Wednesday 6 October 2010


So, my country needs me. And if I help David Cameron create the Big Society, then within a few years we can reap the rewards and we can all be rich and successful.

But we must ALL pull together in the (British) national interest and soon everything will be peaches and cream.


And then the fairy god mother gave me a big kiss and, in keeping with the season, I turned into a pumpkin.

Jam tomorrow. I’ve heard it all my life. It never happens.

This afternoon Mr Cameron gave his conference speech which even his biggest fans would have been hard pressed to call stirring. He told the faithful (and the not so faithful, still angry that they were going to lose some money in the child benefit) that "The big society is ................ an attempt to create a citizenship that is not simply a transaction in which you put your taxes in and get your services out. When we say 'we are all in this together'", he intoned in a serious voice, "that is not a cry for help, but a call to arms."

A call to arms? What on earth is he on about?

I had no part in causing any of this mess. It is a mess caused by bankers, finance people, government and a compliant parliament. It’s all very well blaming Labour, but where was the opposition to credit gone crazy? Did the shadow chancellor not realize it was happening? Did he not understand it? Or was he making too much money from it all?

In a mad rush to get rich bankers and their management took wild mad gambles and made obscene amounts of money. The government truly believed its own spin, in a mind blowing conceit and incredible stupidity, that it had delivered the impossible: an end to boom and bust, and the back benchers were too busy filling in their expense forms, buying, selling and flipping their houses to bother with that kind trivia.

They got us into this mess. I, like everyone else, will have to pay, through higher taxes and fewer services, but that’s an end to my participation in whole nasty mess. I’m certainly not taking any part in his Big Society. So he can stuff it!


PS: Is it me, or does Mrs Cameron have a hole in her dress?


  1. That's a £750 frock Tris! Silk flowers they are.

  2. The Tories can all set us a good example by being the first to get out there and man the big society. How many of the top 5% who own half the nation’s wealth will be out there manning soup kitchens, picking up dog shit in local parks, cleaning up sick in the streets on Sunday morning and the like? None I suspect, they are all far too busy in their careers of avoiding paying their fair share in taxes. They made the shed load of money from the good times but all that is going to do is insulate them in the bad times while the rest of us pick up the cheque.

  3. more of the same then.....October 07, 2010 9:30 am

    These conference speeches are strange. They sound convincing and go on for a while but at the end you realise nothing new has been said and nothing has changed.
    No change on the march of the EU, the global warming scam is still sacrosanct, we're still fighting a pointless war in Afghanistan, bankers are still getting bonuses, our economy is still going to stop next year and the Tories are still the 'nasty party'..

  4. Oooops SR. She paid £750 for that? All I can say is what my Gran would say....toffs are careless!

  5. Yes Munguin. That’s it. Of course the people who will do this are the ones who have been paid off because of the stupid mismanagement of the economy and the bad management of companies.

    In a desperate attempt to find something to do while looking for a job, and so as to put something on their cv, they will take part in his Big Society.

    Any charity work I do will be because I want to do it, not because he wants me to.

  6. moreofthesame:

    Thanks for that link.

    What a stupid man. I didn’t see the programme so I can’t comment, but you would think that a candidate would have a bit more savvy than say that, even if he thought it.

    I suspect he’s rich and dresses himself out of quality shops, has a wide variety of clothes and never has to get his hands dirty. He might dress less well if he was a carer, doing hard physical cleaning work. It shows the massive divide between him and his likes and the people they seek to represent. It speaks volumes for the party that he is still standing.

    I laughed yesterday when Cameron said “I know the British people”..... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

    Of course you do Dave. You met them at Eton or Oxford. You met a few more in London, at parliament, at the palace, or in North Kensington. They go to Henley and Lords, Ascot and Wimbledon. They enjoy the Royal Ballet and Glyndebourne. You know their “ups and downs”. They go “up” to Oxford for their “education” and go “down” to country at the weekends. And you’ve heard that there is somewhere called “up north” and were surprised to find that it wasn’t Cambridge.