Thursday 28 October 2010


Today's First Minister's Questions is on Subrosa's blog.


  1. Good questions today by Goldie, and surprisingly from Tavish too I thought.

    Less said about witsisname the know - him that pretends to lead the Labour lot [but only in Holyrood mind, the Labour MPs are too grand for him .. some of them even have name recognition!]

  2. Tavishs question may not have been as good as you though Dean. The following is from Blether with Brian, apparently the SNP government has challenged the figures.

    The LibDems asked about senior managers earning £50k or more.

    Arguably, that excludes managers who, in 2007, were earning just below that level. So, again arguably, they would not feature in the head count or the salary total in that year - but, by salary progression, would be above £50k in 2010 and would be included.
    As a public service, here are the two sets of figures.

    The LibDems say there were 617 non-clinical staff in the NHS in Scotland earning more than £50k in 2007: a total pay bill of £24,860,218. By 2010, that had risen to 1,790 staff and £104,280,982.

    The government's statistics division says that in 2007 there were 1,914 individuals listed as senior managers in the NHS. In 2009, that figure had reduced to 1,377. The wage bill figures are for 2007 and 2010 - and are £98m and £102m.

    P.S. Did you see Mike Russell on Newsnicht last night? he gave Brewer quite a kicking. Is this the start of the SNP getting more aggressive with the BBC? I for one hope so, about time if it is.

  3. Yes Dubbieside. I reckon wee Tavish's figures may not have been 100%. can do what you want with them.

    I didn't see Mike Russel last night. I hope too that they will become more assertive and agressive with Labour/BBC, another coalition!

    Whilst I think they should retain some of the decency that has characterised their approach in teh past, they must realise that these people play dirty and play to win...with scant regard to truth , fairness or decency... and they ARE in it together!!

  4. Who on earth are you talking about Dean? Some one leading Labour? nah, I think you must be getting something mixed up.

    There a wee fat lad... forgot his name, but he doesn't do much in the way of leading...