intended to profit from the autograph, saying she had advertised it to "undermine the market" in Blair signatures, because she was upset that people were selling them for up to £35. She claimed to have refunded the £10 as soon as she had sold the signature.

Why would a QC, with a millionaire husband and the ability to earn between a quarter and half a million a year (despite being, of course, a good socialist) be interested in whether her husband’s signature sold for a tenner or 35 quid?

I think she’s flipped!

Afterthought: With all her money, you'd think Cherie could afford a better looking wig, wouldn't you?

After Afterthought: Hat tip to my mum for alerting me to this story.


  1. She reminds me of this.

  2. Tris....This was an item on the news here in the states this morning. Apparently the Blairs have fallen on hard times. Surely Tony will be listing some of those wrist watches on Ebay soon. Now we know why he needed them...LOL.

    It looks like Tony Blair autographs can be had on Ebay for as little as a few dollars....although the asking prices vary quite a bit. On the other hand, Margaret Thatcher autographs are generally much bigger ticket items. Perhaps you'd like a picture of her and Ronnie.....autographed by her. A starting bid of just under $300 US. Can't imagine how much it would be if Ronnie had autographed it too.

  3. I've always associated Cruella with Mrs Thatcher Cynical, but I guess she'd do too!

  4. You see Danny. The Tory cuts have ruined everyone's lives...even that arch Tory, Tony.

    Bless him, only a tenner for his signature, and that's his much talked about legacy. They were being diddled at that. I had a look to see if I could get other people's signatures but Sadam's and Pol Pot were nowhere to be found.

    But there, you sent me the next best thing. The lovely Margaret and Ronnie. £185 ... That's a lot of money, but then again...nice legs.

    Shame about that old woman ruining the picture with him.

  5. PS Tris....The Berlusconi watch looks cool. Was really sad that I didn't find it still listed. Already sold I guess. :-(

    No Gordon Brown autographs currently listed either. I thought perhaps I'd find a bargain price on those.

  6. PPS....Sorry my emoticon was dismembered.

  7. You want Tony's watch Danny?

    I'm sure another one will turn up soon. Next time she's broke!

    Ouch... Nothing worse than a dismembered emoticon!

    Ha ha.... Gordon Brown? We've all but forgotten who he is!

  8. She's not the only one who has flipped, just read this.

  9. CH. I read it and left a comment.

    I suppose she has to bum him up a bit... She can't very well say he's totally crap, can she?

    As for the savings that we haven't made..... WHAT?

    I think she'll find that John has made drastic savings year on year. She can't palm that off. Osborne may have suggested that we put off the cuts till next year (as part of his ...erm...respect...erm agenda), but John started right away.

    And he has budgeted for larger cuts than we are actually having.

    Ms Dugdale is as big a haver as the drunk as a lord bloke...

    In case she takes it down here's the comment I left on her site:

    I read this with incredulity.

    John Swinney has made huge savings in the last two years as you probably very well know (or at least you should). I think it disingenuous of you to suggest (in preparation for a win) that all the cuts will fall on you, and that it’s all the SNP’s fault. It’s not. It’s labour’s fault for allowing the Uk to get into this mess, and it’s the Tories fault for making far too many cuts, far to quickly, and disproportionately hitting the poor.

    Iain Gray is possibly a very nice man. I'm sure he's good company and a bit of a laugh, and I imagine he might even be amusing. Certainly his experiences in Africa would make an interesting evening in his company.

    However statesman he is not, nor I suspect will he ever be.

    Still, I suppose you have to say it, and it is true that he may be the best of a very mediocre bunch. Personally I think you may very well win the next general election. Essentially Scotland is a Labour country (unfortunately being squeezed to death by people who only ever come here to shoot animals) (That in itself should tell us that we need to not be ruled from London. What do people from the playing fields of Eton know about social deprivation, except possibly, that it exists.

    However, if you win, I think you'd be better off with Jacquie Bailey than Iain Gray. A less likely leader I don't think I've ever seen.

  10. "Tory cuts habe ruined everybody's life"

    Hope that is tongue in cheek banter!

  11. LOL... Dean.

    I dunno...

    I tear the Labour party up into strips and still you're moaning at me.... What do I have to do to please you?

    Of course they haven't ruined everybody's lives (I not sure it if shouldn't be 'lives' rather than 'life'... )

    There are lots of people they have barely affected....