Sunday 3 October 2010


Lordy, oh Lordy. Nadine Dorries ^^ is a corker.

At a fringe meeting at the Tory conference she announced that she would rather die than fight the next election with the Liberals, whom apparently the dear old soul has been fighting all her life.

She went on to describe her latest Liberal opponent as being like a Japanese prisoner of war...still fighting the war. I thought that prisoners of war didn’t actually fight any more, but it’s a small point.

She said that there was no future after the next election for a Liberal-Conservative alliance, however, I suspect that she may change her mind if the Tories require the Liberals, once again, to keep them from opposition or minority government and continual defeats.

Still Nadine is a bit of an old drama queen. You’ll remember she promised us suicides over the expenses scandals.

Suicides? Nah, I should say not. They might have been miffed that they had been caught out and even angrier that the gravy train had been temporarily halted, but most of them had loads of lovely lolly to spend... ours... They weren’t about to top themselves!!

Known variously as "Mad Nad" and the Conservatives' answer to Heather Mills or Sarah Palin, Nadine doesn't like Cameron as party leader: "He represents everything that through my life I'd been suspicious of." she said of her new leader.

Ew er... I'm sure not "everything" Nads. Most people are suspicious of second hand car salesmen, and people trying to sell double glazing on the phone.

Dorries's somewhat inventive interpretation of "facts" undermines causes supported by Cameron. In her fight against late-term abortion, she propagated an internet rumour that a 21-week-old foetus could punch through an incision in a womb.

And boy does she hate John Bercow, which is pretty much at odds with the Tory leader's recent support for him.

So maybe Cameron is hoping that this time she actually means it.... and he and Nick are plotting a long term relationship.


  1. Did they ever manage to get to the bottom of her expenses saga ? Was well complicated. Living in France and claiming for a house in East Anglia or something.
    And I remember she hired two of her kids as secretaries just weeks before they banned the practice.
    She always 'seemed' ( to avoid her libeling you - another of her famous pastimes) a bit dodgy but you would though wouldn't you guys ?( and gals - don't want hatties equality laws to sue me)

  2. Oh heavens nice knockers, I haven't got a clue. I remember laughing at the time about her, but there were rather a lot of them...going down like nine-pins. I do remember that she said that there would be suicides, and I waited with baited breath.... but nothing .......

    I remember that she was one of the MPs that went on some reality tv thing and broke the rules. She was supposed to live on £45 a week and she was caught with a £50 note down her bra (allegedly).

    I expect she wanted to supplement her bread and dripping with some oysters or truffles or whatever it is that Tory MPs eat.

    She's all that's bad about the Tory party...well not all, but you know....

    Now that the Telegraph has got other things to report, it all seems to have disappeared and I think it's probably back to "business as usual", except for a few hapless scapegoats.

    Talking of which, have you noticed how the scapegoats are all plug ugly (allegedly). I wonder if there is a connection.
    Oh yeah, for heaven's sake we have to be careful not to get in the way of the Harridan’s evil laws on equality... otherwise we'll end up in the pokey with the MPs!!

  3. I don't know any Tory who likes that slime-ball Bercow...

  4. David Cameron is a vile flim-flam merchant, that said and did anything to get to be the prime minister. Now that he is, he is way out of his depth and seems to be leaving the running of things to Nick Clegg. As for Nadine and the rest of the Tories well it seems to be true what they say: “underneath all that phony tinsel is the real tinsel!”

  5. Dean: I don't like him much either.

    What do Tories think of Nadine?

  6. He does seem to be completely detatched from the whole thing really doesn't he munguin.

    I'm inclined to think that Nick is the brains behind the whole thing. And he's better at PR.

  7. She's a bit out there, but I do agree with her on abortion laws - they need reformed, and reduced to the EU ave of 12 as opposed to the UK 24 weeks...

    Her tone is silly, but she can make serious points. Lest she'd not be taken seriously, in an parliament she IS.

  8. "going down like nine-pins" - sounds like my kind of girl!

  9. Yes, but that's because you're a midden Brownlie...isn't it

  10. Yes, but a high-class midden containing bottles of Bolly, cartons of caviare and any Port in a storm!

  11. LOL... That's defo one to you!!

  12. Poor old Nadine! No one deserves to be put down like the nine pins! Especially not by Brownlie anyways ... :)

  13. I'm thinking that Nadine might rather like that.... (She's not fussy, I heard)

  14. Go ahead! as long as you're are not standing next to me when it happens.

  15. Go ahead and do what Bob?