Sunday 3 October 2010


The Foreign Office has warned of a high level threat of attacks in France and Germany as it followed the USA, telling its citizens to take care when travelling.

The Foreign Office advice is that the attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers.

Apparently authorities in Britain last week intercepted an al Qaida-linked terror which would reportedly have been similar to the deadly commando-style raids in Mumbai.

On Tuesday night the Eiffel Tower had to be evacuated for the second time in 2 weeks following a bomb threat. On Friday, even Sweden announced it has raised its threat alert to the highest level ever because of an increased threat of terror attacks.

It seems that Osama bin Laden could be masterminding these latest plots himself.

The UK Home Secretary said Britain was working closely with other countries including the US on counter-terrorism. The USA’s advice included the warning that particularly vulnerable sites might be public transport systems and other tourist infrastructure.

We should all be a bit wary and keep our eyes open. Of course the smaller and more insignificant the town you live in the safer you are likely to be. But areas where there are likely to be large numbers of tourists, Edinburgh, Inverness for example are apparently most vulnerable.

Let’s hope that Mr Obama, the Palestinian President and the Israeli Prime Minister can sort something out that will bring forward peace in the near east very soon, and that we have the good sense to get ourselves out of Afghanistan in short order.

The plight of people in Palestine and Israel and the interference of NATO in Afghanistan together with the needless killings and torture of civilians there, are the main reasons that this terrorism will not go away.


  1. Rule by the fear of fear which we have helped to stir up, chocolate rations will increase by a negative amount next month.

  2. It is best to have us worried about terrorism about now, when all the cuts are about to come.

    If we fer for our lives we may be less worried that the winter fuel payments have been reduced.