Thursday 28 October 2010


Another example of how we are so NOT all this together has come to light.

New figures from the Institute of Development Studies show that FTSE 100 director pay increased by 55% in the year to June. In the FTSE 350, boardroom pay climbed by 45% on average.

FTSE 100 chief executives paid themselves on average £4.9m during the year. But the study found the rise in pay packages was enhanced by share options, long-term incentive plans and bonuses.

In the meantime another survey by the same consultancy found that employers were still pushing through pay freezes, which effectively means that pay is being cut when inflation is taken into account.

Unions were rightly shocked at the levels of pay at a time when workers suffered real cuts to their wages, pay freezes and redundancy.

What a charmless and unequal society we live in. How did we get to this stage where greed is so good, the devil take the hindmost, and the poor depend on Boris Johnston to save them from eviction?


  1. Good old "we are all in it together" syndrome strikes again!

    But don't worry that will go the way of all the other Tory buzz words and phrases, like "respect agenda" that flew out the window by the seat of it's pants PDQ. Then there was "new politics" we have not heard that for a while now we all realise that new politics looks pretty much like the old politics but with an odious right wing regressive political agenda. Then there was "constitutional reform" not heard about that for a while either now that the Lib Dems have sold us all down the river for an AV election that their new friends and soon to be party colleagues campaign against it.

    Just add them to the list of Tory bribes that got them into number ten. Like the one for women when they said they would stop that unfair nonsense of men coming before women in terms of the right of succession. Then the one to Catholics when they said they would end the unfair practice that means our king can’t marry or be a catholic. The one to motorists where they said they would get rid of speed cameras. The one to the green lobby before they embraced nuclear and scrapped the Humber barrier. All abandoned or changed out of all recognition. The list goes on and on and on.

  2. Tris

    Just a follow up to my post on a previous thread.

    You really should watch Mike Russell get stuck in to Brewer. I have attached the link. We should encourage as many people as possible to watch it. Almost as good as the Welsh guy sticking it to Paxman.

    Maybe after three years of listening to the crap from the EBC we have finally decided there is no mileage in being "nice" and are finally going for the jugular, I sincerely hope so.

  3. Dubbie: thanks for that, he was excellent and tore the BBC apart, and not only that he was right, moving to class size reductions via legislation is the only way to go if that is your policy. We saw how badly Fiona Hislop's compact with local authorities fell by the way side when challenged in court by selfish parents. So much so that her failure meant she had to go. Looks like Mike has got the bull by the horns in this poisoned chalice of a job!

  4. Excellent piece Dubbieside. Brewer is such an ignorant second rater. He thinks he's being like Paxo, and he shows himself up as a second rater.

    Mike Russel is a very clever and very competent man. He knows his brief well and is intellectually vastly superior to Brewer.

    Well done to him for not allowing an interruption from the rubbish that brewer was spouting.

  5. Yes, dead right Munguin. Mike Russell ain't gonna go the way of Fiona Hyslop.

  6. Tris/Munguin

    Do you think that this may be part of a new SNP strategy when interviewed by the EBC, or is Mike Russell a one off?

  7. I'm not sure Dubbieside. All the senior SNP would be capable of that kind of performance, but seem to have preferred to display old fashioned Scottish manners.

    But fighting on issues when confronted with the kind of nonsense that Brewer came out with there is really not an option.

    I wonder how much the Labour party pay him for that kind of performance.

    I hope that, along with talking sensibly about the issues, the party policy will be, when driven to it, to simply talk through people who are trying to undermine them.

    And seriously one of the issues is that we need to make it sure that people know that a vote for Labour is a vote for Iain Gray as First Disaster, er I mean Minister.

  8. scrap the biased BBCOctober 29, 2010 2:17 pm

    Dubbie said..

    " Do you think that this may be part of a new SNP strategy when interviewed by the EBC, or is Mike Russell a one off? "

    Hopefully a new strategy. They've got nothing to lose. BBC Scotland are all Labour supporters and many write for the Labour press or go on holiday with labour politicians. It covers all of their network in Scotland. Even sports programmes like 'Off the Ball' is infested with left wing labour toadies like Stuart Cosgrove and his labour luvvy friends.

    Good article here...

  9. We are indeed 'all in this together' there is no doubt of that to claim different is well plain..........silly(cue DEANO!)

    The difference is how unequal the experience and the outcome will be for those like Cameron and osbornes class and for the ordinary(tris is very ordinary) person who is going to suffer very badly....

  10. Niko,

    Behave yourself - Tris is extra-ordinary in every sense of the word. The ordinary person suffered quite a bit under the previous right-wing regime so we'll take no lectures from blind/blinkered Labour apologists.

    Why does Brewer always look as if he shoved his head in a tub of melted lard before coming on air?

  11. Brownlie

    Whats the point of a Blind Labour apologist wearing blinkers????? you forgot the special ear piece we are forced to wear which distorts any verbal message into labour propaganda

  12. 'Ginger Rodents' aren't in this together.

    Times are going to get red hot next May and thanks re Kezia as I wondered if it was just me.

  13. Sorry about the delay in answering. BT has manged to lose my internet connection, along with the rest of the East of Scotland and Northern England for the last 24 hours. I've had to come to Munguin's place to answer and see what's going on.

  14. P.S. Will answer all later (I hope).

  15. Niko,

    See the slanty thing between "blind" and "blinkered" - it indicates either of the two - take whichever applies to you. If it meant both an "and" would have appeared between the two.

    However, as you are naive enough to still fondly imagine that NewLab is still the people's party, with socialist aspirations and an anti-nuclear agenda, you can be forgiven.

  16. tris,

    Avoid, if possible, Munquin's thirty year old malt!

  17. PS:


    He's decanted a five year old Tesco fire-water into a 30 year old Glenfiddich bottle. The real stuff is in a cupboard under the stairs. Slainte!!

  18. Tris said...

    " BT has manged to lose my internet connection, along with the rest of the East of Scotland and Northern England "

    Phew thank God for that. I always try and crack one off on Dean's computer before he gets in from tennis practise and thought I'd used up the last of his 10Gb allocation for the month.

  19. BBC: I was wondering why there is all this coverage of the Scottish opposition's conference when ther was so little coverage of the government's one....

  20. Hum Niko....

    We are all in it togetehr and don't you forget it. We have Mr Cameron's word on that, and you know what his word is worth... (evidently the right of the Tory party don't trust it much, but they are a bunch of rabit howing mad xenophobic Blai-tcherites.

  21. Erm... 'extra' meaning 'especially' Brownlie?

    I think the reason Brewer looks as if he shoved his head in a tub of melted lard before coming on air, is that (and this is a little trade secret I'll let you into), just before going on air, he shoves his head in a tub of melted lard... Who ever would have thought it?

    I'm so glad you're back. You were missed, or was that mist?

  22. Cynical: I would have thought a QC would have had a wee bitty more savoir faire than describe her opponents in such a fashion. That's for the likes of you and me!

    Clearly Harry can't have much in the way of a political arguement against the wee ginger lad, if she has to resort to that kind of insult.

    Personally I think she's a grey feminist gnu but of course I'd never say it out loud.

  23. Brownlie: I had a wee look under the stairs but I only found an old chanty.

    When questioned Munguin said it was Brownlie what drank it all... honest. I don't know what he could have meant by that!

    BTW: Do you know what's up with Ms Pangloss. She's been somewhat conspicuous by her absence recently, and I'm a wee bit worried. She may have done her back in doing these stairs... or she may have fallen down the damned things after a glass of two of sherry....

  24. Ah Dean's flat mate. I've been wanting a little word with you about Dean.... but I can see that you may be busy... and I don't want to disturb you.... really!

  25. I wouldn't dream that you would say anything verbally to bring your status into question, have you got plenty of rubbers to correct the graphite errors. 0800.......... nice to see you haven't flown north with the 'penguin rodents'.

  26. Tris..

    No I've finished now ta. Thank God for high speed total broadband ;)
    Shoot away......

  27. That's south CH

    I'm happy to hear it Flatty!