Saturday 23 October 2010


Andrew Hughes Hallett, Professor of Economics and Public Policy; Co-Director, Center for Emerging Market Policy at George Mason University, and Visiting Professor at St Andrews University, has confirmed that Scotland subsidises the UK Treasury in London and that the unionist cabal’s Calman recommendations are unworkable.

Professor Hughes Hallett made the points on Radio Scotland’s ‘Newsweek’ show. When questioned by presenter Derek Batemen on the economics of independence, he confirmed J
ohn Swinney’s case that Scotland would be better off financially with economic independence.

This comes only a few weeks after Nobel Prize winning economist Josef Stiglitz confirmed that the UK Government had ‘squandered’ Scotland’s oil wealth and the SNP’s plans for oil fund should be carried out as soon as possible.

Dundee West’s MSP Joe FitzPatrick, who is a member of Parliament’s finance committee, said:

“Professor Hughes Hallet has confirmed what John Swinney and the SNP have been saying for years. It’s economically unviable for Scotland to remain part of the union and subsidise the rest of the UK. For years Scotland has more than paid its own way, only for unionist parties in Scotland to peddle the myth that it is the other way around.

“An Independent Scotland will be able to build the better and fairer Scotland we all want to see. With the cuts from ConDem coalition about to bite, the importance of the economic powers of independence have never been more important to Scotland.

“The SNP will be working hard over the next year to promote a better Scotland, a Scotland free from the financial ties of the union and a Scotland free from the Tories, and their cuts agenda. For too long Scotland has been held back by the union and held back
by a Labour party who prefer Tory rule to home rule. It’s time to end that. It’s time to stand up for Scotland, let her flourish, and show that we’ve got what it takes to make Scotland better.”

More and more respected people are coming out for an independent Scotland.

The choice between a future of being tied to England, sending 50+ MPs to a house of 600+, ruled by the South East of England for their economy instead of Edinburgh for ours, having our own country, our own economy and our own success story is becoming easier and easier to make.

We could be living so much better. We could be passing a wealthy, happy country at ease with itself on to our kids... instead of the mess we have, and will continue to have.

It seems a no brainer to me!

Pics: The Act of Union, John Swinney, Joe Fitzpatrick


  1. "It seems a no brainer to me!"

    Its been a no brainer for over 4 decades for me. Scotland has been lied to for generations by unionist politicians as they are only in politics for their own advancement which would border on treason in a democratic society if we ever come close to one. I believe newsnet will be doing an article on this.
    As I dont look at BBC website anymore, after blocking me again, it will be interesting to know if it gets publication

  2. That is a good article. I've often wondered if Scotland would be better off in the Euro. The pound has had its day. No one is interested in it any more.

    As Merv prints money like confetti it will become more and more worthless.

    Please, can we get it through to Labour that a vote from Scotland doesn’t matter a toss. It’s England that decides the government with more than 5/6 of all the seats. No one else matters.

    So Scotland votes Labour and gets Tory. Wales votes Labour and gets Tory and NI votes for whoever and gets Tory... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR why can’t they see it???????

  3. I've always supported independence for Scotland but there's no party interested in that so I switched to UKIP. At least the UK would be independent with them.
    It's infuriating for me what while some Scots live in squalor and some old folk are terrified of switching the heating on because of the expense you get so much extravagant expenditure by the corrupt EU.
    £300K for a weekend trip to Madeira to discuss how to increase spending. £800m extra a year from UK taxpayers to fund the corrupt EU expansion. Millions on courses to brainwash university students and vice presidents. £800 a year on electricity bills to fund windmills. it goes on and on and most folk in the UK haven't got a clue about it because the BBC and the other MSM outlets are in on the scam.
    oh and Tris forget the Euro. It's finished and is being supported by billions of printed euros.

  4. If you're against the EU you're mad to support a UK-wide party! UKIP will never get anywhere close to domestic electoral success so there is no possibility of the UK ever making a decision to leave the EU. And even if there ever was a decision on the EU, it would be England's decision, just as everything else is. It's the inevitable arithmetic of the UK.

    When Scotland becomes independent, however, everything else becomes possible. A vote for independence is just that, and all other major constitutional matters will be up for discussion. Don't make the mistake of thinking that a pro-EU SNP means an independent Scotland in the EU. The SNP has no more right to decide on EU membership than UKIP does. It will be a matter for the sovereign people of Scotland, and I expect any independent Scottish government to respect that. I expect there will be a series of referendums after we become independent, and only then will we have decisions on EU membership, the currency, the monarchy, etc.

    btw, I favour an independent Scots currency which could truly be as hard as the Swiss Franc.

  5. Excellent news. I was beginning to be doubtful about the wisdom of waiting for the Tories to come along before pressing for independence. It seemed over the last six months that the Tories being in charge was benefitting Labour in Scotland but that seems it may be on the brink of changing. These ludicrous unfair cuts might just tip the balance in favour of independence.

  6. The interview and transcript.

  7. Ukipper. Of course the SNP is for independence, but there are more ways to skin a cat....

    Slowly slowly catchey money, as they say.

    When oh when would the Scots have voted for independence? What would you have us do? We don't want to be like the Irish independence parties.

    We have, by taking part in devolution, proved that Scots people can run their own government without phoning up the boss in Downing Street every 2o minutes and without having Scotland's man in the Cabinet instructing us exactly what it is that the real First Minister wants.

    If the Scots give us another 4 years then we will go on doing that. If not then we will be in opposition and go on fighting for Scotland.

  8. Endorsements

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  9. Good post holebender. That's exactly what I have always said.

    The SNP will morph into something else when independence is achieved. Some people will go to the Tories (or whatever the Tories become) and some to Labour, or maybe, if there are any left, the Liberals.

    It will be a pretty blank sheet... Republic/Monarchy, EU/NATO/EFTA? and a load of other questions will have to be answered.

    It's a new beginning.

  10. Munguin:

    You can bet your life that the Labour lot in London won't overturn any of the Tories' cuts if and when they get back in.

    The only way to start living like ordinary Europeans is for us to not be part of England.

  11. Niko....

    Brilliant. Rolling about on the floor laughing....

    I was wondering what Mrs Tris was thinking about when she had that far away look in her eyes!


  12. Just maybe the tide is finally turning.

    If you consider the points that Professor Hallett made, then have a close look at the poll in Scotland On Sunday where the % of people wanting independence is growing and even Labour voters think that Alex Salmond would be a better First Minister than Ian Gray.

    What we need to remind all the people that voted Labour/LibDem/Tory is that by their continued support for the unionist partys they are endorsing the right of the Torys to implement their policies over the UK as a whole.

    When will it ever get through to voters that 600 plus MPs will always be able to out vote 58. To think that Scottish votes can stop any English policies being implemented in Scotland is fantasy.

    When will we say thats enough? when yet more cuts are passed to Scotland.

    Do they want their Grandchildren to inherit a Brigadoon type theme park, where the only employment is handing Tory toffs like Cameron and Osbourne their shotguns or golf clubs?

  13. Thank you CH. I've linked the story to the article.

  14. I don't know Dubbieside.

    It seems patently obvious to me, but so many people just never give the whole thing a second though.

    It's like they cannot conceive of anything different ever happening.

    If they thought just for a second about how Norwegians live, about the fact that as you point out 550 English votes is never going to be beaten down by fifty something Scottish votes, even if they could all vote together.

    Change it and we will never be ruled for the benefit of London and the Southern Counties again...

    ‘Unemployment in the North is a price worth paying for stabilizing inflation”... isn't that what the governor of the Bank of ENGLAND said? (Why is it not the Bank of Britain? Because it acts in the interest of England.) Well, it might be a price worth paying for the folk in the South of England, but up here we didn’t think it was much worth it.

    I don't know when Scots will see it, but you point out some more welcome news this morning.