Sunday 16 December 2012


That's right. It's a dead duck walking.
he he he ... I know all about Dave's dirty secrets....
Bravo Dave, one of your more successful policies. After all 2% success... not bad.
You'd be better off in the loonie bin
That might be asking just a little bit too much.
What was that you said about making work pay, Dave? You meant you'd make being a millionaire pay? Oh right, well, that's OK then. You've had a success.

There's always an idiot who'll spoil your snap...






  2. Hmmmmm.

    Johann too useless to win after 10 years of SNP rule?

  3. Still... If you happy with Tory Rule, vote unionist.

    Right wing hate imposed upon Scotland by Thatcherites.

  4. tris

    Two of my brothers have their atos
    assessments one in Jan the other in Feb.
    They say others they know with their level of disability have passed the test and have not lost any benefit.

    I am not so confident as they.

    We spoke at the funeral of my brothers wife who was also disabled
    which ultimately led to her passing away at to early an age.

    So no i am not anti the disabled
    far from it another chromosome and it could have been me and not them.

  5. I know you are not Niko. I'd never suggest that.

    Seriously though... party enmity aside... Can you see Atos thriving with their filth in a Scotland led by Lamont or Salmond, or even some other Labour person who would be freed up if they didn't have to send their best to England?


    Whatever happens if they are turned down, they must appeal. And get help to do the appeal, either from an association that deals with their particular form of disability, or by CAB.

    Most cases are won, when someone does the plea on behalf of the claimant. And after all the tribunal is a court of law convened by the English Ministry of Justice, so there is no reason why they should not be represented.

    I hope they get through without having to go through that though. It is nerve racking even for a fit person. A sick person (and they bank on this) often just can't summons the energy.

    All to save £30 a week. They make me sick.

  6. Off topic, but I just noticed this post over at Labour List.

    "Labour’s Deputy Leader Anas Sarwar MP will co-ordinate Labour’s Scottish referendum campaign. Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont said that he would bring “real energy, drive and vision” to the campaign. Following the announcement, Sarwar said:

    “Labour’s vision for Scotland is different from that of the Tories or Lib Dems and that is why there is a recognition that we need a Labour voice making the case for wealth redistribution, social justice, tackling poverty and how this can be better achieved by working in partnership with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    “Better Together has a job to do but it’s job comes to an end after the referendum. While people of all political parties and none will play their part working with Better Together, Scottish Labour also has a different and distinctive role to play. I look forward to bringing the Labour family together in this challenge.” "

    ERM... So Anas is going to co-ordinate the REFERENDUM CAMPAIGN... but he later says that the No campaign has it's place but it's JOB COMES TO AN END AT THE REFERENDUM.

    So is Anas going to go on co-ordinating the No referendum campaign, AFTER the referendum is over, when Alistair goes back to his job in the bank?

    Signed Puzzled from Auchenshoogle...

  7. Tris


    I know I have been shouting but there is no difference between any of the three tory partys, Labour, Dums or Tory toffs on their policy about APOS.

    Labour are now trying to pretend that regards APOS they do not support them which is a bit rich even by Labours usual double standards and spin. APOS are carrying out the policys that Labour appointed them to carry out.

  8. I think you call that HYPOCRISY Dubbs. :D

  9. Absolutely Dubs. It was Labour who signed the contract with Atos.

    The Tories were just happy with it and carried it on.

    The Labour party grows closer and closer to the Tories day by day.

    It's a race for the slightly right of centre of the South East of England, hence the right of the Tory party are disenchanted, and the left of the labour party should be too... except we don't hear any protests form them here, because they are so filled with hatred of Alex Salmond and the SNP that they refuse to see that they could have Scandinavian style socialism in Scotland and look after the poor whist encouraging enterprise, if only they would just stop hating for the sake of hating.

    trouble is they want the same things are the Tories. Power, wars, weapons, and a seat in the lords at the end of the career.

    Hat tip to Danny Boyle for turning down their stupid knighthood.

  10. Yes, it's hypocrisy Arbroath. You're right there.

  11. Sort of O/T Tris but I came across these in a post from Donald over on Cybernats. I thought it would be of interest to all on here just to see how far the ConDemLabour party intend to go with their health plans.

    Can I just add that I heard a bit of a debate in the House of Commons the other day where it was mentioned that the ConDems intend to PRIVATISE the ambulance service in Manchester, I think. The winner who is to roun this service is.....ARRIVA! What the hell do they know about running an ambulance service they run buses and trains and they're not always that great at doing that!

  12. Tris

    Labour do not need to grow closer to the Torys, they are the Torys, its not possible to tell them apart.

    Look at all the socialist policies,

    Appoint APOS
    38 Scottish Labour MPS vote to support a tory amendment to further privatise the health service in England.
    Something for nothing culture, stop free prescriptions, bus passes and tuition fees as they need to be as tory as the torys.

    What amazes me is that there are still some people in Scotland who cannot see that. When they vote for these right wing policies do the think that they might never get sick and need an NHS? Do they think that they or their family will never be unemployed at some time in their lives and may need to be treated with respect and dignity, not treated as scroungers? Do they think that they will not grow old and need the safety net of a decent pension, which they have been paying for all their lives.

    I really despair sometimes, there is none so blind as any Labour supporter who still thinks they have any socialist breath in their bodies.

  13. According to The Scotsman, the highlight of Johann Lamont's year was ambushing Alex Salmond with two OAP's who didn't get blankets at a hospital.

    Says it all really, the highlight had nothing to do with doing right by constituents and everything to do with doing wrong for the SNP.

    Typical Scottish Labour, rewriting the rules of democracy as they go.

  14. Actually, here's what actually happened.

    Lamont/Baillie fabricate a story about there being a lack blankets, they are found out in their lie but don't apologise.

    Lamont/Bailie then set out to find pensioners who were cold in hospital, say the same thing again, AS points out they have form in fabricating such stories in this area, Lamont then produces two OAP's (she made earlier) who were cold in hospital, although, not necessarily because their was a shortage because those details are not provided, it might have been because they were too meek to ask for a blanket.

    But what's a little bit of entrapment between colleagues, its not admissable as evidence in criminal investigations for good reason.

  15. Why tell the truth about patients when a good fabricated lie will do instead?

  16. Arbroath: Appalling. It look like the health service in England is finished, with the agreement of the Labour party.

    Better together? Jeez.

  17. Yes Dubs. I'm forever talking to old Labour guys who tell me that they believe that we're better together because there won't always be a Tory government. But THERE WILL! Even if its led by Miliband or Balls or whoever is the next leader.

    If we don't get independence, the next time we have a Labour government in Scotland, they will be told by London to privatise health. That daft old woman has already said that they will reverse the SNP's policy on free education...

    Do we want to live in a European country like Norway, Iceland, Denmark, or do we want to live like the USA?

    OK. Britain can't afford health services or education any more. I accept that. It is totally broke and it has squandered its oil bonanza on wars, but why can they still afford weapons of mass destruction and embassies in every country in the world?

  18. Absolutely true.

    It's one of our biggest assets that Lamont is so filled with hate for the SNP that at every turn she is trying to do them down.

    She now looks like a bitter old woman who had her scone stolen.

    Plus everyone has seen through her. Even Labour supporters think that she is useless.

    The fact that she lies over and over to try to hurt the SNP doesn't help her credibility.

    Your synopsis of the situation is probably bang on Pa.

    But let these pensioners go vote for unionism. Soon the health service will be private and they will only get a blanket if they pay an extra £50 a day.

    And if they can't afford it, they will have to freeze to death.

  19. If you tell the truth about patients, you'll probably find that the bulk are pretty well satisfied with what they get. Not all, I agree. But most.

    That doesn't make the government look like a failure.

    And if it doesn't do that then it's no use.

    I'm sick of these people. They are so shoddy and second rate... no, third rate.

  20. As someone who has gone though the whole Cancer thing and spent a considerable amount of time in hospital, and continue to have regular hospital visits, I for one can certify that the NHS in Scotland does an EXCELLENT job given that their finances are controlled by Westminster.

    Despite the best efforts of the Scottish Government there is no doubt problems may exist but that can most certainly NOT be laid at the feet of Holyrood. ALL the financing comes from Westminster as a direct result of Barnett and his formula over Westminster NHS spending.

    Cameron is determined to privatise the whole of the NHS and subsidiary services. He is determined to AMERICANISE the NHS in England and Wales. We can not, we MUST not allow this to happen in Scotland.

    Scotland's NHS does an excellent job and it can NEVER be permitted to be sold off to the private sector.

  21. That AND education, Arbroath.

    It really is scary. It seems like all the things that have made the UK tolerable for the less than VERY wealthy, are about to disappear.

    These are things even Thatcher wouldn't have dared to do.

    And, if we ever, as part of the UK, elect a Labour government here, they will simply do whatever Miliband says, which as Iain McWhirter points out, is whatever will buy him votes.

    The trouble is it is votes in the SE of England that he is courting. Tory votes. Therefore Tory policies.

    So in the end, a Labour government in Edinburgh would be feeding up Tory ensure that Miliband was elected in England.

    I'd be for emigration in that case.


  23. The latest parts of England and Wales under attack from Westminster over thre privatisation of NHS services can be found here.

    Hearing, wheelchair, MRI and non obstetric ultrasound services across the country are under threat of privatisation.

    Is NOTHING sacred to Westminster, oh that's right their EXPENSES!

  24. Iain mcwhirter who will write anything
    For anybody at a price a tabloid whore
    Whose pen is for sale

    Labour yesterday snp today who will
    Be his paymaster next the torys ???

  25. Their expenses too, Arbroath. And their subsidies in the canteens, sorry restaurants and bars at Westminster.

    The House of Lords also, because it's where most of them aspire to be with a title and £300 a day tax free.

    Oh yes, there is much that is dear to them.

  26. He's not though, is he, Niko? Largely he writes for the Herald, which is a Labour supporting, unionist paper.

    Although I know he is invited on to discussion programmes sometimes and was rector of Edinburgh University, the Herald is his bread and butter.

    He's just a realist. His politics seems to be around the left, probably Labour in nature, but, as I said the other day, if you are clever, you do not underestimate your enemy.

    He gives Salmond credit for being pretty smart.

    I wouldn't dream of underestimating Mrs Lamont. I am aware that she in not so stupid as she makes out, and that her incessant insistence on certain things, is probably done with a purpose, rather than out of dimness.

    She knows, for example, that there is no steel manufacture in Scotland, but she also knows that down the pub, guys who feel they MIGHT have got a job in steel manufacture, will remember that she said he gave the contracts to China.

    If she'd been first minister she would have had to do the same thing, but that doesn't matter to someone who is bemoaning the fact that he could have had a well paid job, if the contract had come to Scottish Steel (a mythical company, which would have had rolling mills in his town, and would have cried out for his skills.)

    I've seen it time and again. patently stupid ideas repeated over and over again, take a grip in the mindset, of say, young lads who are looking for an excuse for why they haven't found a job. So a few years ago they blames the Pakistanis. They had taken all the jobs... When you asked them , which jobs, they were stuck for an answer, until someone came up with "shops"...

    When you then pointed out that you could arrange for them to get an interview for a job in a shop they immediately withdrew these objections, telling you that was women's work, and they wouldn't be caught dead doing it.

    The it was Poles. All the cleaners and porters in the hospital were Poles, they said. Nonsense of course but when you pointed out that you had a hotline to the company that provided the people for these jobs, suddenly they developed a dislike for blood and sick people.

    No no, Mrs Lamont isn't just a pretty face. She knows that if you say something often enough, people will start to believe it. No matter what rubbish it is.

  27. You can say many things about Iain McWhirter, but a tabloid whore?

    I think not dear boy.

  28. I see our primeminister he he in the real and
    True parliament said a independent Scotland
    (not that it will happen) would have to join the euro
    Now did any of the snp mps question him on this No they did not because they know it to be true
    Further did any snp mps point out Cameron in
    Making his statement was guilty of misleading
    The house a very serious offence

    Er! No
    Why not?

    Cos the snp mps know he was stating a fact
    And they were frit to challenge him let
    Alone charge him with misleading the house
    As this would require the snp mps to prove
    Ther case which as they all know they could not .


    Iain is a pen for sale so stop being
    Silly you pay him and he writes what you want
    It's called journalism

  29. Cameron says one thing one day and one thing another day.

    The fact is that you cannot join the Euro until your economy is in line with those of Europe. Sweden is the perfect example of a country which in 10 years has not joined the Euro because it has made sure that its economy has not come into line with the rest of the € zone.

    Bulgaria simply said no, and no one did anything.

    So anyway, either Cameron was misleading the "house" or he was misleading the press. In any case he's a lying bastard.

  30. Pa: Niko is a supporter of Labour. It doesn't matter that McWhirter isn't a tabloid whore. If it suits the narrative, he will say it.

    Rather like all the stories than Joanne comes up with along with Jackie B. Lies, yes. But they do the job of making the SNP look bad.

    You see, in an independent Scotland, we are supposed to think that every OAP would die of the cold in hospital.

    Fortunate, implies Mrs Lamont, that we have the English Health service to keep us right. They are a very caring organisation.

    Of course, we all know that this is blethers, but if you say it often enough people will believe it.

    It's all part of the too wee, too poor and too stupid plan.

    If we fall for it, it will serve us right when they privatise everything and there are blankets, but only if you can afford them.

  31. Niko: He writes for the Herald, which is a unionist/Labour paper. Duh!

  32. I see the sad boy still peddling his nonsense on this site he'll be busy now polishing butcher Blair's shoes since he he will be telling us we are wrong on independence, I have plenty of spit to help the crawler only it wont land on his shoes.

  33. Waiting for lift to work just
    Watched a young lad go
    Completely mental smashing
    Everything in the street
    Thought this is were I get
    Stabbed. When me
    Lift turns up we drive
    Along road driver says to
    Me did you just see
    That bloke laying
    Flat out on the floor
    No says I .
    Probaly drunk hope he
    Ain't had Heart attack

    Oh well it's christmass
    Time of year

  34. Niko,

    Just when we think that you are beginning to see sense you revert to your absolutely bonkers statements again.

    We even have you, as a die-hard Labourite, agreeing with your arch-enemy, the True-Blue Toffish Prime Minister! The only reason for that is that is in line with Jo Lamont's reasoning that, if the SNP are for it, then Labour is against it, in defiance of logic or common-sense.

    Who do you see as Labour leader in an independent Scotland - it certainly will not be Lamont?

    Incidentally, McWhirter is one of the few journalists in Scotland who tells it like it is and not just copying and pasting Labour press releases.

  35. In the last picture it looks as if the seal(?) is laughing at the toffs in their "Penquin suits" wondering which way to turn next - to the far right, probably!

  36. How fortunate the Yes campaign are that the No campaign have a war criminal and Bush neo-liberal toady as their spokesperson.

    A man who was born in Scotland, of a Scottish father, and who, after leaving Scotland's best independent school, took his sorry arse to England, never to return, until he was a big shot.

    A man who professes himself to be deeply religious, but saw no harm whatsoever in agreeing to the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq, based on false information that a dopey kid could have seen through, all in order that he could keep in with Bush and get the American Congressional medal (which has been sullied by his having it).

    He pretty much ruined the Labour party along with the Dark Lord Voldermort-Mandelson, shaping it into Tory lite, and then both of them madeg indecent amounts of money while the people who they conned for 10 years suffered under a Tory government that is wreaking vengeance on the working and middle classes for having the nerve to get above themselves.

    Hateful man.

    I loathe Cameron, but at least with him there was never any doubt. He's a complete, riding to hounds, full blown, Eton Boy, I deserve this, Tory. You can only expect selfish, self interested, upper class policies designed to enrich the rich and hurt the poor from the likes of his sort.

    Blair on the other hand was a wolf in sheep's clothing. He pretended to be Labour and decent and he wasn't. The worst thing though was that he ruined the party, and now there is no labour party. Nowhere for the less well off, decent people of England to turn to.

    Best not to say how I feel about him.

  37. Yes Niko. That's always the problem in Scotland, or indeed the UK, when you see someone lying on the ground passed out.

    Might be drunk, probably is, but there's always the chance that they are sick.

    Never know what do to.

    What do you think of Tory B£air joining in on your side?

    I reckon if we don't vote the way he tells us, he'll probably unleash Operation Tartan Storm on us and blow us all to smithereens, and take the oil for himself. The he'll occupy the place for 8 years and when he's completely ruined everything he'll withdraw...just like in Iraq.

    The difference is we DO have WMDs....!!!!!

  38. Sh Tris

    Do not tell anyone we have WMD, someone may say they could be launched at London in 45 mins, them where would we be?

  39. If some one fires the WMDs off Dubs it won't be us cause we'll have already sold them off on E-Bay with a starting price of 99p!

    Sorry I'm O/T here Tris but thought the good folks here would be interested in this little ditty. Bothe Auld Acquiantance and Wings have the same story so I've linked to both here.


    The meeting happened on November 29th but I'm sure the sentiment throughout THIS video is felt right across Scotland. There must be Labour groups and Union groups up and the country feeling and saying exactly the same as the people who attended the meeting on the 29th.

    I want to suggest this as the theme tune for Labour in Scotland but some how I think there are MORE wheels in the song than Labour actually have left! :D

  40. LOL Dubs. Would be a laugh, but everybody knows that no one in the UK has the codes for them. So Eck would have to ask Mr Obama!

  41. Thansk Arbroath.

    I've read both Wings and AA.

    Excellent stuff. I couldn't of course bring myself to watch all the rubbish. There's only so much I can take. But I looked at the bit with Bailey, and it certainly looks like Labour up and down the country must be having the same problems.

    They no longer represent the people they are supposed to represent.

    Is Labour going to do something about the reduction in workers rights when they are made redundant? Are they going to vote firmly against any further reductions in benefits? Are you going to demand that some of the Incapacity and Disability benefits be re-instated?

    Why aren't they working with the Liberals on some of these things?

    Why are they holding up their hands and saying.... nothing we can do.


  42. PS...Arbroath, I thought it was a sledge they had. The wheels fell off long ago. Actually probably Cherie Blair sold them for scrap and kept the money.

  43. John, I think that Niko must vary the meds... that can only explain the up down nature of his discourse.

    I can't understand anyone who supported Labour in the days when they were left of centre, dare I say it...."socialist"... supporting this bunch of right wing diddies.

    Everything Labour stands for they have turned on its head.

    I wonder if Mr Miliband will ever answer the question about whether he is a millionaire or not.

    I bet you he is though.

    As for the daft wee pup... that's a nice idea. There he is spoiling their get together down at the Atheneum ... getting his comic little working class face in their photograph!...

  44. Aye your probably right Tris.

    The only problem outstanding is WHO is pulling the sledge I'm certain there's NO huskies involved so who does that leave, Lamont, Baillie?